Chennai Express vs Krrish 3: Box Office Comparison

When Chennai Express broke the record of 3 Idiots, many in the trade felt that it would be an uphill task for films like Dhoom 3 and Krrish 3 to surpass the 227 crore figure. After all, the Shahrukh Khan starrer had collected 100 crore in 3 days and 150 crore in its first week itself!

Chennai Express and Krrish 3

Chennai Express and Krrish 3

But a quick comparison between the 7 day (first week) business of the two films reveals that Krrish 3 is ahead of Chennai Express at the moment.

  • Hindi version without paid previews – Chennai Express: 149.96 crore – Krrish 3: 156.62 crore
  • Total domestic collections including all versions and paid previews – Chennai Express: 156.71 crore – Krrish 3: 166.42 crore

Note: The Hindi version of both films released on approximately 3700 screens. While Krrish 3 was affected by the Pre-Diwali period in its first 3 days, Chennai Express benefitted from national holidays for Eid and Sunday. However, business of Krrish 3 took a massive jump Post-Diwali which is considered to be as lucrative as ‘Eid’ for films.

Comparison graph of the first 5 days and also detailed day-wise collections of Krrish 3 and Chennai Express in the table below. The table will be updated everyday.

Chennai Express vs Krrish 3

Chennai Express vs Krrish 3

DayChennai ExpressKrrish 3 (including Tamil and Telugu)
Preview6.75No Previews
Day 133.12 (Eid Holiday)25.2
Day 228.06 (Holiday)23.2
Day 332.5 (Sunday)24.3 (Sunday - Diwali)
Day 412.6235.91 (holiday)
Day 511.5026.26
Day 612.5618.11
Day 719.60 (Independence Day)13.44
First Week156.71 crores (including preview)166.42 crores
Day 86.489.16
Day 98.5114.23
Day 1010.22 (Sunday)16.35
Day 113.805.47
Day 127.06 (Raksha Bandhan)5.04
Day 134.514.46
Day 143.254.77
Two Week Total200.54225.9
Day 152.122.44
Day 163.61-
Day 174.75 (Sunday)-
Day 181.63-
Day 191.74-
Day 202.46 (Janmastami)-
Day 211.56-
Three Week Total218.41 crores-
Day 220.81-
Day 231.14
Day 241.89 (Sunday)-
Total till fourth weekend222.25 crores-
Remaining weeks4.6-
Lifetime Collections227.1 crores228.34 crores (15 days)


  • SORRY all hrithik HATER, you all are doing very good job to spread negative about krrish3, i salute your heard work. But you all failed. Best of luck for HRo next film BANG BANG.
    K3 clear winner over CE

  • @Irfan – I think you should ask this question to BOI instead. All the other sites, trade analysts, media are showing almost same collection except BOI. It could also be a trick to garner web traffic, or any glitch, etc. You shouldn’t trust one site when almost 10-15 sites are showing exactly same (and different to that one) numbers.

  • Krrish 3, a far better movie than Chennai Express will break its record.

    But saying that, Chennai Express was also a time pass masala entertainer.

  • @indicine. U have included Saturday as a holiday in ce column which is not national holiday (there is only one day holiday for Eid in India) but u have not included Tuesday is a holiday for k3. If today is big drop then definitely yesterday was holiday. But I don’t think trade will show any drop just check BMS there is 5% accupency but these paid people will show big numbers. And what is regional collection of k3 for Monday and tuesday only 1.5 cr which was huge day. If you people really want k3 on top then why all theses comparison. And u said due to length movie will have less show for info just BMS in Mumbai maxus cinema sakinaka which is running 45 shows per day. And ce could not get sufficient shows in Mumbai and Maharashtra due to Marathi film. Consider all these fact.

  • Hrithiks Krissh3(blockbuster) will surely do a business of 165cr in its 1st week, and in the 2nd week Krissh3 will add 60cr taking its total to 225cr and in the 3rd week Krissh3 will add 15cr taking Krissh3 total to 240cr and by the end of 4th week Krissh3 will add 10cr taking its domestic boxoffice total to 250cr says the trade with sure shot conviction. The way Krissh3 is roaring at the boxoffice with family audiences lapping up not only India but also around the world. Krissh3 will surely do a domestic business of 250cr in India and will surely do a business of 500cr worldwide and Krissh3 will surely become Indias biggest grosser and Hrithik will emerge as the New No 1 ranked actor of Hindi cinema. Presently its Salman at No 1, Aamir at No 2, Hrithik at No 3 and Shah rukh at No 4. Post Krissh3 becoming Indias biggest grosser then Hrithik will be No 1, Salman at No 2, Aamir at No 3, Shah rukh at No 4. These are the top four ranking actors who call the shots at the boxoffice single handedly.

  • Only two types of collection in Box office
    1)domestic collection.
    2)overseas collection.
    tamil telugu domestic me hai so, domestic collection means all languages collection in india. SRK ko CE tamil telugu me release karne kon roka!

    INDICINE please dont separate tamil telugu with hindi

  • Again I m back…:)
    Sorry frnds , that I was not available since last 2 months at indicine….but regular visitors of indicine still remind me , i guess…..( was busy wid my pr0fessional life)..

    So, I watched K3 today only and i ll give 3 out of 5.
    The top 3 things I liked in k3 is

    Seriously man, he is somethng different….I really like his performance….
    It was one of the most challengable role in industry ever…
    hatss off to u sir…

    and I am happy for my second fav that his movie is doing well….and creating new records…

    As far as lifetime collections r concerned, it will be hurry to come to any conclusion…
    But I think it shud cross 200 cr….if it won’t cross then it will b k3’s bad fate…thats wat i can say…

  • Upto 2010 all follow BOI but today BOI is back dated. Now ALL INDIA NEWS CHANNEL and BUSINESS TRADE MAGAZINE include Wikipedia follow Taran Adarsh or Komal Nahta.

    And INDICINE’s data match with Taran Adarsh, so INDICINE is right. Very good job by INDICINE. I believe you.

  • The speciality of Diwali period is that business booms like anything during diwali period and then crashes after a week, take for example, films like Ra 1, JTHJ and Son of Sardar. Therefore I feel that wednesday nd thursday film shud do good business and weekend will be descent, thereafter film will crash in a big way. If film doesnt crashed from Monday onwards means Krrish 3 is carrying tremendous wom. so my prediction is
    Wed – 12.5 crs
    Thur – 10.5 Crs
    Fri’- 7 crs
    Sat- 8 crs
    Sun – 9 crs
    Mon – 4 crs
    Tues- 3 crs

  • Only two types of collection in Box office
    1)domestic collection.
    2)overseas collection.
    tamil telugu domestic me hai so, domestic collection means all languages collection in india. Why SRK does not release CE in tamil & telugu language?

    INDICINE please dont separate hindi with tamil & telugu.

  • Moreover, releasing Krrish 3 before diwali was a masterstroke bcuz post diwali period is most dangerous then pre diwali period. Films do unbelievable business on diwali day and next 3 or 4 days and then…….boom

  • @SAKHI: who said K-3 will not break it will collect around 250-crores upcoming D-3 and JAI HO as well get ready for it.

  • roflmao..krrish3 beats c.e(plus paid reviews) in 5 days haha…c.e had 3 holidays..k3 had 1 holiday nd released on prediwali..k3 wom nt as good as c.e…but still k3 ahead..the power of hrithik roshan…
    the king of temperory records srk

  • CE’s net collection worldwide : 353 crore….that’s impossible task for krrish 3 & also other coming movies :(

  • @Speedo. I hate comparing, but perhaps for your lack of knowledge, CE had 6 days open until the arrival of OUTIMD, after which it played in much fewer screens. It still managed to perform beyond everyones expectations. Krrish:3 benefits from about 15 open days until the release of Ram Leela. I expect Krrish:3 to earn at least 240cr, doubling the amount of its budget (CE tripled the amount of its budget), anything less will be an underperformance for me.

  • @XZONE welcome back !!!!!!! … i remember you
    @AKI YOU EXPECT “JAI HO” TO CROSS CE COLLECTION??…….HAHAHAHA….JOKE OF THE CENTURY………JAI HO WON’T EVEN COLLECT 100cr…It won’t cross Grand masti collections……..nowdays people are rejecting south copy paste films….example:BOSS..he knows only that only..jai ho will the biggest flop of next year

  • K3 gets 2 open week
    so CE record might be broken
    Ce has clash from its second week

    K3 will definately cross 200 cr.
    And will end similar to CE
    but Dhoom3 will crash

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