Krrish 3 Wednesday Collections: Early Estimate

Krrish 3After two record-breaking days at the box office, the all-India business of Krrish 3 was expected to drop on a working day. With all the Diwali festivities coming to an end, schools, colleges and offices across the country reopened on Wednesday.

As per early estimates based on figures from a few screens, Krrish 3 has dropped by around 35-40% across all circuits. Mysore circuit witnessed a sharp decline in business since yesterday and metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore have witnessed bigger drops.

However, Krrish 3 has continued its historic run at single-screens and smaller cities. Families are taking to the film big time, reason for which could be because children below the age of 12 have fallen in love with Hrithik Roshan’s second superhero outing.

A 35 to 40% drop in business from Tuesday would mean that Krrish 3 could cross the 150 crore mark on Wednesday. If it does manage to do so, it would be the quickest film to cross the 150 crore mark – in just 6 days.

So far, the Hrithik – Priyanka starrer has collected 134.87 crore at the domestic box office.



  • I read on Masala website now that it did 100 crores in just 4 days and Vivek Oberoi is over the moon.. very happy for the success!!! great news.. am happy for the Roshans ( and very happy for this actor Vivek Oberoi as he did 2 successful films this year: Grand Masti and this one! he deserves to win the best villain award for this film, with Kangana Ranout)

    Congratulations Roshans.. yr film is a super hit or a blockbuster maybe.. do we have to wait for Krrish 4? Yes for sure!

  • Krishh3 is not but mixture of major hollywood movies but one scene they copied from youtube video also, the concept of flight front wheel giving problem is in youtube, it happend in real life and a van/car will come forward and the front wheels will be placed on that vehicle to safe land.

    Now hrithik is again back to days of 2000 where everyone said he is bigger than SRK when his first movie released ie kaho na pyaar hai. During that point, all salman khan, akshay kumar, aamir khan were puppets in front of king SRK. Later on 3-4 consecutive flops for hrithik in Fiza, mission kashmir etc then again back with kabhi khushi kabhi gham ofcourse the lead were King khan and amitabh and he was just a kid actor wise (and also role wise in that movie compared to king khan ;) ). Then Aamir khan started making lagaan, it bombed in south india, i still remember where the movie run only for 3 days! in our place of andhra pradesh. Later with dil chahta hai, fanaa making movies once in 2 years just to be safe…then people comparing Aamir khan with SRK, During the same period Akshay kumar started giving 3-4 hits in a row and started feeling himself to king khan…then people compared between Akshay and SRK…then his era got over…still Salman was not on track to compete with king khan. then Salman+Akshay tried to give stiff competition to King khan by releasing Jaaneman on the same day as SRK’s DON because during that period, both were so so…but couldnt beat SRK and got thrashed !. But SRK continuously ruling top Overseas 10/10. And in India, whenever someone tried to touch him, he gave a stiff reply to those on their face. Like Om shanti om, Kal ho na ho, Chak de india, Kabhi khushi khabhi gham, Don series. And then comes Remake khan ie Salman khan, he was almost dying in his career life like a fish which has come out of pond, then prabhudeva is the one who put this lifeless fish into the ocean again!!!!. No wonder why Salman khan movies will never work in south so he failed to break 3idiots record 4 consecutive years with 2-3 weeks of solo release because everyone has seen the movie and is easily available in youtube with english subtitles!. Why to watch a ‘HINDI’ dubbed movie by changing songs and characters?!.

    I will continue to post….why I am a very big fan of SRK – The only man who is recognized by the world. In some countries they recognize SRK as the India’s country. He was hounoured with many awards around the world. The best actor who can touch your soul by his acting and charisma.
    Even in krish3 whatever collections are coming in is all because of KIng khan’s VFX Team, the faults which they did at first in Raone they have rectified it perfectly. But I wonder why the media and hrithik fans are praising Hrithik?????. Just use commonsense man, in a vfx movie, Hrithik was not doing anything everything was done in the computer, he was just wearing those masks….90% credit should be given to VFX, There are no emotions in this movie, this movie will not have repeat audience like CE. Chennai express had a very touch competition…..Flop kumar took 1500 screens on first thursday onwards and then other films etc…but krishh3 has no compitition, hence people are forced to watch it!!!. But still i doubt it will cross 200crores.

  • In big centres like mumbai,UP/Delhi etc it did well today too.night shows had more around 20 crs is possible.

  • No matter what, it will beat the lifetime of Chennai Express.
    Then it will shut up all SRK fans who have been flying in the air since their idol broke 3 Idiots’s 4 year record.
    CE was just a fluke, Krrish3, dhoom3 and Jai ho! will show the fa’king’ his place lol

  • @Syed No 1 Gives A Damn To Your Baseless Points ! srk’s Days are Over. And Don’t Always Turn Up Like A Beggar To Take Credit. Vision, Hardwork & Dedication Is What Made Krrish 3 ! Today It Stands Mighty. It’s All goes To Roshan.
    Hrithik Wan’t Doing Anything ?? What About Those Hand-Hand To Fights…And For Ur Info. rce only did 50% Vfx rest done by pixon…

    Had The Movie Failed You Wud Be 1 Be The First Person Making Pranks On Hrithik n Krrish 3 !

    But It Has Been Accepted And Is A Major Threat To CE Now ! So No 1 Can Stop Krrish 3 To Cross CE.

  • The Irony Is That 1st Time In 4 Years SRK broke A Record and It Will Not Even Last For 3 Months. Poor srk fans !

  • @syed:
    okay,why media and fans praised hrithik?
    hard work
    emotional eyeish expression
    rohit mehra emotional roles
    acting with superhero spirit
    doing 3 roles in the same movie
    emotional dialogs by rohit at last
    spirit of revenge.
    This all done by hrithik.

  • @syed:lol. .u’re praising ce over k3? ? ? ?height of dishonesty! ! ! !even a drunkard will easily say that k3 is better than ce. I think u’re a blind and selfish srkfan who follows his star movies blindly.

  • @Syed No 1 Is Forced To Watch It ! Families, Kids r Enjoying It and Has Great Repeat Value.

    And Please, Like srk Hrithik isn’t offering ppl discount offers on every holiday…Buy 2 Tickets Get 1 Free…Win A Chance to meet srk….what will you say about aal this ? Over-promotions at peak !

  • Hrithik My Hero, SRK’s record is already history. Star power is all about opening and not lifetime collections. Hrithik broke the opening record of CE on 4th day!!! That too with flop music and without huge promotion.

    If you take any big film in last 2 years it had super hit music which helped opening.

    Hrithik is underrated by the media and trade analysts because he is not involved in any controversy and does give sensational quotes. Just look at the collection in mass centres. Its huge everywhere. He is as big a star as SRK or Salman in India.

    Dabangg 2 collections will be beaten in just 1 week. If that is not SUPERSTAR power then what is?

    Even last time with Agneepath his haters said it opened well because of Chikni Chameli and Sanjay Dutt. With Krrish 3 they will say because of papa Roshan. With Bang Bang they will say Katrina Kaif. With Shuddhi they will say Dharma Productions. But fact of the matter is.. Hrithik has always broken records by a long distance. KNPH, Koi Mil Gaya, Krrish, Dhoom 2, Agneepath and now Krrish 3.

    Even Jodha Akbar is the only historical hit in Bollywood. Both SRK and Aamir failed in Asoka and Mangal Pandey.

  • All aamir,shahrukh,rambir and hrithrik should make their records this year bcos 2014 is akshay kumar year. I promise u.

  • @sayed
    i think u got ur all ans……another tym 1st think what u comment…
    just saw hritiks acting as rahit and some stunt,body,dance,den u understand why praising hritik….yes shahruk hounoured by all over world… becoz of some stupid fan lyk u we start to hate him
    vfx is not everything……if it is,den ra 1 will be blockbuster…dont forget no one say about ra 1s vfx….it flop becoz of its story
    nothing can forced people watch film….boss also has 2 open week but it is flop…..
    dont underestimate hritik……he start with a bang kaho na pyar hai….nd he is going to be biggest star of bollywood in coming days…..
    u forgot people dont lyk sci-fi movie…..nd hritik is going to be highest groosing film of all tym…..shahruk did it with a masla movie.dat type movie is hot cake in bollywood…it is to easy earn money wit a masala movie what shahruk did…..all credits goes to rohit nd masala genre..
    1st tym say lykl dat about shahruk becoz of ur rubbish comment……

  • Anyone who pretends to be a SRK fan and talks rubbish about other actors or their fans, is not a SRK fan. He is dismissed from SRK fan club….

  • @Syed : Even srk was a puppet in front of Salman when he gave 5 back to back blockbusters compare to srk’s ‘HITS’. You are a fan who will say even srk stool is praise worthy and it is extra ordinary. You are a blind fan who cannot see truth. Ask srk to stop begging for credits and giving statements like ‘I also responsible for Krissh 3’ ignoring how much Hrithik has given for K3 !!!!!!

  • Every one is good at doing there job..Salman Aamir or SRk they are good but hrithik is also not less in comparision. guys he is very hard working and we all should appreciate his efforts and bollywood trying to do something new and coming out of cheap comedy and cheap action.. i have full vote for hrithik to brk all records because his movie is better than other crap movies.. if daband type movie can be a hit they krrish 3 should be a blockbuster. Its all about INDIAN film so praise the best movie and stop with pinpointing other actors.. ALl the best HRITHIK.

  • @Sayed: looks like you are begging and dragging all the credit that Hrithik deserves. Tu ye bhi bol de ke The Dark Night, Spider Man, Ironman, The Avengers, ye sab hit hua tha sirf VFX k liye….tu ye bhi bolde ke es films k andar jo actors tha……woh sab VFX k liye reputation kamaya hai…….Tu ye bhi batate de ki Hollywood k sab film me actors kato koi contribution he nahi rehta sirf VFX unko reputation lake dete hai…..I wonder why Hrithik went to Red Chillies rather than going to somewhere better. Or else people won’t find any clue to talk about negativity of the VFX in Krrish 3. Remember that any other VFX company would do much better work than this one. VFX in a film is not that important when stroy and performances are on high demand. The story of Krrish 3 is good enough to break the records of Chennai Express,

  • no need to hate on srk. krrish was a sequel to a bb movie and in the making for years and the most hyped. if krrish can’t at least do this much then it would be a shame.

  • I saw k3 again on wednesday nd d theater was housefull…but d most important thing dat people r loving it big tym specialy family audience…it should cross 15cr mark on wednesday :-)

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