‘Bahubali 2’ tops most watched trailers, Tubelight Teaser makes a mark

The trailer of ‘Bahubali 2: The Conclusion’ has become the most watched Indian trailer on YouTube. It has overtaken the trailer of Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees, which was the first to cross 50 million views.

Not surprisingly, ‘Bahubali 2’ is the only film that has sold more tickets all over India than the number of views the trailer has received on the internet. 

While it isn’t a fair comparison with full trailers, we have also included the teaser of ‘Tubelight’ in the list. It has received more than 17 million views in exactly a week after it was released on YouTube.

It’s the third most ‘liked’ teaser / trailer already for 2017, but the likes vs dislike ratio isn’t great.

YouTube views or likes have little or no significance in recent times. Internet data has become cheaper with the entry of Reliance Jio, which has resulted in a significant increase in views and reach of the trailer.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t increased footfalls in theatres, with a film like Begum Jaan receiving more than 3 crore views but wasn’t even watched by 15 lakh people in theatres.

What matters is the box office numbers and it’s ‘Bahubali 2’ which has decimated all films this year. ‘Tubelight’ will be the next film that should easily become the highest Hindi grosser of 2017 (not including Bahubali 2) in a matter of 3-4 days.

MovieViewsLikesDislikesLike %
Baahubali 266,050,316527,20731,97094.48%
Begum Jaan31,452,764145,40510,22293.49%
Badrinath Ki Dulhania30,825,053210,27816,53792.74%
Half Girlfriend27,273,236242,64728,43489.51%
Sachin A Billion Dreams22,444,893381,31510,96897.20%
Ok Jaanu22,221,547121,45511,48991.36%
Tubelight Teaser21,584,352489,07751,35590.44%
Commando 220,944,525105,3975,46295.07%
Jagga Jasoos19,682,744121,77119,85485.98%
Sarkar 38,993,69147,2033,50793.08%
Naam Shabana5,589,22146,4971,21797.45%


  • If tubelight will be release in china then defiitely it will give competition to bahuballi -2 in worldwide ..in india it will do 350 cr minimum ..!

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  • Tubelight like ratio 90.44
    Raees trailer like ratio 90.64 hahahaha srk fir Jeet gaya ..jab ki Raees clash tha to bhut Sara hritik fan dislike Kia hoga ..

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  • I agree that You tube views are useless or have no significance in todays time, but I think that You tube likes and dislikes can put some impact on neutral audience….

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  • And Indicine how can you say that likes and dislikes ratio of Tubelight is not great, 90.44% is not great for you and it is still increasing……

    Bahubali 2 like ratio is 94% so it is great and Tubelight like ratio is 90% so it is not great……wow what a logic Indicine…..

    And don’t forget that Tubelight Teaser become the Highest Liked Teaser……Don’t compare Teaser with Trailer…..

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  • For your kind information Dangal was the most viewed trailer in Youtube not Raees

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  • @azfar imam;
    “Raees trailer like ratio 90.64 hahahaha srk fir Jeet gaya ..jab ki Raees clash tha to bhut Sara hritik fan dislike Kia hoga ..”

    Hahaha….this is the level IQ of Srk fans, Abe Dhakan You tube main bhi clash hota hai kya kabhi…..Height Of Stupidity….

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  • Doesn’t matter how many views a trailer gets. Naam Shabhana still managed a bigger initial and lifetime than Phillauri, Ok Jaanu, Noor, Begum Jaan, Rangoon, Commando 2 trailers that got far more views.

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  • In short, bollywood needs to wake up before hollywood and south indian movies make them irrelevant.

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  • #Baahubali2 Hindi(376.75) surpassed #Dangal Hindi(375) India Net. #Dangal all lang combined India net(387.37) by today .

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  • befikre 39 m view nashe si chad gayi 236 m view film ka kya hua sbko pata h i rest my case

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  • Bhai is known for BO records more than youtube records…. We don’t give to YouTube/indicine records!

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  • Shocking news

    Rajamouli next movie heros are prabhas and ranveer singh and it is a fantasy movie.

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  • Just wait and watch guys..
    Tubelight will create​ history.
    #Salman khan

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  • ‘Tubelight’ will be the next film that should easily become the highest Hindi grosser of 2017 (not including Bahubali 2) in a matter of 3-4 days.

    @indicine, Wow. From now onwards I reckon you would never consider Baahubali 2 Hindi as the highest grosser in Hindi cinema. Bravo Indicine. Shows the double standards

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  • if Tubelight crossed baabhubali hindi gross only in hindi in domistic then i will never watch hindi movie in my life

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  • ‘Tubelight’ will be the next film that should easily become the highest Hindi grosser of 2017 Remember one thing ‘Tubelight’ will Cross 380cr insha allah make my ward

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