Trained singers take an hour, I took three days: Salman Khan

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, who has sung songs in ‘Hello Brother’ and ‘Wanted’, has said that it took him three days to record a song for his upcoming film ‘KICK’. Khan also said that he cannot be forced to sing, he does it only if it comes naturally.

“I have sung in ‘Hello Brother’ and ‘Wanted’ also. People around me have been asking me to sing a song in a film and my problem is I can’t do it if anybody asks me to…it has to come naturally,” Salman said here.

Salman considers Wajid, one of his favourite composers, his guru when it comes to singing.

“Singing in front of the mike is very difficult without any training. I am not a trained singer at all. Wajid used to sing in front of me, and I used to copy. My guru is Wajid,” he added.

“Once it was complete, it was sounding very bad. But the composers were saying, ‘It’s superb, don’t worry’. They were confident about their technicians and said the song will get refined and by the time it comes out, it’s going to be 70 percent better. Usually, a trained singer does it (records a song) in an hour or so. I took three days,” he said

Salman’s second release of 2014, Kick, directed by Sajid Nadiadwala releases in theatres on July 25th.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan



  • Hangover – Salman-Jacqueline make a fairytale couple, truly mesmerizing; what a visual reincarnation of a fairy tale it seems!

    Imagine Salman Khan as your prince charming and you in place of lovely Jacqueline Fernandez ladies! Doesn’t it give you goose bumps?

    So is the aura of the song that you will feel helpless to resist and get enchanted by the magical presence of Salman Khan in #Hangover.

    After singing a quite peppy ‘chandi ki daal par sone ka mor,’ Salman has come up with ‘Hangover’ and it is as wonderfully sung by him as mesmerizing the picturization is.

    As it starts, you can see nothing but Salman grooving ecstatically on the tunes that will make you crave for more of him. Both Salman and Jacqueline look no less than a fairy tale couple as they dances amid the beautiful snowfall and make you feel the marvels of being in love.

    ‘Baby doll’ fame Meet Brothers Anjjan has come up with the music which seems not unique but definitely apt with Salman’s tough voice that sounds downy this time.

    The background score of violin paints a beautiful picture with the romantic set that Salman and Jacqueline shape. Hangover at a point transports you in the heydays of Salman-Katrina’s Yuvraaj, but this song will simply touch you to the core.

    As beautiful as it appears, we bet none of Salman Khan’s songs had set such a spellbound arena yet!

    Thumbs up for the song and more thumbs up for its picturization!

    For all those who want to see Salman at his romantic best, Hangover from Kick is a super treat!

  • Kuck box office prediction:-
    1st day-34cr
    1st week-179cr

    2nd weekeend-40cr
    2nd week-61cr
    Rest of the weeks-20crcr

    Verdict-big blockbuster

  • Arjun kapoor is the best singer in the world.
    Tune maari entriyan,wow wat a song,wat a voice___then mast magan great song,beautifully sung by arjun.

  • I will b watching kick furst day first show only bcz of its suoerb trailer and chetan’s screenplay.also salman looks entertaining whenever he plays grey shaded colourful characters like radhe,chulbul,devil.but the music is simply horrible especially the hangover song.

  • @arjun finding stop trolling me.I hv nvr passed any sarcastic or unjustified criticism on I expect the same from u.

  • all tims blockbluster… prediction
    first day 37crore
    2nd day 30 crore
    3rd day Around 40+
    1st week 190 crore
    2nd week 70 crore
    3rd week 30 crore
    rest 10
    total 300 crore

  • Honest confession!! That’s why we love him. Haters will be gonna hate, whether he says true or false.

    @Babiji ka Thullu, when Akki can cross 100 crores for the third time, why can’t Salman cross 200 Crores? His film almost did 200 crores in 2012.

    Can’t wait for KICK. Wow, 25th July, the most exciting day!

  • We all know that sajid-wajid are nothing without Salman. Salman is godfather of them nd many more. Still he says sajid is his guru, really this man has ZERO ego. Hats off u Salman, the man with golden heart.

  • @mataji ki paylagu, worry about ur own stars, one hardly maneged to cross 60crores with his latest release nd another maneged to cross 200crores with some collection of manipulationpur…lol.

  • @loki, yes…but same way, like no one even care about your crappy thoughts.
    anyway, best of luck 4 kick, sir!

  • The longest Bollywood trailer
    is that of #SalaameIshq –
    4.59 and no one in today’s
    time will cut a trailer
    remotely close to that #HNY

  • I love the #hangover, Sal-jack are awesome in the video. Salman sung well and loved the music of the song. @tiger mataji ka paylagu was extremely funny name by you (no offence to babaji but its hilarious).

  • @bhojpuri babajee Why dont you use your wisdom n help Akki Sir select better scripts than his usual crap of the mill selections like Joker 786, Boss or the forthciming Dog Day Entertainment…! Maybe then Akki Sir can escape the shackles of the 60 cr club n move up a notch to 70 cr…!

    As for bhai his last Eid release was 190 cr give or take so 200 cr is a mere formality- how far beyond 200 cr it goes is the real question that needs answering…!

  • I dont know who is using my id at 9:09 but even i think noone cares about Kick. Though i wont want to post it.

  • @navin, thanks, still i hav to learn many things from u, @anand babu nd @bulli. Also u all inspire me a lot.

  • @loki, absltely right bro, everybody caring about maya memsaab nd yljk which r releasing next friday…lol.

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