Dil Bole Hadippa Movie Review

Dil Bole Hadippa is exciting for several reasons. It marks the return of the “Queen of Bollywood” Rani Mukherji, who has put her heart and soul into the making of the movie and also Shahid “Kaminey” Kapoor is slowly making his way up into the Top 5. Directed by Anurag Singh, Dil Bole Hadippa serves a mixture of Bollywood style romance with cricket!

Veera [Rani Mukherji], an ambitious girl hailing from a small village, dreams of playing cricket for India, with the Dhoni’s and Tendulkar’s of the cricketing world. Since girls aren’t allowed to play cricket, Veera turns into Veer, a man with a beard and turban. Rohan a county cricketer in England, returns to India to coach his father’s cricket team, which has been on a loosing spree for the last 8 years. 

Rohan notices Veer and her cricketing brilliance earns her a place in the team. With a female in disguise playing for the men’s team, the secret is soon to be revealed.. What then, forms the rest of the tale.

Dil Bole Hadippa Review

What works for Dil Bole Hadippa

  • Its the spirited performances by the lead pair, especially Rani Mukherji, that makes Dil Bole Hadippa worth a watch this weekend. Rani proves her versatility yet again in a role that reminds you of her Bunty aur Babli act, as Veer she is flawless. Its refreshing to see her in a no rona-dhona role.
  • Shahid Kapoor does well too, he shares a warm chemistry with Rani. The portions that involve Veer and Rohan are very entertaining.
  • Anupam Kher in yet another DDLJ inspired role does well.
  • The climax including the match, is well direction and manages to make an impact.
  • Anurag Singh is a talented director and with the right script he is most definitely a director to watch out for.
  • Dil Bole Hadippa is a family entertainer, unlike Wanted, which should help its collections improve over the weekend.
  • The music by Pritam Chakraborty is good.

The negatives

  • While pre-interval portions suffer from slow pace and a disjointed screenplay, the second half is confused with the many themes it deals with.
  • The Shahid – Rani romance doesn’t work.
  • References to previous Yashraj blockbusters (like a Dhoom 2 poster in the backdrop, DDLJ like entry) tends to get irritating.
  • Sherlyn Chopra and Rakhi Sawant have nothing to do, except what they do best (read skin-show).

Overall, Dil Bole Hadippa is a feel-good entertainer that had the potential to be much better than what it turned out to be. While the first half is slow and tends to get boring 30 mintues into the movie, the second and more important half entertains. If you plan a family outing to theatres this weekend, this Rani Mukherji starrer is worth a watch.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Other Notes : Releasing Dil Bole Hadippa and Wanted on the same day, is not really a mistake. Both films cater to different audiences and both should go on to do good business.

Finally, hats off to Rani, she proves yet again, just why she is one of the best leading ladies Bollywood has produced.

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  • Aditya: I’m not surprised.. it always happens.. I still don’t know which way some ppl value any movie!!!!!!!!! some good turns to be bad.. and some bad win at the box office.. why?!! I don’t know!!

    Anyways.. we all enjoyed DBH and will watch it again after sometimes for sure.. if the movie did well or it didnt.. so what?! we’re not the prodcuers or the distributers to lose anything..and we enjoyed 2hrs and 30 minutes we spent at the cinema and deserved what we paid for and even more!

  • shahid totally rock. he gives best performance in all his movies. DBH is so far better than wanted . he is an awesome actors.

  • @ Fathiya. Sorry, DBH is not a good movie. It’s a kiddish one. Wanted is Superb, really superb. U should watch it. Sure u’ll thoroughly enjoy it if u really want to enjoy. And u have to take it whether u like it or not that Salman is a much bigger star than the combined Shahid and Rani. I’m not a die-hard salman fan. And it’s true, u have to take it.

  • Aditiya: Dil Bole Hadippa is a kiddish movie?!!!! and how can u say that the movie is not good just because u didn’t like it?!!! I read a few minutes ago, on one of the websites that DBH did a decent profit so far ( Indicine Team: R u honest in what u have mentioned yesterday.. that the movie is not doing well at the box office?!) and so many ppl on chakpak website loved the movie and they’re praising it!

    You know.. I can’t believe anymore whatever is said here and there.. I just believe what I saw yesterday in cinema and what my group of ppl said about the movie DBH.. it’s nice and excellent and the movie doesn’t lack anything.. that’s all.

    Aditya.. probably you love those crap action and some silly comedy movies and u consider them as good!! why should I trust your taste for movies?! U r asking me to watch Wanted.. but I didn’t like the trailer.. it says what’s the movie all about and I don’t need to watch it.. not good for me but for others..

    If you really watched DBH.. did u concentrate on the speech of Rani.. on the last scene of the movie?! she said in hindi and I will mention it in English:( if we didn’t have this discrimination between a man and a woman.. then all Veera girls would’ve turned into Veers) and Veera was the most talented cricket player.. she was better than all the men in her team and she made them.. win.

    So.. the movie wasn’t only entertaining, funny, nice.. it had also a good message at the end.

    Aditya: now u tell me.. as I didn’t see the movie Wanted and I don’t want to see it only if u tell me what was good in this movie?! People say it sucks and got some horrible songs.. just mention the positive points and what made it a successful movie.

  • @Fathiya. Where, who r saying saying Wanted is bad except some die-hard fans of other stars and salman-haters. Look I’m nobody to say , boxoffice is saying, the country is saying. In fact, In ur country, Bahrain Wanted is also doing much better than DBH. Can u deny that. If u want, u can visit boxofficeindia. com, Indiafm, Bollywood hungama, wherever u want. U r saying about chakpak, is this a known website at all. visit some credible websites as i mentioned. u will get the real picture.

    One more point, u have technically avoid my point regarding stardom and popularity. I understand u like Shahid pretty much. Yes, he is talented and he has a great future. But u should admit, in front of Salman Khan, he is nothing. Watch “she is the man”, RNBDJ and some other yashraj films, mix them and then make them into a hotchpotch, u will get DBH. Anyways, best of luck.

    I forgot to say u Wanted has broken some records of ‘Gajini’ in fact. It has become the biggest ever indian hit in Pakistan and UAE. Though, in UK and USA it started poorly and lower than DBH, it has started to pick up there also. Just wait and watch what more happens in the coming weeks.

    I really respect Rani’s acting talent. But she is just on the wrong way. She is a good actress not a babe. How could she expose herself in a bikini. couldn’t expect from her. Doesn’t look attractive either in that, she looks muuch much better whwn dressed in sari and other traditional dresses.

  • @ Fathiya, Oh I forgot to say what makes Wanted superb, First of all, great, power-packed performance with amazing dance from Salman Khan, Engrossing screenplay and a very good and surprising climax. The performances from Prakash raj and Mahesh Manjerkar were also great. Yes, most songs r not that classy, in fact some r ordinary, but the songs r well picturised and suited to genre of the film. As it’s an action film, quality of songs doesn’t matter. Massy songs r pretty ok. Overall, it’s a scintillating film, real entertainer.

    Now, you tell me who really liked the music of DBH. Only the title and Ishq hi rab r ok. all the else r very ordinary. Sorry to say how they thought to comete with Wanted. Only bcoz of the reputation of Yash Raj films, they got that pretty ok start in multiplaxes and USA, UK.But now they r drowning deep into the sea. Ok, Best of luck Fathiya, bye.

  • Aditya: I don’t deny a fact that most bollywood filmmakers copy from hollywood, but they don’t copy 100%.. they take the idea and they do out of it another different movie.. hollywood too copy from some foreigh language movies, from japanese and korean movies.. and Ghajini was copied 100% of the tamil movie and became a blockbuster movie in india!! ( so why u all didn’t criticize Ghajini.. that Aamir Khan copied from Tamil? and many other movies were copied from tamil.. is it only RBNDJ and DBH?!!!) u should not be biased for some other filmmakers.. and Yash Raj are the best filmmakers.. they did some great movies in the past.. and still.. they’re doing some great.. and DBH is great in fact.. I’d love to watch it again and in cinema.

    This movie of Yash Raj and the way it starts with the back ground music was so nice.. the music of the title song, the original and the re-mix which we saw on tv and which brings a smile on yr face while u r leaving the theatre.. that was so nice.. the movie is a “quality” movie, I don’t need to repeat what I’ve mentioned above, but honestly.. not every Yash Raj film were great.. for example.. I didn’l like Tohda Pyaar Tohda Majic.. was so boring and silly and I didn’t like Laga Chunari mein Daag.. this one too wasn’t a good movie.. it started good but I didn’t like the 2nd half.. but DBH deserves to be a super hit movie.. that’s my opinion as well as all the ppl who watched with me this movie praised it, loved it.. they all enjoyed it and said: very nice movie

    I was expecting to see Rani in full bikini, as it was mentioned on this website, but no.. she didn’t show off her skin “fully” this scene was the re-mix which we saw on B4U and Channel V.. nothing more.. only her half top bikin and not in full like Karina Kapoor in Tashan.. no.. Karina became so vulgar.

    And Rani with Shahid were good together onscreen.

  • Aditya: forgot to mention in my comment what u said about Bahrain.. the 2 movies were released together, on the same date in our country.. and my father, as he knows lots of indian ppl in Bahrain, asked them about the two movies and which one is better.. they said: the 2 movies are good and doing very well at the box office ( I don’t know Aditya from which sources u get your false information!!). I also called now the staff who sells tickets at Seef Cinema and asked them the same question.. after reading your comment.. and they said that both are doing well! I called Dana Cinema and they said that DBH is doing very well..as they show this movie and not Wanted.. In addition.. when u read about the no. of crores which any movie did, in any country, you should put into yr consideration “the population” for example: Bahrain is only half million.. but what about the population in India?!!!!! If u would say or any website that a movie did 70crores or 100crores in India.. it’s just nothing in a country which the population is around 500 million!! and if u would say: it did only 1 crore in Bahrain.. so it’s a big number.. big amount because the population is only half million.. I hope everyone got it this time!

    My point is not which movie is doing better at the box office because I don’t believe that we can measure what’s good or what’s bad according to the box office – as I already mentioned 100 of times on this website – my point is that we shouldn’t consider any movie as good or as bad according to the box office collection.. that’s the point.. and moreover.. we shouldn’t stop watching a movie, if we feel good about it, from what we saw in the trailer, just because some ppl didn’t like it! a movie might be good for some.. but bad for some other ppl in this world.

    I mean.. even if u tell me that DBH didn’t do well at the box office in India and Wanted did.. that would never change my mind about any movie which I saw and loved and enjoyed it.. I watch any movie with my own eyes and with my own senses ( but not with other people’s eyes!)

  • i watched the film and liked all about it. songs acting direction everything
    the negatives u guys missed are
    i dont know what the role of Shahid “Kaminey” Kapoor mini clothed girlfriend sharlin chopra i think her role is chipped in
    the cricket match is so abstract and out of reallity
    my ratting 3.5 out of 5

  • Fathiya
    September 22nd, 2009 at 6:53 pm

    “”And.. I heard today that Dil Bole Hadippa is a nice movie.. it was released last Wednesday in our country. On the 1st day, ppl were excited to watch Salman’s movie more than DBH, but now they’re praising DBH.. I’m going to watch it tomorrow and will come back with my review.””

    Navs in Reply :-
    Fathiya Eid mubarak fristly.

    What do you think that people will like / dislike or rate this movie after your review… ??? naaa… not at all….
    no one is waiting for your reviews as you are just a jhinga of ocean and doen’t matter if you watch this movie or not…..ppl will like it or not…..that leave up to them …u just go and make your own mind…..just dont try to maniuplate.

    Any how i am sure you will like this moive specially the part when rani turns in to guy role with mustaches and beard. funny it is really…..in team other members dont come to know also that she is a girl but the fact is they know everything just taking their chance to enjoy with her nice figure as you cant realize how much fun it is playing cricket with girls….and bumping in them while running…….
    guess Yash raj is a fool but not the team mate as they cashed their time…hahaha


  • okz.. i din’t like the movie.. an ordinary movie.. ith nuthin much in it….. what’s your raashee is much better…. go for WYR? than thi s hadippa.. not a good movie….everything was predictable in this movie.. type of punjabi-indian movies.. which i dont like…. WYR rocks… dont spoil your chance for this when u can watch WYR!

  • Navs: thx for yr greetings first.. but why u think that I try to manipulate and write false review about a movie which I really loved and enjoyed?!! God.. and why r u surprised if some ppl did love DBH?!! Do u think it’s that bad movie and no one should watch it or love it because some ppl didn’t write good reviews?!! I’m not the one who’s manipulating facts but some indian ppl are just lyers!! they’ve purpose behind writing bad reviews.. some ppl want to spoil Yash Raj films there4 they spread some bad reviews on websites.. not only on websites but even on t.v. I was really surprised, on 1st day Eid, when I turned on the tv on Starnews and an indian announcer was talking about the movie, trying to show some stupid silly reasons just to say that the movie isn’t good!!!Do u know what he said? there’s a song in the movie which Rani is wearing orange colour dress and it was nice, not like the dress she was wearing in TPTM and he said: “look what she’s wearing.. not good and Rani isn’t stylish and she’s trying to imitate Aishwariya in the song Khagrah Rai.. I’d give this movie only 1.5/5!!” Wow.. this man was just lyer and crazy!! and when I watched the movie, it was Raakhi Sawant who was wearing a dress similar to Aishwary’s dress in Khagra Rai song!! now see which way some ppl lie!! they even didn’t watch the movie but want to spoil it to make it a flop movie, and ofcourse they get paid for what they say!!

    And what u hv mentioned about a girl dresses up like a man among cricket team.. well that’s the way u think maybe.. we think differently.. some men in this world even flirt with their mom or sisters.. but do u think all the men in this world thinking the same way!!

    Rani’s beard and moustache were perfect ( normally indian directors don’t use beard or moustach which look very natural but in this movie was good) she didn’t wear any makeup on her face too.. and she looked like a tiny panjabi boy, her voice also helped her to take this role
    Do u hv something to say about that too?!!

  • Again Some People think they r only one who is right…Different people have different choice and Fathiya,(Most of us) knows u have an crap pathic choice…No prb…Have same kind of movie n enjoy….

    Boxoffice matter everything..If movie is not good ,then people are not silly to waste money for tht..

  • hey guys,i LOVE the movie DBH as its very funny!better than WANTED!RANI so sexy and no one can act like her as a man…..its hard!

  • Sudeep:just visit other websites, youtube, chukpak and the rest and u will find lots of ppl loved the movie, lots of reviewers are lyers.. and u too!
    You also think that Shahrukh is a crap actor.. so if u think and some of yr colleague on this website, that Shahrukh is not a talented actor.. does it make him a poor actor or a bad actor?!!

    DBH is a very nice movie.. it’s made for ppl who got a high taste but not for crap ppl like u who loves some crap action.. hahahaha.. funny.. in this world ( and specially in India) there’re lots of guys, while watching any action movie, and see the actor is killing, lifting weights, and slams the criminals to the wall or jump from a train or from the aireoplne, whatever.. there’re still ppl who forget that this is all acting and think that he’s really born brave and strong!!!!!they forget in those moments that this actor is a humen being, doesn’t have any power.. and he might be a coward human in fact, if happened that some criminals would enter his house midnight.. then he’s scared like a rat and would hide in any corner..hahahaha.. these movies Ghajini, Wanted and other actions are made for your kind of ppl Sudeep.. for brainless and idiots!!


  • All action movies are not Brianless…People like u crap r idiot not like me….U r dumb and i donot have to argue for this…SO i donot want to continue….

    U say boxoffice donot matter for u.Then How can a bad movie be hit

  • @All

    Terribly disappointing movie .. I will advice everyone not to waste money on this movie .. It is very predictable and utterly bakwaas movie .. Its a very bad rip off of “She is the man” .. What I cant understand is why is Yashraj churning out such mindless Crap .. Yashraj was making such good movies some time back .. Though Shahid was good in the movie .. but he doesnt have much to do in this movie


    Dont think only becoz you like romantic movies and SRK & Shahid everyone should .. and dont insult others intelligence by saying things like (here I will post some of your most laughable comments)

    1. It’s made for ppl who got a high taste –> HAHAHAHAHA .. Do you really think so … what kind of taste are you talking about here .. DBH and RNBDJ .. If this is your taste then I am sorry to say this you have no taste at all .. Bad RIP Offs and extremely bad stories with no logic what so ever .. and the funny part is you complain about peoples taste

    2. And what u hv mentioned about a girl dresses up like a man among cricket team.. well that’s the way u think maybe.. we think differently.. some men in this world even flirt with their mom or sisters.. but do u think all the men in this world thinking the same way!! –> HAHAHA .. God this comment is so funny and insulting both at the same time
    You like movies where people suddenly become different suddenly by removing a moustache (RNBDJ) or a girl become a man by adding a moustache (DBH) .. hahahaha .. I think many woman do have moustache which they trim or bleach .. Guess if they dont do that everyone would mistake them for a man .. HAHAHAHA

    3. you’re again dissapointing me! I just don’t understand why u try to downgrade a movie which is “flawless”!! you already did with RBNDJ and was a blockbuster then at the box office, –> I just dont understand you here .. In one comment you said that you dont care about the box office figures but still are quick to point out here to INDICINE that RNBDJ was a blockbuster .. And please dont insult our intelligence by saying that DBH is a “flawless” movie .. Dont think that Indian people are foolish enough to let a so called “Flawless” movie with big stars be a flop .. It is not earning much money at the boxoffice because its a bad movie and thats the fact .. Otherwise had it been a good movie it would have surely hit the jackpot with Shahid (the flavor of the season) being the lead actor and such a gr8 opening still everyday its collections are dropping

    4. these movies Ghajini, Wanted and other actions are made for your kind of ppl Sudeep.. for brainless and idiots! –> Please refrain from making such comments again .. Well these movies are liked by people in India and if you say anything against them It wont be very good for you .. you are no one to categorise anyone .. So dont call anyone Idiot and Brainless .. we are the brainless people who found water on moon .. What did you intelligent guys do in your entire lifetime .. Dont think that people from “BAHRAIN” are the only ones who are intelligent enough

    @INDICINE TEAM –> I really value your review as yours are one of the most unbiased review .. You and Rajeev Masand are the only ones whom I trust in case of movie reviews
    And please delete the comments of Fathiya where she is abusing people

  • Ronnie: Welcome Ronnie on this website again!! where were u all this time?!!! I think u , Raj, Mini, Punjabi Sher who also disappeared and don’t where he’s gone.. u all are alike.. u r only against me.. if I say this is white so u would say it’s black!! and this long long comment which hv u posted.. which proves that all.. u paid that effort to go thru my comments in some different pages on the web and typed them or copied them again followed with yr comment!! wow.. u did a great job.. why didn’t u write instead a good movie review of yr own about any movie on this website?!

    And dear Ronnie: I don’t mean all the indians are stupid.. there’re also lots of Arab, American, other nationalities who r dumb and stupid.. I meant “only” a category.. some only.. and yeah.. that’s my opion always.. ppl who love action and think that a hero as follows: oh.. look what Salman did in this movie.. see his power, lab laa.. ( and just 2 days ago.. I read on one of the pages on this webiste someone is saying something like that!!!!!!!) I think some men who lack phisically strength, they enjoy these kind of movies coz it will give them the motivation to be one.. to be similar to the hero in the movie in their imagination!

    So we ladies, aren’t that interested in action movies.. yeah.. action with a story, with a nice script, which is not done only to show fighting scenes.. that would work for us..we – I could say – 90% of women don’t like these kind of movies.. and I think even if lots of ladies loved some of Salman’s action movies it’s only because they’re his fan.. they love him so they love his movies too.. I don’t hate Salman Khan at all.. and I’d love to see his movie Main aur Mrs Khanna or London Dreams but not Wanted.

    Why do u ignore other ppl’s comments.. who loved DBH?! It’s not only me, but also some other ppl loved it and I read their comments on this website as well as others, so.. does this mean that they’ve a bad taste!! and RBNDJ was excellent.. you’re a hater.. shahrukh’s hater.. I know u all.. there4 u just want to say a bad stuff about his movie.. whether u liked or not.. Shahrukh is great.. and Shahrukh won millions of hearts.. and it won’t affect him of 5 or 10% of ppl in this world hate him!

  • Saurab: well if the movie is not a hit in India, but Rani deserves to get the best actress award or to be among the nominated ladies of bollywood this year.. actually this is her movie, and if she wins, so it doesn’t matter if the movie didn’t do well.. it’s because lots of ppl don’t appreciate good cinema.. no.no.. it’s not because they don’t appreciate good cinema and love some hanko panko as usual.. it’s because they don’t laugh and nothing make them laugh only some crap!! movies like Golmaal and Tushar with his pathetic acting and attitude.. or Govinda and some shitty comedy like the movie Welcome and lots lots of other movies which they find.. funny and win at the box office.. haha.. a stupid silly box office which downgrade some good and upgrade some bad.. that’s the way it is fact!!

    Shahrukh is just lucky that ppl loved him, otherwise his excellent movies would’ve sinked in India!!

  • @Fathiya –

    Thanks for the “warm” welcome .. I was busy working so cant get much time to put in some review comments

    now coming to what you said .. First thing you said is I specifically pointed you out .. well the answer to your question is you pointed out Indicine in your comments that he is biased and all those things thats why I said those things in his defence becoz as I mentioned at the end of my last comment Indicine and Rajeev Masand are one of the movie critics I have come across

    Okay now coming back to you .. well you know what your reviews are so shallow .. you tend to judge a movie just by its lead character .. I also like Shahid but just becoz Shahid is there in the movie I wont just mislead people who have not watched the movie and tell them that this movie is a good one .. i can point out not one or two but thousands of flaws in this movie .. Any good movie reviewer can tell you that .. Leave Movie review do you have any idea about Cricket on which the movie is based .. Moreover Yash raj should come out of the Punjabi mould .. they are repeating the same formula in each of their movies .. Its not gonna work for long .. viewers are getting tired of it

    Moreover what is this with generalising and speaking for every1 out there .. again I will point you out here

    So we ladies, aren’t that interested in action movies.. yeah.. action with a story, with a nice script, which is not done only to show fighting scenes.. that would work for us..we – I could say – 90% of women don’t like these kind of movies.. –> Again see this is the exact reason why you are targetted you know I have watched both Wanted and DBH .. I went to wanted only becoz my friend (who is a girl by the way) is a big fan of action movies .. and even though I have seen both the telegu and Tamil version I have to go for wanted becoz of her insitence .. So tell me why cant 90% of women like action movies .. It may be because all women are soooooooooooo intelligent like “you” are and all men I guess are dumbos, stupid and unintelligent :D

    Finally I would like to say that a person’s choice in movies has nothing to do with his intelligence, the opposite of which you have so gloriously implied in all of your comments .. Some people only go to movies so that they can get some entertainment after a full days work .. May be Salman entertain them more .. thats their personal choice .. who are you to comment on them .. Had you sticked to the topic and not commented about every1 who watches action movies being stupid, unintelligent and all those crap I wont have pointed you out

    And for your kind information both wanted and DBH makes no sense at all .. So if you prefer Rani Mukherjee running around in a Beard and Moustache holding a bat that looks too big for her and dancing on a cricket pitch then do go for DBH but I hardly think that DBH is an entertainer

  • Ronnie

    Fathiya is the most brainless,biased person i have ever come across.
    she is just a blind SRK fan.

    and u know why she hates Salman or his movies?
    cause Salman in the past has beaten(physically) SRK.

  • Ronnie: you’re saying that you watched the movie Wanted because your girl insisted as she loves action.. well.. it’s rare.. yeah.. we, as women, are different than men, God created us different.. then why men nofmally love action more than romantic movies and women love romantic more than action.. it’s true what I said and even u know it – that women are more sensitive, emotional, and these emotional movies touch their heart more than men.. it’s our nature dear Ronnie.. men’s nature is different there4 most of them love action ( and few of men love romantic) so it’s the same with women..most of women love romantic, drama and few only – like yr girl and like my cousin – love action! so these few, whether they r mail or femail are exceptional.

    I didn’t find that DBH is a repeated script or a repeated movie in the way it was directed at all.. it’s a nice entertaining funny movie.. I loved it yaar.. and how many bollywood movies which I already watched in my life! many.. I saw Chakde, I saw Goal.. but see the difference in the direction.. can we compare the movie Goal with Chakde? No.. Chakde was great, about a team playing as well as Goal but Goal was a boring movie and nothing special about it, and this movie of Yash Raj.. DBH is special because of Rani’s role.. that’s the best thing about this movie ( and I would pray for God that this movie won’t flop.. Rani deserves this time to win.. her movie deserves to win).

    if u criticised the movie What’s your Raashee.. I’d hv agreed with u 100% even if I didn’t see it because the trailer shows and proves that the movie is just..poor.. true.. it’s a poor movie which was done by the hands of a big director!! and that’s what surprises me.. why A. Ghuwariker did this movie?!! and under the movie review, some ppl watched and confirmed that it’s a poor boring movie.. but DBH is great..

    So ppl.. don’t waste yr time over WYR.. DBH deserves your time.. and that if u r looking for a funny light movie which brings a smile to yr face while leaving the theatre.

  • @Fathiya, Saurav, Rin. especially @ Fathiya. Everyone please read this.

    Fathiya, Now I find that u r really a kid or u r intentionally manipulating to make DBH liked by others, but in vain. I’m greatly disappointed at u. First, I thought u r a naive fan of Shahid, Rani or Yash Raj films. Now I’m in doubt whether u r really naive or not.

    Wanted is liked by almost one and all except some like u. The way u r saying others that they r paid for spoiling the image of DBH, I find that it is u who is paid by Yash Raj films. You said that ur father is in charge of a cinema hall in Bahrain. So, it is very possible that u r paid by YRF to promote their stupid movies.

    For ur kind info, the whole India Enjoying Wanted mania. People r rushing into halls in hoards. Lots of cinema halls r still going houseful. They earned 38 crore just from India, Around Rs75 crore gross from the world and just in a week. I’m sorry to say DBH could hardly manage even half of the Wanted’s business, Around 14 crore in a week from India.

    The most important thing is that where DBH’s business has almost finished, Wanted is still doing steady business around the World. Many r predicting that Wanted will go on 50 and 100 days business especially because of the hurricane response in the single screens. Many of the halls which has initially more DBH shows than Wanted, r now replacing them with Wanted. Some even stopped showing DBH. Wanted is on the way to become a blockbuster and even one of the highest earners of all-time.

    Wanted is rocking while DBH is flopping. It is not any websites verdict, it is the people’s verdict. Cme in India and witness the Wanted craze. If I’m not wrong, in ur Bahrain, Wanted is doing great business whereas DBH is nothing but a great disappointment. U r technically concealing this to others and trying to spread fictitious news.

    So. Fathiya don’t try to fool others. Look at urself. U r the biggest fool. People r smart enough to distinguish a rocking movie like Wanted from stupid one like DBH. And they giving their verdicts everywhere and yhe world is witnessing this.

    It is Wanted mania everywhere and u’ve remained a fool. I really feel sorry for u, Fathiya.

  • Aditya: firstly.. my father is not encharge of cinemas in Bahrain.. he had his own cinema in the past there4 he’s still interested to know which movie really did well or not.. my brother is the managing director of Bahrain Cinema Co… and don’t consider ppl as “fool” because” they’ve different views and different perspective!! and I’m not in a need of money to work for Yash Raj and promote their movies.. hahaha.. now that and what u hv mentioned would make u a fool guy!!. lots of yr ppl do it, but we don’t..we’re not these type of ppl who’d sell themselves for money.. but lots of yr ppl do it on websites, on tvs, as I mentioned what the indian announcer said on Star news!!

    Now.. forget about me ( if u consider me as a fool because I think that the movie Wanted isn’t a kind of movie we like) and let me give u some examples of the previous movies which was released in Bahrain e.g. Ghaajini & RBNDJ.. my brother who is the managing director of the cinemas loved Shahrukh’s movie more than Ghaajini, although the last one did around 200crores in India as well as overseas! but we – Bahraini ppl – don’t value any movie according to the box office.. we have our own eyes, senses, ears, and brains there4 when we leave a cinema hall.. we don’t ask everyone: how much this movie did at the box office?! Is it a flop or a successful movie?!! and don’t think that that would change our mind about the movie which we liked!! that’s you Aditya and the rest.. you value movies according to the box office collection.. if a guy told you: no.. don’t watch this movie.. it’s not good.. so you’d immediately change yr mind about it, even if you found the trailer was good, even if your heart said so!

    We’re not like this.. and we’re (honest).. we loved a movie, so we praise it.. we didn’t like it.. so we say bad stuff about it.. I didn’t like Ghaajini too.. so.. do u consider me as a fool because it did 200 crores worldwide?!! I didn’t like hollywood movie (The Dark Night) which was a blockbuster movie and got bored in cinema and just wanted to kill myself in those moments, while watching it, so am I a fool or mad or what?!! and a guy is asking on the page of What’s your Raashee’s movie review.. as he’s surprised why ppl didn’t like this movie because he enjoyed it and found it a good one! so is he a mad or is he fool because he loved a movie which everyone predicted that it’ll be a flop or a disaster movie!! ( try to treat yr brain Aditya!! and there’re thousands of ppl who loved many movies whether they were bollywood or hollywood, which didn’t do so well at the box office, but they loved them and vice versa!). The Transformer did around 360million dollars worldwide and the ciritics gave it only 1/5! ( AND THAT WAS CONFIRMED BY YOUR AKKI.. AKSHAY KUMAR.. HE’S THE ONE WHO MENTIONED THAT.. SO ARE THE CRITICS MAD, FOOL, IDIOTS.. OR WHAT YOU SAID MAKES U AN IDIOT!!)

    Dil Bole Hadippa as well as Wanted.. both are doing good business in our cinemas ( as I mentioned in my earlier comments) and I didn’t say that Salman Khan’s movie is not doing well!!!!! go back to my previous comments and you’ll read what I already mentioned.

    If the movie Wanted is that great and creating this hype, hyesteria in India, so that would be the “only” reason for me to watch it, to see what’s in it that ppl loved it this way!! exactly like the movie JTYJN which I saw and I was shocked when I knew that ppl went crazy, loving this crap!!

  • Aditya, Ronnie and other ppl on this page:

    I’ve read now on boxofficeindia that DBH did a better opening than Wanted overseas.. Wanted did a poor opening, but DBH did an everage.. so how u all said that DBH wasn’t doing that good business overseas?!!!!!!!!

  • @Fathiya

    Stop speaking up for every1 again you are saying the same thing .. we Bahrain people and we women and all that crap .. Dont make Bahrain people and women look like fools .. You are saying that you like RNBDJ more than Dark Knight .. hahahaha

    Do you any freaking idea about what is called acting and the art of film making .. or do you just go to movies to some lovey dovey act from Shah rukh khan .. Just think of how much preparation would have gone into the role of Joker and what a gr8 act was put up by late Heath Ledger .. You know who made that movie .. Christopher Nolan .. Have you seen his other movies like Memento (the one from which Ghajini was ripped off) .. You know what a masterpiece memento is and what a great story teller Christopher Nolan is .. Why are you making yourself and other Bahrainis look like fools .. Guess you like movies where the actor is overacting (Like Shah Rukh did in RNBDJ) and that makes no sense at all and has no story what so ever (like DBH)

    And about DBH doing good business overseas .. You see how foolish your statement looks like here .. you yourself is saying that DBH did an average business overseas and in the next line you are asking us how we are saying that DBH is not doing good business overseas .. I guess you meant to say that how come it got a better opening than Wanted overseas .. The reason is quite clear it was because it was a Yash Raj film .. And I am not here to talk of Wanted since this is not the forum

    @Aditya – Please dont waste your time and energy here .. She will ignore what ever comment you will write and just blabber something completely else .. She is prejudiced and there is nothing you can do to change her mind .. If there are 100 people saying that a Salman Khan or a Akshay Kumar or an Aamir Khkan movie is a good one she wont go for it .. But yes if one person will comment that its a bad movie she will side with that person and willl say I had a gut feeling that this movie is going to be a stinker .. She is just like a kid who is crazy about her favorite actor SRK and whatever crap he dishes out

  • Ronnie: why should I waste a time discussing these issues with soneone who downgrades his own king of bollywood, who’s Shahrukh Khan.. whom you must be proud of.. who is the top actor, in order to praise the work of some western actos and directors!!!!!!!!!!! No other comments on what u said about western and their movies!!!!!!

    But I’d say one thing.. I was a fan of Heath Ledge, I was sad when he died, and I loved the roles he played in some movies except his role in The Dark Night ( and don’t.. don’t u dare saying that I’m a fool or idiot.. because the idiot is the one who thinks that everyone in this world must love any movie which was a blockbuster at the box office, and the one who didn’t.. so he is an idiot!!! hahahahaha.

    Which way u all think.. I don’t know?!

  • ronie:Totally agree with u

    Fathiya:If ur choice is choice of Bahraini ppl then srry to say,they have pathic and mindless choice…..Dark knight was a superb movie..

    Just tell me,If movie is bad,then how can a movie make tht much money??Promotion cannot make money hit which have shown in CCTC,Delhi 6 or other bad movie…U said JTYJN was a crap movie..People who is old age people may not like the movie but how can u tell tht movie was crap????Crap movie like swades,dil se,love story 2050 is ur choice ……Frm this everyone can c whts ur choice….no one should argue

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