Hrithik Roshan’s Top 5 Weekend Overseas Grossers

Krrish 3Krrish 3 has emerged as Hrithik Roshan’s highest weekend grosser in the overseas markets, ahead of films like Dhoom 2, Agneepath and Jodhaa Akbar.

In fact, Krrish 3 has collected one million dollars more than Hrithik’s last release Agneepath.

Over the years, the science-fiction / action genre hasn’t been too popular with the international audience. Krrish 3 could go on to be the first superhero film that grosses $10 million or more in the overseas markets. The current highest lifetime grosser is Shahrukh Khan’s Ra One ($9.2 million)

Hrithik Roshan’s Top 10 Weekend Overseas Grossers

  • Krrish 3 – $3.95 million (Rs 25.67 cr)
  • Dhoom 2 – $3.05 million (Rs 19.82 cr)
  • Agneepath – $2.90 million (18.85 cr)
  • Jodhaa Akbar – $2.85 million (18.52 cr)
  • Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara – $2.35 million (15.27 cr)

Note: We have converted collections into rupees based on current dollar exchange rate.



  • Top5 popular superstars in foreign countries:
    1.shahrukh khan
    2.aishwarya rai
    3.amitabh bachchan
    4.hrithik roshan
    5.amir khan

  • one day hrithik’s movie will be topping on the charts like srk’s.. BT this time srk is ruling in oversies.. soon hrithik will be.. even ranbeer too.

  • @tanguri lol your comments shown how big fool your are, in which way you are compare Salman with Ajay in overseas, please let me explain….
    there is no doubt about supremacy of SRk in overseas.
    but how HR comes in second there i still not got the reason, before 2008 there is no doubt about this as HR is next to srk there but After Jodha Akbar there is no HR movies are in the list of Highest overseas grosser…His highest grosser in overseas is Dhoom2 which was released way back in 2006 after that JA,Kites,Gujaarish,ZNMD,Agneepath came but none of them surpassed D2 collection though JA did great collection in overseas of about $7.5Million and if K3 again collect more than D2 than even you can’t say he is next to srk there, because if one movie can change the Boxoffice kingdom than Aamir should be called King in overseas as his 3I still is the highest grosser in overseas, so guys make some sense in your comments its good K3 doing well but doesn’t mean you are started to degrade other actors.
    HR no movie in Top10 overseas grossers, at present time Salman is next to SRK in overseas as His Last 3 films ETT,Dabangg2 & Bodyguard are in top 15 overseas list.And comes to popularity there It is Aamir in mainstream actor who is more popular after SRK there….

  • the ranking of star:
    1. Salman Khan
    2. SRK
    3. Aamir
    4. Hritik
    5. Ranbeer

    1. SRK
    2. Aamir
    3. Salman
    4. Hritik
    5. Ranbir

    1. Salman
    2. SRK
    3. Aamir
    4. Hrithik
    5. Akshay,Ranbir

    Salman is no.1 Because of we taken CE out of srk films than Salman has 4 highest worldwide grosser(ETT,Dabangg2,Bodyguard,Dabangg) ahead of srk(JTHJ,Don2,Ra1,MNIK) so Salman last 4 movie his ahead of srk till 2012, in 2013 he has no release and srk comes at top 2 with worldwide with CE 380cr lifetime….

    1 movie can’t change the ranking of any actor, i remeber Aamir gain top spot after 3I success not after Ghajin, thoguh Ghajini collected more than RNBDJ but SRK remained No.1 actor before 3I, same as SRK can’t gain top spot after CE success from Salman he has to give one more big blockbuster than Salman for becoming no.1

    No offence to HR but truth is truth and Bitter, K3 & D2 both are franchise so taken hype since it release D3 will collect huge but no one can give credit Alone to Aamir for that but after P.K. he comes ahead of All.

  • I wonder hrithik fans are not dancing on this post. because they know to even come closer to SRK in overseas. hr needs to take another birth.
    even though k3 was released on 200 screens overseas it ll not even do a third of collections what SRK s Chennai express did.
    @aks. get Ur collections right. Chennai express is the only bollywood movie to cross 400 CRORES worldwide.

  • Hrithik we love u forever.
    You Are the beat actor in emotional scene in
    the world who can make people emotions at
    any time because he is so emotional inside
    and so humble.
    for best example watch -Abhi mujh me kahi
    from agnipath.
    and experience his presence.
    nobody can do it so perfectly and that’s his
    that’s why people love him so much.
    fans are so crazy about him from child to
    and other x factor is his charismatic
    personalty, amazing looks can beat any
    bollywood or hollywood actor, his dance- he
    is only one who can beat michael jackson.
    his outstanding body.
    and so many good things he has which cant
    describe in words.
    he is perfect actor in the world.

  • the top ten superstar of all time at box office.(points are given to 1st,2nd,3rd highest grossing movie of a year,1st=7 pts,2nd=5 pts,3rd=3pts)
    1.amitabh bachchan(106 pts) 2.shah rukh khan (90-94 pts coz ce `s position is still pending) 3.salman khan(87 pts) 4.dilip kumar(85 pts) 5.dharmendra (56 pts) 6.sunny deol (44 pts) 7.raj kapoor (41 pts) 8.rajesh khanna (38 pts) 9.aamir khan(34 pts) 10.hritik roshan (32 pts).my list is unbiased and data collected from boi coz taran and komal have no data of 1940-200.hritik and aamir have good chance to cross 2 legends like rajesh khanna and raj kapoor.all these 10 actors are living legend of bollywood.
    salman-1st:89,91,94,99.05,10,11,12 2nd:95,96,99,11,12 3rd:99,04 total=7×8+5×5+3×2=87 pts
    Shah rukh-1st:95,98,02,04,07 2nd:92,95,97,00,01,03,04,08 3rd:93,97,07,11 total:7×5+5×8+3×4=87+ce(3-7)=90+94 pts

  • Lol Hritik’s biggest bet k3 4mn in 1st weekend
    Talaash did 5 mn in first weekend.
    @nipun see difference star power between Amir nd hritik in overseas market Amir’s weakest low promoted less commercial did 5 mn in 1st weekend which came 2 week after jabtak hai jaan (13 mn in overseas) k3 did only 4m and that also help of grown UAE market in past year. So please don’t compare him with Amir in overseas market.

  • I am not against hro.every sites are showing krrish 3 worldwide collection with dubbed version and salman fans are supporting it because they don`t want to see srk at top.if we consider dubbed version than srk was ahead of salman in 2011.
    don 2 241 cr(all version) and ra one (235 cr all version) source: wikipedia
    bodygaurd 230 cr ready 184 cr.srk was also too close to salman in 2010.
    dabang:215 mnik:200 cr. sorry salman fan salman khan was clearly ahead of srk in only 2012.his nxt target to cross 424 cr,and it is not a joke for salman,coz his film hardly cross 60 cr in overseas.

  • It’s also true that SRK has been arrested and questionned OVERSEAS. Detained and querried on terrorism and religion by POLICE in most european and american countries.

    It’s also true that SRK bows in front of HR.

  • @sht:amir stardom increased after 3idiots.and in that flow,talash did well.otherwise u can see how d2.ja,znmd are ahead of fanaa and ghajini.and in terms of fan following also,hr is ahead in top25,there are more no. of hr movies.

  • To be honest I love HRO and he is my 2nd fav but at the overseas boxoffice office no one is even close to SRK forget about the next
    we go to watch the movies becuz of shah not becuz of the movies buzz. we trust shahrukh. he took the 1st place 15 years ago and since that time no one could come close to him and no one will maybe after 15 years becuz each actor need to get 18 BB movie overseas OR 10 ATBB out of 12 ATBB hindi movies at the overseas boxoffice to be the next SRK

    and as I said that HRO is my 2nd fav I hope he will be that one. maybe he will Start that with K3 but it has to be BB overseas to inter the list.

  • Salman aamir hr Akshay this 4 star only movies r best. ranbir Kapoor is not a star. he has not given a single hit on its own. it never he can pull the audience.

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