Hrithik Roshan’s Mumbai office burnt to ashes! Photos

The last couple of years have been tough on Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan. He is in the process of divorcing his wife of more than 14 years in October. He suffered a terrible accident on the sets of Bang Bang, after which he had to undergo brain surgery. And now, his office in Andheri (West) has been completely turned to ashes.

Hrithik and his father Rakesh Roshan own 5 floors in Lotus Business Park, which suffered extensive damage in a fire that raged for seven hours.

Hrithik owns the fourth, fifth (no damage to these) and seventeenth floor (extensive damage) in the building, while his father’s production house Filmkraft Productions occupied the 15th and 16th floors. The top three floors have been completely destroyed.

However, his never-say-die attitude came to the fore yet again, as he tweeted “Aah challenges! Love em”

He also paid his respects for the firemen who risked their lives to extinguish the fire.  One fireman was killed, while quite a few others were injured in the incident. “Respect for the brave firemen who risked their lives today to extinguish the flames. True courage.” he tweeted.

Hrithik Roshan visits his Mumbai office building

Hrithik Roshan visits his Mumbai office building

Hrithik Roshan and Ajay Devgan's Mumbai office building catches fire

Hrithik Roshan and Ajay Devgan’s Mumbai office building catches fire

Fire breaks down in Hrithik and Ajay's offices

Fire breaks down in Hrithik and Ajay’s offices



  • HR is a tough man to beat…these challenges are always there,but he knows how to deal with them…
    But my condolence for the intrepid fire fighter’s family,who fought the fire courageosly…

  • Hrithik roshan is a true fighter.
    15 years ago when everyone had lost hope of hrithik becoming an axtor because of his severe back pains and stammering hrithik fought all d obstacles to make an extraordinary debut that has been remembered as one of the most amazing debut in world cinema

    Then after going through a shockingly poor form when everyone wrote him as an one film wonder,hrithik the fighter came back with koi mil gaya,a blockbuster and one of the best indian film ever made.
    Then after 6 glorious years when hrithik had a disastrous 2010,many called it curtaims for him.but hrithik the fighter came back with three consecutive big hits,each bigger hit than the previous including the cult classic-zindagi na milegi dobara.

    This time it has been even worse for hrithik-divorce with childhood love suzaane,fake acquisition of ibflating figures,walk out of suddhi for strange reasons,critical brain surgery and finally office veing burnt into ashes.

    But hrithik the fighter will again make a historic comeback bcz he is afterall HRITHIK ROSHAN-BORN LEGEND,BORN FIGHTER…

  • This all happened because indicine has started posting too many articles about Hrithik. Stop it indicine.

  • How cone srk is not responsible for this incident.
    Any way it is sad that this incident happens. My sympathy with this man. He will come back strongly.

  • This is very bad news for both Ajay and Hrithik but i hope this will not affect them much. By the way i guess they have insurance for these………….

  • nthng can stop my idol….hes a true insipiration…i remember his words evrytime i fail thad…NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE…he said dis when he got his first filmfare award #respect

  • @tangri, stop nonesense. Why did’nt u send rato point one there?
    The fireman’s soul may rest in peace.

  • its a tough time for their family, I hope whatever has been lost in damage, they will get great thing in place of this loss as a reward, may the hrithik’s bang bang cross 200cr and emerge a huge blockbuster, may mohenjodaro cross 500cr net and emerge all time highest blockbuster… may Hrithik sign hugely great scripts which turns into blockbuster… All the best..

    and RIP TO Nitin who died while fighting against fire

  • @vera wat made u think I m making fun of hrithik??O.o. hrithik is my all time fav star and watever I wrote their wasn’t sarcastic at all

  • @Indicine,Ajey sir’s offices also burnt to ashes but you didn’t mention your article and that is unfair.

  • The cynic in me thinks this was arson n an attempt by Papa Roshan to destroy distributir receipts of Rohit 3’s collections from the tax authorities or auditors..!

    Ofcourse glad noone was harmed and thank god for insurance as new better offices can be built/ erected.

  • Sorry missed the part in the news article about the dead fireman- tragic n my condolences are with his family.

  • 1ST OF ALL R.I.P TO THE FIRE MAN.feeling sad for the huge loss,hope everything gonna be fine soon.

    @rohit,what kind if person you’re couldn’t see comments from @aamir khan’id.

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