Wanted Box Office prediction

Salman Khan’s Wanted is expected to do well for several reasons, here are some of them along with the opening weekend and final net gross prediction. 

  • Hype and curiosity is huge both in metro’s as well as the smaller cities and towns in India. Wanted could well be the Ghajini of 2009. While the initial is not expected to be as huge as the Aamir Khan movie – due to the release of Dil Bole Hadippa – Wanted is expected to take the biggest opening of 2009.
  • The initial response from the industry and those who have already watched the movie is fantastic. Most believe Wanted to be Salman Khan’s best performance ever.
  • Its an action masala entertainer that should work big time in B and C centres (smaller cities, towns, even villages).
  • Flops in the recent past, hasn’t yet made a dent on Salman Khan’s star power. He’s still capable of drawing audiences to theatres.

What remains to be seen..

  • To what extent Yashraj Films Dil Bole Hadippa will affect the collections of Wanted?
  • Can Wanted beat Love Aaj Kal? If it does, Salman would smash his way back into the Top 5.
  • Overseas collections : Bollywood action movies don’t really do well Internationally.

Our Prediction

  • Opening weekend in India – 24 crores
  • 1st week collections in India – 45 crores (due to the extended EID weekend)
  • Final nett gross (if liked) – 85 crores
  • Final nett gross (if mixed) – 75 crores
  • Final nett gross (if rejected, highly unlikely) – 60 crores

What do you think? Do submit your prediction and box office related comments below..



  • Very interesting article, but although “Wanted” may garner some attention from the unwashed masses, it will be totally ignored by the educated classes. Salman is regarded as retro, backward-looking actor, as well as a crashing bore.

  • I have seen the movie…Indicine team,please put the review…..THis movie will surely keep the fathiya and all other people who think salman is crap will make their mouth shut…I want to put my review

  • Indicine team, i think u r predictions r 100 percent correct, i have seen the movie on the first day and its a good entertaining movie.So i think that wanted will be the biggest hit of the year uptill now.

  • hi folks, wanted is awesome. i saw both wanted and DBH. wanted is way good as per the total package is concerned. i will recomend everyone to watch it. if they will pay, they wont regret it! WANTED is wanted.

  • i think mo than half of Indian are dumb if this will be a hit .come on man that’s y u can’t beat against Hollywood movies ,But there are good movies like kaminey ,slumdog millionaire.If this will be released in US people will not even go to watch this (I mean da US origins not Indians ).such a crap movie

  • Tawny your name suggests you came from retro, backward-looking class, i think you like bobby darling movies, WANTED is by a MAN SAL-MAN people like you keep away or you might faint hahahah

  • people like tawny & kevin y u both waste ur time just writing some crap that nobody cares…. If u guys dont like SALMAN plz dont get involve in a place like this who wants the truth….. MR kevin i am in US nw and i watched the movie first day first i think u r not frm INDIAN r whatever…dont write some comments like that ever… about the movie salman wanted really WANTED movie in recent times….. go and watch it.

  • Salman is back with a bang…. WANTED is complete entertener.. it is the best action movie of B’Town so far… and Sallu Bhai ROCKS

  • it’s a super hit film as Salman has performed very well stunt scenes after very long time of VeerGati.

    It’s a pisa-vasool movie.

  • may b in dis film salman workd really hard.bt it’s truth dat it’s a average film..dnt dare 2 compare it with ghajini..

  • + have seen Wanted movie with my family and all of them enjoyed, and this must be block buster movie of this year, I also read reports from Box office and found that this movie still running good in all centers of India and this movie is predict that this is going to be Blockbuster of this year, it is 100% entertainment movie and advising every one to must watch it, this is Best movie of Salman Khan and he looks better and more energetic and fit than others

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