Dil Bole Hadippa Movie Review

Dil Bole Hadippa is exciting for several reasons. It marks the return of the “Queen of Bollywood” Rani Mukherji, who has put her heart and soul into the making of the movie and also Shahid “Kaminey” Kapoor is slowly making his way up into the Top 5. Directed by Anurag Singh, Dil Bole Hadippa serves a mixture of Bollywood style romance with cricket!

Veera [Rani Mukherji], an ambitious girl hailing from a small village, dreams of playing cricket for India, with the Dhoni’s and Tendulkar’s of the cricketing world. Since girls aren’t allowed to play cricket, Veera turns into Veer, a man with a beard and turban. Rohan a county cricketer in England, returns to India to coach his father’s cricket team, which has been on a loosing spree for the last 8 years. 

Rohan notices Veer and her cricketing brilliance earns her a place in the team. With a female in disguise playing for the men’s team, the secret is soon to be revealed.. What then, forms the rest of the tale.

Dil Bole Hadippa Review

What works for Dil Bole Hadippa

  • Its the spirited performances by the lead pair, especially Rani Mukherji, that makes Dil Bole Hadippa worth a watch this weekend. Rani proves her versatility yet again in a role that reminds you of her Bunty aur Babli act, as Veer she is flawless. Its refreshing to see her in a no rona-dhona role.
  • Shahid Kapoor does well too, he shares a warm chemistry with Rani. The portions that involve Veer and Rohan are very entertaining.
  • Anupam Kher in yet another DDLJ inspired role does well.
  • The climax including the match, is well direction and manages to make an impact.
  • Anurag Singh is a talented director and with the right script he is most definitely a director to watch out for.
  • Dil Bole Hadippa is a family entertainer, unlike Wanted, which should help its collections improve over the weekend.
  • The music by Pritam Chakraborty is good.

The negatives

  • While pre-interval portions suffer from slow pace and a disjointed screenplay, the second half is confused with the many themes it deals with.
  • The Shahid – Rani romance doesn’t work.
  • References to previous Yashraj blockbusters (like a Dhoom 2 poster in the backdrop, DDLJ like entry) tends to get irritating.
  • Sherlyn Chopra and Rakhi Sawant have nothing to do, except what they do best (read skin-show).

Overall, Dil Bole Hadippa is a feel-good entertainer that had the potential to be much better than what it turned out to be. While the first half is slow and tends to get boring 30 mintues into the movie, the second and more important half entertains. If you plan a family outing to theatres this weekend, this Rani Mukherji starrer is worth a watch.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Other Notes : Releasing Dil Bole Hadippa and Wanted on the same day, is not really a mistake. Both films cater to different audiences and both should go on to do good business.

Finally, hats off to Rani, she proves yet again, just why she is one of the best leading ladies Bollywood has produced.

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  • i have seen both movie but i liked DBH…. with brilliant perfamance by shahid n rani…. well i exactly didnt enjoy wanted….bcoz i feel that salman following gajini in search of success… but unfortunately not impressive

  • I m finding mix response to this movie..Some critics saying very nice while some saying ordinary movie….I m waiting for dvd for this movie..But wish this one also become hit since rani is very good actress…

  • hmm…..the movie sounds GOOD!gotta buy it!no matter wad is the price is!She has done her best in this
    movie as for the past few years she has not been u all kw!GOOD LUCK!cum on u can do RANI!

  • Can anyone tell me the site where I can download this movie. Thanks. Would like to see it but as the DVD will take time to be released I would like to download it from internet.

  • Indicine Team: well I don’t know whether I have to trust your review this time or not.. I’m planning to watch it during Eid days and I follow my instincts and believe in it… I was sure that RBNDJ is a stunning movie and saw it so far 5 times.. 3 times at cinema but your review wasn’t impressive.. I remeber that I didn’t agree with your review as u gave RBNDJ only 2.5/5 and the movie was a blockbuster and everyone loved it (except shahrukh khan’s haters.. and those guys who love only action movies) Wanted will be a perfect movie for them..but not for me or for the ppl in our country

    I will come back with my review after watching this movie.. hope that it’s up to my expectation..and while reading the story which u hv mentioned above, I could judge it without watching it.. that it’s nice movie.. the script is nice.. new.. and just by picturing the movie in my mind and Rani’s good performance as well as her look as a punjabi guy would be enough for me to judge it.

    Hope that this movie will work for her after 2 or 3 movies which she did and flopped last year.

  • I watched the film last night and I just didn’t like it. Some may though…

    The thing is, Shahid’s character was meant to be this non-smiley guy (initially like in Jab We Met), and Ranis character is this jovial, fun-loving character (like Kareena in Jab We Met). They meet, they bicker (like Jab We Met), then slowly Shahids character changes (Like in Jab We Met) and he thanks Ranis character for it (yes, you got it, just like Jab We Met).

    The film lacker realness and consistency. I’m sorry but I prefer JAB WE MET!!!

  • Fathiya:Y r u hiding inside this page…..And saying bla n bla about Wanted….Dont be crowd ….U said wanted will be bad..haha…Y dont u say abt wanted in wanted review……Stupid looser…hiding inside Dil bole hadippa….

  • Dil bole hadippa wasn’t an impressive watch…………. It is inspired from the hollywood movie” She is the MAN” but hadippa didn’t pick it well… it is slow ……and boring……. thats one perspective of the movie and if u see it from this perspective u rather let go the plans to see hadippa…… another perspective that involves viewing from the heart might help u find it a considerably good entertainer…………………. but i didn’t
    Rani still needs a comeback from her slowdown while Shahid is just OK in the movie………….. he doesn’t deliver a powerpacked performance like that in KAMINEY………………………………………………..
    i wld jus give the movie a 1.5/5 if u ask me

  • This movie is a must watch movie…..mainly for the QUEEN OF BOLLYWOOD RANI…she has done an excellent job giving equal importance to both VEERA and VEER……shahid has also acted very well…the second half is more exciting but the first half is also entertaining…the music was all over perfect with the backdrop of the movie…..rani and shahid share a happening chemistry…and we all the fans want more from them….everyone must see this movie which is a full package entertainer of this festive season…..

  • DBH is an all-rounder!!!
    Wonderful film! Uplifting, intelligent, entertaining and, overall, satisfying!

    Rani Mukherjee earns great props and huge kudos for a tremendous performance – charismatic, beguiling and absolutely stunning! This extravaganza has something for everyone. On every level of human relationship – inter-national, inter-cultural, inter-personal and inter-sexual – the plot, performance and storyline takes you on a most wonderful and fulfilling cinematic journey!

    And did I mention the dazzling, energetic, utterly-refreshing dancing and singing? DBH is a multimedia-rich feast, laden with every primary color in the swatch book, with delightfully-designed sets and costumes, and enough sensual body language and male-female interplay to entice a blind man to see again and a dulled, desensitized one to actually feel something human again – as if for the first time!!!

    The underlying, yet potent, commentary on women’s rights & equality of sexes is a welcome breeze of enlightened social awareness and intelligent commentary and Rani M’s vividly-brilliant animation of an inspiring, thought-provoking subject and story line makes this project all the more engaging and worth watching.

    Ms Mukerjee REALLY does deserve to earn every media award and industry accolade for the amazing breadth and depth she musters and displays on the big screen in rendering and enlivening her lovable, unstoppable character in this heart-touching tale…

    …Dil Bole Hadippa!!!!

  • Dont know What Yash Raj Thinks.
    he made the Movie RNBDJ …where Haklu Khan just change the clothes and mustach and his Own wife doesnt recognise Him…lol
    & Now Rani putting beared so no one recongnise her that she is Girl…
    Are we still at “Mera Naam Joker” Period…Where Meenu Master was not recongnised as Girl.
    Common Grow Up Yash Raj…..Audience is not a Fool anymore….

  • DBH is a mind blowing movie.full of entertainment.i watched d movie last night wow i never laughed so much in my entire life.a brilliant movie with wonderful performences from both shahid and rani.so shahid has done it again with another hit……i even saw wanted it was nt that good it was quite boring………well very much boring………….i dont know when sallu will cme up with a good movie.if u have not yet watched DBH pls watch it u will enjoy it a lot.ENJOY!!!!!!!!!

  • First of all.. Indicine Team: Eid Mubarak and to all of you, muslim, hindu, christian etc.. to everyone.

    I’m so eager to watch this movie although some ppl didn’t enjoy it.. even in our country Bahrain, and as my brother is the managing director of the Bahrain Cinema Co… he told today after asking him: which movie is better.. Dil Bole Hadippa or Wanted, so he said that people loved Wanted more!! that’s really surprising because Wanted is an action movie, I thought that DBH would please the audience more!

    Anyways.. I can’t judge any of these two movies only after watching them.

  • The ingredients were there, the setting was perfect. And yet, the meal was not. That’s how a chef would describe this film.

    Yash Raj Films, good performers. What else do you need?
    Apparently, that small little thing called a “Story”.

    The other thing that irritated me about this film was the stereotyping of the Punjabi culture. Especially because it came from the people who brought to the screen, one of the best, most subtle depictions of a Punjabi house – in DDLJ.
    Rani and Shahid are just not “Punjabi” enough – or perhaps it was a problem of characterization. Obviously, making women in Punjabi hinterland wear Bihari “lehngas” did not help either.

    Notes to Yash Raj Films:

    The theme of “Videsh Vs Desh ki mitti in a Punjabi village” has been done to death. Please!
    The story of videshi, well to do ladka falling in love with a village belle is ALSO done to death.
    Not all Punjab villages are caricatures of blue, red and orange.
    Some of the art direction was VERY flawed. I can point out hajaar mistakes, but let’s start with the Baisakhi vaala mela.
    The theme of girls being as good as boys was superb!! Rani’s dialogue at the end, was great because it was brief and hit home.
    The moment of the film? When Rani Mukherjee looks at Shahid, midway through the song, and realizes that she is falling in love with him.
    Shahid is not an actor who usually disappoints in the acting dept. This was a rare occasion. The accent, which was an obvious accessory, was missing. The usual screen presence was also not entirely there. But what was missing the most was the chemistry between the lead pair. Except in moments. When we see Shahid, we only miss Shahrukh Khan that much more..
    Rani is a fantastic performer and in this film, she has done her best. Expressions, body language, “look” – u name it. This is a Rani we have never seen before. And yet, we do not think Vira Kaur at the end of the film. Looking at her only makes us miss Simran that much more (note – Simran, not Kajol.)
    Rakhi Sawant is the surprise package of the film. She is really good.
    The Costumes! Someone please tell the designer that even in dream world, Punjabi women wear Salwar Kameez and Punjabi men wear the Lungi, at least sometimes. Just like clothes made the character of Veer in Love Aaj Kal, the characters in this film are slaughtered by their designer wear.
    The spoof on Shahrukh and Salman was superb!
    The film has its gloriously funny moments. That is the biggest reason to see the film. If Rani’s Bikini dance is any part of your inspiration, save your money. Its hazed out and really nothing exemplary.

  • nice movie want to see it again this dil bole hadippa.especially the songs and dances and rani,s role as vir though idon,t wanttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt it.

  • i haven’t seen the both film but i’will say surly onr thing witch is shahid will be “aane waala dhamaka” of bollywod believe me!!!

  • was it a movie or a yeeeeekkk .i loved wanted and i think wanted is billon times more energetic and nice movie than dil bole hadippa.

  • i,am a big fan of shahid kapoor.always i used shahid movies atleast 3 times. i love shahid kapoor
    he is a best actor.i love his performance and rani mukharji .i like movie much.love you shahid

  • DBH sucks , well i just wonna tell shahid, u r wasting time behind age old Rani Mukherji, Rani is only suitable for mother and supportive roles , she seems to be sexy, but she is not. Which idiot says that Rani is queen of bollywood, have u ever listened her voice, seems like male – female combination. In DBH , Shahid seems to be little kid of Rani. Wanted is much better not but the best movie of sallu bhai. but DBH really sucks!!!1

  • Wardah: I agree with what u said about Shahid.. and the superstars of tomorrow are: Shahid Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor & Neil Mukesh

    And.. I heard today that Dil Bole Hadippa is a nice movie.. it was released last Wednesday in our country. On the 1st day, ppl were excited to watch Salman’s movie more than DBH, but now they’re praising DBH.. I’m going to watch it tomorrow and will come back with my review.

  • Friends, DON’T WATCH THIS SHIT, it’s an awful movie, you’ll regret wasting your money.

    THIS MOVIE IS A PIECE OF SHIT, HORRIBLE, AWFUL, lacks direction, acting, etc.. etc…

    All in all, this is a MUST “”MISS”” MOVIE, do yourselves a favor and don’t watch this. This movie is so bad, Jani Dushman (2004) should be considered a super-hit compated to this one

  • Wonder why Rani had to dress like a Sardar to make people believe she was a male, all she should have done is gotten herself a hair cut, and worn a shirt without her padded bra beneth, and voila… a complete guy, she sounds like one and looks a lot masculine then Shahid as it is

  • Indicine Team: you’re again dissapointing me! I just don’t understand why u try to downgrade a movie which is “flawless”!! you already did with RBNDJ and was a blockbuster then at the box office, and this time 2.5/5 is your rating again for a movie which deserves 4/5.. it deserves to be a super hit movie. this movie has no negative points.. I just came back from cinema.. I even went on a wheel chair because I still can’t walk properly.. if I had a doubt that the movie is NOT a quality or is not an interesting one.. I’d hv never wasted my time or paid efforts to see it, but as I was pretty sure that the movie is good, from it’s trailer, and I believe in yash raj movies.. there4 I went to see it. ( you gave the movie Wanted 2.5/5 but I would never watch it even on a dvd.. what’s good we can say from the trailer and what’s bad too)

    Dil Bole Hadippa is a nice movie, funny, interesting, and was upto my expectations and even better.. we were a group of 8 ppl went togehter to see it and all of us enjoyed it.. from it’s starting till the end.. non of us complained of any scene or said anything negative or didn’t like the performance of the stars or got bored.. no one.. everyone enjoyed it and left the theatre with a big smile on their face.. this happened exactly when we watched RBNDJ. And Shahid.. he changed a lot.. he’s a superstar now.. did a good job in this movie.

    Indicine Team: there’s no slow pace or disjointed screenplay as u mentioned!! ( I think u r against Yash Raj films!!). it’s just an “excellent” movie, flawless, entetaining, interesting and Dil Bole Hadippa is nothing less than Veer Zara or RBNDJ… it’s a movie with the same quality: script, cinematograhpy, screenplay, background music, performance, some songs ( and I loved Rani in this movie.. this is actually her best movie and her best role).
    Rakhi Sawant and the other girl are just junior actresses, they’re not even in supporting roles.. they gv them small roles to show their skin only! ( so you should’ve never mentioned them in your review.. Indicine Team!!)

  • You.. who’s name is (Klutz) YOU’RE JUST A..LYER!!


    Even Indian ppl in our country praised the movie.. not only me who’s not indian

  • @ Fathiya. Please don’t mind. DBH though had an avg. opening but it’s business dropped rapidly for last three days. Now it is considered as a potential flop. On the other hand Wanted’s business sustains a great trending. Many even predicted that it can become one of the biggest hits of recent years, if business continues like this. It is already confirmed hit and eyeing to superhit & then blockbuster position. I’mnot saying that DBH is as bad as “Jani Dushman”, but it is no good either. “Wanted” is on the way to be a blockbuster. If u don’t believe me, check other bollywood websites and boxoffice websites.

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