Wanted Movie Review

Salman Khan makes a smashing return with Wanted, directed by arguably India’s best dancer Prabhu Deva. The movie is a remake of the south Indian blockbuster Pokiri and the screenplay has been modified to appeal to the national audience. Technically, Wanted is Bollywood’s best out-an-out action flick.

The story is straight out of those numerous action movies of the 80s and 90s. We have a hero (Radhe – Salman Khan) who can bash 20 goons at a time without suffering a scratch, we have the beautiful heroine (Jhanvi – Ayesha Takia) who is head-over-heels in love with the hero, we also have a hardcore villian (Gani Bhai – Prakash Raj) and not to forget a corrupt officer (Inspector Talpade – Mahesh Manjrekar).

Radhe is a street-smart goon, willing to do just about anything for money, but strictly on his own terms and conditions. He works for Gani Bhai, who is one of the most feared international gangsters. Commissioner of Police Ashraf Khan (Govind Namdeo) takes it upon himself to rid Mumbai of crime.. How… forms the rest of the tale.

Wanted Hindi Movie Review

Why Wanted is worth a watch in theatre

  • Salman Khan! Wanted firmly rests on Salman’s broad shoulders and the actor after a long time is in form. He has few dialogues to mouth but its his attitude and star presence that helps Wanted rise way above the mediocre script and direction.
  • Prakash Raj, the actor who won the National Award recently when most thought it would either be Aamir or Shahrukh, just proves how good an actor he is. In a smallish role, Prakash as Gani Bhai delivers a mind-blowing performance. His cameo itself is worth the price of the ticket!
  • Action scenes – Would work big time at the smaller centres, the multiplex audience would enjoy it too. The first action scene and the last one (climax) are fantastic.
  • Govinda, Anil Kapoor and Prabhu Deva make special appearances.

You could skip Wanted, here’s why

  • No story, no logic. There is a twist in the tale, which does surprise but as the performances, action sequences and visuals dominate, the writing is below average.
  • Way too many songs – Ahh.. why do we need so many songs in our movies? What exactly is the point? The director has thrown in songs, once every 15 minutes, at every possible opportunity, which basically act as speed breakers on a fast-paced express-highway.
  • Too long – Blame those damn songs!
  • Dead bodies, blood, gore may not exactly be liked by the family audiences.
  • Ayesha Takia certainly deserved a better role. She has nothing much to do, also her makeup is very inconsistent.

The Ghajini connection (both remakes, directed by South Indian directors)

  • What worked for Ghajini was a beautifully scripted love story, which unfortunately doesn’t work quite as well in Wanted.
  • The music is below average, Sajid- Wajid don’t come close to Rahman’s brilliance.

Overall, amidst all the mediocrity Salman Khan stands tall with a towering performance, he along with Prakash Raj in the second half make Wanted a one time watch.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Other notes – Its easy to criticize someone like Salman Khan, who many believe doesn’t take his work too seriously. But shouldn’t it rather be a compliment for an actor who has been one of the top actors of the industry right from the time he made his debut with Maine Pyaar Kiya?

In an industry wherein one disaster could end a promising career, Salman has effortlessly managed to remain on top and continues to be, at the age of 44, one of the most influential actors in the country. With Wanted, after far too many failures in the recent past, he proves yet again, that he has the talent and more importantly the star power to still carry a solo starrer.

Watch Wanted for Salman..



  • Collection of first day has comes out 5.75 whereas dil bole haddipa is 3.75 …….Wanted is Above to above avg in multiplex where as it is second to ghajni in single screen….It has extended week end ….THts the benefit for both movie

  • hi

    i am from chennai, i watch the movie yesterday, its an telugu remake to tamil and now in hindi. the hero in tamil its imitate the exact acting of telugu hero, and salman also done the same in each and every scene. bcaz of music and dance movie hits in tamil. any how the same shots same frames nothing has changeg. prabudeva done the same thing again he took telugu to tamil and vice-versa now he took hindi. ha ha ha

  • gUyz i just want to say….flaw less,simply awesme…man im a salman fan frm heart and the man acted in the film like king…or u can say radhe roks!!…luvd ayesha too..she is kinda cute and luvly…luvd their pair..;)\\\overall the movie is a bomb total paisa wasool…hats off to salman …well done sallu miyan..lub yu ;)
    keep the gud wrk goin….

    5/5…frm me and my room mates too…..awesme mobie

  • Allen: What?!! what did u say?!! Shahrukh would do a movie like Wanted?!! haha.. no dear.. Shahrukh would never do a pure commercial movie.. even the movies which he did and didn’t do well at the box office were some quality good movies e.g. Swades & Paheli.. these 2 movies deserved to win more than “Don” which pleased the audience in India only although it was a silly movie.. pleased them because it was an action movie.. and action movies are just like (cartoons) need to leave yr brain home and enjoy yr time.. actually to waste yr time over some crap..and Don was the only pure commercial movie of his latest, but he’d never do movies like Wanted.. never! haha

    Listne Allen & Sudeep: u can’t stop ppl from posting whatever they think about actors or films.. you can’t ask them to be a carbon copy of your characters and post whatever would please you.. no dear.. sorry.. I can’t post here whatever u like.. I express my opinion here according to my taste and my evaluation.. if you love some crap.. fighting and dishong dishong movies.. so u can’t let everyone in this world love these kind of movies.. and I’ve already mentioned why I don’t want to see this movie Wanted.. 1) because I found the trailer silly and stupid 2) because it’s a pure commercial movie 3) because the heroine is Aisha Takia 4) because I don’t enjoy such movies.
    And it’s not because the hero is Salman Khan.. yeah.. I wrote some negative comments about him but it doesn’t mean that I hate him or I don’t want to watch his movies.. I’d love to watch London Dreams as well as Main aur Mrs. Khanna..these 2 movies for sure are better than Wanted.

    So.. don’t get me wrong.. I’m a straight forward person.. although I’m a big ban of Shahrukh but I also criticise some of his movies which I didn’t like e.g. Don & OSO.. I didn’t like these 2 movies.. so I’m not a biased woman here.. what I find it good I praise it and vice versa.. and if I don’t like an actress I also express my opion about her.

    Allen: you need to grow up.. and not me!!

  • I have seen [Wanted ]yesterday and i thought it was brilliant. Salman khan gave a stunning performance. I’m sure this movie is going to be a hit. This is the one to watch for those who haven’t seen it. I just loved it. It was beyond my expectations. Well done to all whole team of Wanted.. and special cheers to Salman’s performance. I take my hats of to you.

  • Music taste is personal. You dont seemed to have liked the music but I loved it – very catchy and stays in your head. I love the look of the dances in the promos as Salman is moving really well and the dances are well choreographed and interesting. However the violence puts me off so I wont be seeing it.

  • Fathiya: I know Haklu Can never do a Movie like WANTED, coz his Old Haddi ka Dhacha wont allow Him to do such Stunts…lol
    What Haklu can do only is, Paint the FAKE 6 Pack Abs and dance in a Song Dard-E-Disco ha ha ha ha.

  • Fathiya:Similarly,u can’t stop me to criticise srk…He does good workk in movie..but i never like him…because i think his attitude shows me like he thinks he is only person who is smart……So,Might be i like his movie But Donot like him…I like his acting in chak de india,Om shanti om(first part of 1970 ad),karan arjun(best of all bcz of salman),Kal ho na ho…But i didnot like him in RNBJ,swodes,and many more……So,Even i see his movie…but i cannot stop Hating him….He is only one person whom i hate in this world……

  • starting is good but then little boaring in between movie but second half is supperv mind blowing. to much bad songs in the movie but salmannnnnnnnnnn the rock star in movie.
    overall good comeady movie

  • I have seen [Wanted ]yesterday and i thought it was brilliant. Salman khan gave a stunning performance. I’m sure this movie is going to be a hit. This is the one to watch for those who haven’t seen it. I just loved it. It was beyond my expectations. Well done to all whole team of Wanted.. and special cheers to Salman’s performance. I take my hats of to you.

  • hi all those who r all salman khan fans..im from tamil nadu..the movie pokkiri in tamil its become an huge hit..surely it vil suit salman..there r most superb action scenes..before ist half and 2nd half..surely the opening song and scene vil b youthfull to watch..Gonna surely going 2 b a hit film..Both pokkiri”s r rocking..

  • B drade movie which has no story at all. Only good for die hard salman fans and uneducated people, Very dissapointing can’t believe someone like salman can act in such a stupid movie

  • The occupancy ratio of the theatres in Hyderabad ,screening the movie WANTED is only 50%. I doubt whether this action flick by Salman bhai will be a hit like Ghazini and Rab ne bana di jodi. When RNBDJ and Ghazini films were released they ran to packed houses unlike WANTED.

  • Ruvani:R u well educated then just go n piss off…..How dare u tell like tht for uneducated people….Nursary Child speaking bla bla bla…………

  • Would you say B GRADE movie for Wanted Ruvani.??? I would say there is seriously something wrong with you. You better head off to the hospital to have your head tested. Wanted is actually a remake of Teligu movie which was a super hit in southern India and many people liked it. The movie shows the reality of whats actually happening in this world. Wake up boy..! Its time you understand the reality of life otherwise you will end up being no where! wakey wakey little boy Ruvani….

  • ‘Wanted’ hindi movie doesnt hv the brilliant comedy scenes by Vadivelu as in its Tamil orginal and Tamil actor have emoted well in romantic/humour scenes, but Salman Khan rocks in action with his great looks and we have his macho effect for the whole 3 hours. Prakash Raj is brilliant in both Tamil and Hindi versions. Why even Sallu fans are saying it is a one time watch, why not we repeat?

  • Ruvani : I think ur C grade girl always watching that type of movie but Wanted is a hit movie so for u especially it seems to be B grade movie come up dear its 21st century not 80’s watch the best movie not C grade
    ur saying that its for uneducated ppl its so rediculous u asshole
    there is no story for that purpose ppl are watching this movie wat a bull shit ur ruvani
    dare to speak anything wrong about SALMAN

  • salman khan has done really a gopd job ithink its really the best movie in the decade what action never before seen in any movie of india salman khan u rooooooooooooocccccccccck u r the best in the bolly wood

    stars 4 u 5/5 its really aweeeeessssssssoooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeee really awesome wan u rock u will get best actor of the year inshallah

  • Awesome…. Hardhitting…… Mindblowing…… Mindblasting….. ;-)
    Ohhh I am short of words for salman bhai’s latest blockbuster “WANTED”

    Seen it first day first show and the movie rocked from start till end…..
    there was not a single dull moment.. Just the Entry sequence of Salman bhai is Paise Vasool ;-)
    Liked the pace of the movie, Action is Mindblowing, songs are groovy and what to say abt the beautiful and bubbly Ayesha. She is just drop dead Gorgeous and cute as always…. loved her looks as well as acting…

    Prakash raj is A class, his portrayel of a underworld Don with a sense of humour is just Perfect…
    and Finally… The Beloved, Respected Salman bhai has just poured himself in the movie, He acts fabulous, Dances fabulous, Fights fabulous, Romances fabulous… Salman Bhai you once again proved that you are the real king of bollywood, the hero of masses…….. I will always luv and respect you..
    and finally for those who criticize and underestimate you…..

  • hello ruvani . i watchd d movie in bangalore in fame shankarnag theater in dat theater there wer many ‘a’ grade people includin me . who wer njoyin n whistlin wen eva action scene cum’s on d screen . stop talkin lyk a child . grow up . if u dint watch d movie . den dnt write nethin wrong abt it . i knw there r many khazur khan fans who r jealous of salman cuz at age of 44 also . he luks sexy , cool n handsum . stop critcizin .



    with Best wishes

    First Asst Director.

  • dont seee logic if u want to enjoy the movie. its for huuu haaa kids which can b enjoyed by like superheroes films. But ayesha takia looked fresh and bubbly. song were pathetic and were almost a turn offf except for few dance steps. salman performance was good as the character was quite suited to him. i vl give it max 3 out 5 .

  • Ruvani : You are a horrible, ignorant and still living in the 7th century. Wanted is the best action movie for the year 2009 so far. Hats off to Salman’s performance. I wasn’t a big fan of him before but now i’have become one after watching the film. People out there go for it if you have not seen it.. one to watch

  • great movie .. I like salman performance . and the direction of the movie is also above average .the salman performance quite outstanding. really i like to watch salman in action and this movie is totally devoted to the salman action.

  • Salman Bhai rocks………… He can beat any Khan any time & he has proved it in dis movie…………..its a brilliant movie……….

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