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Can Don 2 beat Bodyguard or Dabangg?

With less than 3 weeks to go for the release of Shahrukh Khan’s Don 2, it’s time to make some box-office predictions.

SRK’s last release, the spectacularly hyped Ra One, opened to a historic response at the box-office. The film recorded the highest single day collections in history. But unfortunately, it’s not the star, but the content that is ‘king’.

As a film, Ra One disappointed big time and the audience verdict was clear as early as Saturday. The makers were lucky to have an extended 5 day weekend, without which it would have probably failed to even cross the 100 crore mark. But all is well, that ends well. The film did decent business both domestically and internationally, recovered it’s investment and was a box-office HIT.

Moving on, it’s time for the evil superhero, Don. The promotions have, surprisingly, been low-key. Which could mean, the makers are confident of the film (much like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Chak De India). Farhan Akhtar is a good director. All his films – Dil Chahta Hai, Lakshya and Don – were well-directed films. But after a 5 year long hiatus from directed, during which he did well as an actor, does Farhan still have it in him as a director?

For Shahrukh Khan, the stakes are high once again. He needs a clean-HIT to re-establish his position at the top. Going purely by the box-office collections in India, both Aamir and Salman are ahead of SRK. Aamir’s 2009 release 3 Idiots, did almost 2 times the business and all three Salman Khan films have grossed more than Ra One.

What are your predictions for Don 2? Can the film beat Bodyguard or Dabangg? Tell us in the comments section below



  • Ra.One wale mazak ke bad mere fans samaz rahe the ki ab mai kabhi lot ke na aaunga,Chulubhar pani me jake dub jaunga…

    Leking abhi baki meri kahani hai,ab bachi kuchi izzat bhi gamani hai,Muze pahachanalo mai hu koan,Aa raha aur ek flop leke mai hu Srk.

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  • Don 2 may be a better film than ra may cross bodyguard’s lifetime collections n become no 2 after 3 idiots.”..but next eid n christmas..ek tha tiger n dabanng 2 r easily gonna break bodyguard’s collection n even beat 3 idiots..!!

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  • Sallu fans don’t b jealous…try 2 undrstnd…wat ever u say, no matter….king is king..
    Sallu first behave atleast like a human…shape ur character
    u know 1 thing
    ”When Charactr Is Lost Everything Is Lost”.
    u can’t just compare with SRK
    …He’s a man of golden heart…
    Wat u say,friends.. Am i right

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  • N salman’s n ajay’s london dreams was much better movie than bodyguard n ready..if it was released today it was a sure blockbuster..!!

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  • @mp umer

    Srk is not a man with golden heart,he only deals with his profit.

    Yes its true.He does freindship with Salman,Saurav Ganguly etc people in his bad time.
    If he has golden heart why he is not helping his friends in there bad time.

    ‘Maine Dada ke liye KKR kharidi hai’-aisa kaha tha usane Ipl season 1 me,to phir kuon Dada ko teamse bahar nikala?

    Srk is a good actor but not a good friend or man of good heart,phir golden heart to dur ki baat hai…am i right?

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  • as per website apunka choice conducted an online poll in which around 7500 people participated and srk has been voted as best actor of 2011 with 49 percent votes followed by mallu with 43 percent votes, now all mallu fans suck on that.

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  • @ganesh may be?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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  • great it started again don will do this and that and will do BLAH BLAAAAHH AND BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH…………

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  • @ Ganesh

    Yes ofcourse srk is man with golden heart, Ganguli ka jis tarah IPL me khela tha uska perfomance dekh k tumko lagta hai ki koi bhi owner usko apni team mei rakhega? Srk ne use pura chance diya tha,per vo apne khel aur attitude ki vajah se nikala gaya jeise team india se bahar hua tha. I m also big fan of ganguli, he is one of the greates player of indian cricket team, i love him for what he done for our country, per mr. Ganesh kio bhi apni team ko haarte hue nahi dekhna chaahega, sab jeetne ke liye hi khelte hai, is liye kuchh aise kadam bhi uthane padte hai.

    Aur tum sallu se friendship ki baat karte ho to vo bad time to sallu ka tha SRK ka nahi, ye sab jaante hei, haa.. haa… haa…. So pls aise vahiyaat ilzaam lgana bandh karo aur kuchh fact dhundho….

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  • @Ishan

    I think Srk ke fans pakistan me jada honge.,kue ki wo hamesha Pakistanio ke liye hum Indians ke against jata hai.
    Jaise wo chahata tha ki Pakistani players ko Ipl me moka dena chahiye,aur BCCI ne iss baat ko mana kiya,phir srk ne hum Indians ko chalange karne ke liye Akram ko kkr ka koach kiya.
    Srk ke liye Akram ganguly se bhi jada imp hai.

    Srk always care about pakistanis.

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  • Everyone is discussing about can a SRK film beat a Salman and Aamir movie collection in India, but no one discussing can a Salman and Aamir Movie beat SRK’s “My Name is Khan” overseas collection. It is because the first is possible but the latter is only a dream.

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  • A Big news for SRK fans… and a sad news for Salman fans….

    hollywood director Paul sheds to direct a bolly-hollywood movie starring Sharukh and leanardo di caprio (Titanic hero)… Caprio will be playing a FBI agent and SRK to do a mumbai gangster role…films to be started at the end of 2012… its confirmed … So enjoy my frends………

    @Indicine: dont u kno this news???

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  • @Vinshal
    It sounds same like a recent news ‘Good news for Srk fans & bad for Salman fans:-Hollywood singer Akon going to sing a song in Shahrukh’s movie Ra.One.
    & then what happened with Ra.One you know..!…Enjoy…!

    By the way Salman did a bolly-holly movie named Marigold way ago.
    So thats not new.

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