Chennai Express vs Krrish 3: Box Office Comparison

When Chennai Express broke the record of 3 Idiots, many in the trade felt that it would be an uphill task for films like Dhoom 3 and Krrish 3 to surpass the 227 crore figure. After all, the Shahrukh Khan starrer had collected 100 crore in 3 days and 150 crore in its first week itself!

Chennai Express and Krrish 3

Chennai Express and Krrish 3

But a quick comparison between the 7 day (first week) business of the two films reveals that Krrish 3 is ahead of Chennai Express at the moment.

  • Hindi version without paid previews – Chennai Express: 149.96 crore – Krrish 3: 156.62 crore
  • Total domestic collections including all versions and paid previews – Chennai Express: 156.71 crore – Krrish 3: 166.42 crore

Note: The Hindi version of both films released on approximately 3700 screens. While Krrish 3 was affected by the Pre-Diwali period in its first 3 days, Chennai Express benefitted from national holidays for Eid and Sunday. However, business of Krrish 3 took a massive jump Post-Diwali which is considered to be as lucrative as ‘Eid’ for films.

Comparison graph of the first 5 days and also detailed day-wise collections of Krrish 3 and Chennai Express in the table below. The table will be updated everyday.

Chennai Express vs Krrish 3

Chennai Express vs Krrish 3

DayChennai ExpressKrrish 3 (including Tamil and Telugu)
Preview6.75No Previews
Day 133.12 (Eid Holiday)25.2
Day 228.06 (Holiday)23.2
Day 332.5 (Sunday)24.3 (Sunday - Diwali)
Day 412.6235.91 (holiday)
Day 511.5026.26
Day 612.5618.11
Day 719.60 (Independence Day)13.44
First Week156.71 crores (including preview)166.42 crores
Day 86.489.16
Day 98.5114.23
Day 1010.22 (Sunday)16.35
Day 113.805.47
Day 127.06 (Raksha Bandhan)5.04
Day 134.514.46
Day 143.254.77
Two Week Total200.54225.9
Day 152.122.44
Day 163.61-
Day 174.75 (Sunday)-
Day 181.63-
Day 191.74-
Day 202.46 (Janmastami)-
Day 211.56-
Three Week Total218.41 crores-
Day 220.81-
Day 231.14
Day 241.89 (Sunday)-
Total till fourth weekend222.25 crores-
Remaining weeks4.6-
Lifetime Collections227.1 crores228.34 crores (15 days)


  • SRK is compared to bigb and dillip comparing sallu,amir with him is a shameful thing.and comparing hr with him is an impossible thing.all of you know SRK is the only actor which alwys mde comparison like SRK vs sallu,amir,hr,akshay,ajay.but why it didn’t like sallu vs amir,sallu vs hr,amir vs akshay.I think you understand the thing.he is the only one who made same atbb with amir,highest blockbusters,super hits,hits and least flops.for which he is called the king of bollywood,also king of BO for 21 years and also overseas having 7/ top 10 and many more and will remain the king forever.bcos he didn’t act like anybody he acts from his heart and enters and win every single of billions of heart which make him the world’s biggest star having highest fans in the world.

  • non of a single actor till date did a best negative role like SRK like films darr,baazigar,anjaam,don,don2.amir in dh3 looking like a joker rather than a villain with throuh out over expression in the trailor.I didn’t want to say about romance everybody knows that who is best.if hrithik accepts SRK as his preceptor than who are you hr fans to blame didn’t like the k3g?both hr and SRK were there?then why you blame SRK all the time with out him krrish3 was impossible remember hrithik and his father likes SRK most then why you their fans hate SRK.

  • someone right like hr starts and sallu,amir will finish and shatter SRK’s record.remember sallu,amir are big losers their flops are more than SRK also their acting level too low than SRK.Although CE is a comedy film but SRK made his comedy and emotional role so much perfectly.CE is far way better than k3 which has not at all a good story,music,dialogues.someone also said SRK only get hits due to YRF,johars.then make me clear you it’s that YRF,johars which is today stands and so much successful due to SRK.then tell me why their other star’s film was not successful and why they choose SRK instead of any other star like cheap sallu and amir.I hope you’ll understand the real fact.king king hai baki sab ping pong

  • @sss hey moron how do u know that BOI is correct and Indicine is wrong? Just because u dont wanna see Krrish 3 make big collection , doesn’t mean that u look up to fake figures (BOI). Pathetic loser just deal with it. Krrish 3 is gonna be ATBB and all the leading news channels/Papers showing the same figures that shown by Taran and Indicine. Nobody gives a shit about BOI figures except SRK chamchas.

  • krish 3 is better than CE. krish is fantastic movie. CE is soso… bcz i can’t see CE again but i can see krish 3 again.
    apart from if we r talking about collection. so i have to say that collection does not metter for good movie. so i prefere krish 3 to CE.

  • Success of K3 is dependent upon this Sat & Sunday…..
    I think movie will make more 100 Cr Easily…
    Regarding CE Vs K3…
    CE had an advantage of tamil movie fans too..
    Moreover tickets rates of CE was significantly high…
    K3 may break record or not but surely a better movie than CE.
    To make such movie in 100 Cr is very big deal. Those who are comparing with hollywood movies, there budgets were 4 times higher than this and the technology that they have, we dont have it.
    Certainly a worth movie to watch…….. :)

  • Krrish 3 crossed 175 crore in 7 day sand C.E Crossed 175 Crore in 8 Days.Now Krish 3 will easily broke C.E Life time collection Record in Just Two Week.

  • k3 breaks ce records than d3 will break k3 records and within 2 to 3 years one of the indian movie will break avengers and avatars record

  • after reading all ur comments..I m feeling proud to be a hrithikian..#krrish3 made history..people who says about screens of krrish3 should know that nobody opposes chennai express to release In 3500 screens..srk fans saying that ce has compedition with 3 films..everyone know what they films are..krrish3 beat the dull pre diwali period and emerges as the winner..hrithikians congrats to all of us..this is our power..and one more thing..yes our hrithik is the baap..and u know budha kaun h

  • Krrish 3 is far far better film than CE…CE is a local film while KRRISH 3 is an international film…And for sure krrish 3 will set highest colection record in history of bollywood…Or SRK BAAP HO YA BAADSHAH BOLLYWOOD KA HAI TO INSAAN HI SUPERHERO KRRISH TO NAHI HAI NA…HRITHIK YOU ROCK MAN…

  • I think chennai exp is best in compare to k-3 coz in srk’s film there is no any animation and there is hidden labour by srk….bt in k-3 there is only animative power…so in short THE KING KHAN IS BEST..FOR EVER

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