Wanted Movie Review

Salman Khan makes a smashing return with Wanted, directed by arguably India’s best dancer Prabhu Deva. The movie is a remake of the south Indian blockbuster Pokiri and the screenplay has been modified to appeal to the national audience. Technically, Wanted is Bollywood’s best out-an-out action flick.

The story is straight out of those numerous action movies of the 80s and 90s. We have a hero (Radhe – Salman Khan) who can bash 20 goons at a time without suffering a scratch, we have the beautiful heroine (Jhanvi – Ayesha Takia) who is head-over-heels in love with the hero, we also have a hardcore villian (Gani Bhai – Prakash Raj) and not to forget a corrupt officer (Inspector Talpade – Mahesh Manjrekar).

Radhe is a street-smart goon, willing to do just about anything for money, but strictly on his own terms and conditions. He works for Gani Bhai, who is one of the most feared international gangsters. Commissioner of Police Ashraf Khan (Govind Namdeo) takes it upon himself to rid Mumbai of crime.. How… forms the rest of the tale.

Wanted Hindi Movie Review

Why Wanted is worth a watch in theatre

  • Salman Khan! Wanted firmly rests on Salman’s broad shoulders and the actor after a long time is in form. He has few dialogues to mouth but its his attitude and star presence that helps Wanted rise way above the mediocre script and direction.
  • Prakash Raj, the actor who won the National Award recently when most thought it would either be Aamir or Shahrukh, just proves how good an actor he is. In a smallish role, Prakash as Gani Bhai delivers a mind-blowing performance. His cameo itself is worth the price of the ticket!
  • Action scenes – Would work big time at the smaller centres, the multiplex audience would enjoy it too. The first action scene and the last one (climax) are fantastic.
  • Govinda, Anil Kapoor and Prabhu Deva make special appearances.

You could skip Wanted, here’s why

  • No story, no logic. There is a twist in the tale, which does surprise but as the performances, action sequences and visuals dominate, the writing is below average.
  • Way too many songs – Ahh.. why do we need so many songs in our movies? What exactly is the point? The director has thrown in songs, once every 15 minutes, at every possible opportunity, which basically act as speed breakers on a fast-paced express-highway.
  • Too long – Blame those damn songs!
  • Dead bodies, blood, gore may not exactly be liked by the family audiences.
  • Ayesha Takia certainly deserved a better role. She has nothing much to do, also her makeup is very inconsistent.

The Ghajini connection (both remakes, directed by South Indian directors)

  • What worked for Ghajini was a beautifully scripted love story, which unfortunately doesn’t work quite as well in Wanted.
  • The music is below average, Sajid- Wajid don’t come close to Rahman’s brilliance.

Overall, amidst all the mediocrity Salman Khan stands tall with a towering performance, he along with Prakash Raj in the second half make Wanted a one time watch.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Other notes – Its easy to criticize someone like Salman Khan, who many believe doesn’t take his work too seriously. But shouldn’t it rather be a compliment for an actor who has been one of the top actors of the industry right from the time he made his debut with Maine Pyaar Kiya?

In an industry wherein one disaster could end a promising career, Salman has effortlessly managed to remain on top and continues to be, at the age of 44, one of the most influential actors in the country. With Wanted, after far too many failures in the recent past, he proves yet again, that he has the talent and more importantly the star power to still carry a solo starrer.

Watch Wanted for Salman..



  • First,all those who think tht salman cannot act,just watch WANTED.

    My review:The man who steal the show was salman khan,really it was a wonderful n truely good performance.Movie has no story but still u will not feel as it is fast moving movie..Love story between salman n Ayesha was not tht bad.it was nice because it has some light laughing moment..Prakash Raj was brilliant.When he was arrested by Police.the scene happened tht time work big time in this movie.I now know tht y he get national award. Mahesh Manjrekar is excellent.We as viewer love his bad role .Manoj pahwa was also good.Ayesha takia was above ok but not bad.

    Overall,movie is surely gonna be hit .and it must be watched…….

    My rating:3.5 or 4 out of 5 star

    Indicine team:U forget to tell about Mahesh Manjrekar .He also played a very good role

  • What i didnot like abt wanted is ,too many song…THere was no need for songs…Only dil leke was suit in tht story ,all other was no need….

    I never think the villian of the movie will make such a laughing n mindblowing scene…It was truely wonderful…Is he was one who win national award this year?????????Looking after his acting in wanted,he has tht potential to win…..

  • Just bac from watching Wanted. And here is my review.

    I agree with most of what you said in the review, as usual, but i liked Ayesha Takia’s performance too. She was very likeable. The songs tracks were about 4 too many and the music was horrible.

    Salman Khan is a rockstar! Wanted is his movie start to finish. Prakash Raj yeah very good.. loved him.

    3 out of 5

  • Sudeep what do you think movie could do well at the box office. When i watched Friday morning show… theatre was empty :(

  • R u kidding……U said i m just back from watching wanted..Do movie take more than 6 hrs hah?????Just stop lieing…..Wht u do in tht empty theatre..????NO one can believe it…..My theatre,people was not getting sit.and have to watch sitting in floor

    But,Prediction for this movie is people might have mix review since it is not for family entertainment….It is wht it promise..Deadly action,good love story n For me prakash raj steal the show in second half with salman khan being from starting to end.He had not done this kind of movie in some while….It can be called as Salman khan comes back with bang…..

  • Excellent movie better than gajhni even coz of great action … wat are u talking about Suniel theaters were hell full of audience i found no place to sit people were watching in standing positions…..i wud say fantastic….

    i wud give it 4.8 out of 5

  • What an excellent action flick this film has turned out to be… I totally agree with you guys..This film is for the masses. Definitely,there is not much logic in the film but who cares.. The idea was to get off our busy schedule and get thoroughly entertained.. At no point in this film did i feel bored.. Such a charisma Salman shares with his fans that people like us get attracted to theatres so easily.. Who says theatres were empty. The place where i saw this film is Bangalore,which already has seen Pokkiri(the original),and the crowd response was awesome. I just loved the film. Mahesh manjrekar and Prakash Raaj are amazing in the film. Ayesha is looking pretty gorgeous and this is going to be first hit of her career. Ofcourse she is a brilliant actress .”Dor” was fantastic. Above all,with eid weekend up and “dil bole hadippa” not getting rave reviews, “Wanted” surely has a long run at the box office. Salman Khan is back with a bang.. Hang on Aamir,Shahrukh, Akshay!!Salman is still in the race….(your appa says u love me….love me,love me,love me..eh)….Surely 4 stars from my sense of cinema

  • Indicine is always fair and balanced, and that’s commendable. But, a more accurate and perceptive review of this turkey can be seen over at GlamSham. They give it a 1.5.

  • Most of the review of Wanted is positive…People who donot like Salman is saying Bad abt it..When Indicine review of Srk or other,they have no prb but now saying…it is always fair…..hahaha….People who have not seen movie r saying like tht

    Where gone the people who hate salman…>I m not listening from them???DOnot hide ,plz come up….Movie which show y salman khan is salman khan……..

    INDICINE TEAM:What is chance of the movie?????It has mixed response but mostly are positive????Wht will be net collection of 1 day??????

  • WANTED….. This is his deadliest performance to date of Salman.
    The role that seems like an extension of his personality, you can’t think of anyone else enacting this role except Salman.
    The show belongs to the actor 100%
    I would like to Give 5/5 … Just because of SALMAN.

  • Though i didn’t watch the movie but i hope that is do well in the boxoffice and most of the criticts for this film are positive. So go and watch the movie.

  • Hi Sudeep,

    They have flicked the review from our site and the time the article was published can be easily changed.

    We DO NOT copy any of the reviews from the Internet, not a single sentence. Our reviews are 100% original and we have been publishing reviews from more than 2 years now.

    You can check the other reviews on their site, most of them are either fake or copied from other websites.

    If you do find our reviews on other sites, please do mail us.


  • I have not seen the film…….? but iam shore that it gonna be a huge hit by seeing the trailor of the film. And the review of the film is positive, well come back salman u will rock.

  • All those who have not seen this movie,this might not like by parent..so go with friends n enjoy the movie…It is truely Total paisa wasool flick of this year…Salman khan at his best after long time

  • Outstanding Performance By Salman Bhai . Must Watch Movie 4 All Salman Bhai Fans . ” Yaha Bhi Hoga Waha Bhi Hoga . Ab Toh Saare Jahan Main Hoga Kya – Only Salman Ka Jalwa ” . Love U Salman Bhai . My Rating 4 Dis Movie 5/5 . Total Paisa Vasool .

  • Fantastic Movie. I have enjoyed it very much. I am very very impressed with Salman Bhai. This movie will be a blockbaster movie. I will say all the people of India to watch this movie immediately. Jeeyo Salman Bhai. I become your fan. Good, Keep it up. God Bless You.

    With Love,


    CONTACT: 9748391334

  • I have not seen the film yet going by the trade or The critics it’s a sure shot money spinner,salman bhai is back with bang.

  • wat a movie …………..wat a movie………….just awesome…..whoever seen this movie just loved it n me tooo…………..salman khan is back with a bang to shut those *******s mouth………his action,acting,dialogue delivery was top class………ayesha was cute…….every one contributed in this blockbuster………go sallu go…….we r with u.


  • dis movie is really fantastic,Salman suits well for his role…
    first of all its puri jagannath’s credit for making such a block buster in telugu and also prabhu deva for a remake of such a gud mve..
    its really nice

  • If the heroine was someone else, other than Aisha Takia which I don’t like her at all.. probably I’d hv a thought to watch it.. why did they select this actress?!! which way I’ve to describe her..I don’t know.. but let me just give a picture of her.. she’s like an empty beautiful gift box.. u see it beautiful from outside.. but when u open it.. it’s just an empty box! this girl has no charisma on the screen at all and deserves to be only the hero’s sister, in the second category only.

  • Fathiya: if u dont like her it doesnt mean she shud not be in movie as lead actress

    didi u watched movie howzzat really shocked to see Great SALMAN with brilliant performance

    great welcome back bro

    salman rocksssssss

  • Fathiya…grow Up..dont talk like a Kid that Why they took Ayesha Takia as actress..bla bla bla.
    You are not the only audience that producer shud keep u in Mind and select the Cast.

    I Dont like Anushka Sharma..but i will never talk childish that why she was taken as lead role in RNBDJ
    Grow Up Girl….
    But anyways i got ur meaning..u just have to talk something bad or get some excuse to talk bad about Salman’s Movie.
    If wanted actor will be HAKLU KHAN and Actress RAKHI SAWANT..u would have enjoyed the movie’s 1st day 1st Show without caring its Rakhi Sawant or any other C Grade actress.

  • Though Ayesha was not have much to do in Wanted. But I feel she was the prefect Choice for the Movie.
    The Sobarness, Cuteness, Freshness Ayesha has..I dont feel any other actress can be replaced.
    The Salman-Ayesha pair was looking very fresh onscreen, as they havent worked together in any other previous movies. & This is the reason i feel the Selection of Actress was Perfect.

    Now a days bollywood actress are like a Beautiful Vask only. They dont have much to do in Movies except being the Beauty of the movie. we having good example of Katrina, Aishwarya, etc.
    So Nothing wrong if Ayesha being a Cute & Beautiful Vask for WANTED.

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