Ok Jaanu Trailer

The theatrical trailer of Ok Jaanu starring Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor in the lead, is out. The Shaad Ali directed film is a remake of Mani Ratnam’s ‘O Kadhal Kanmani’ also known as ‘Ok Kanmani’.

The original film featured Dulquer Salmaan and Nithya Menen, while the makers of the Hindi film have opted for the much-loved on-screen pair of ‘Aashiqui 2’.

The music has been composed by Oscar winning music composer A R Rahman. The film releases in theatres 13 January 2017.

Watch the trailer of Ok Jaanu and tell us what you think in the comments section below.



  • OK Kanmani worked due to the dialogues, the live-in concept which was unfamiliar to Tamil audiences and the rocking chemistry between Dulquer Salman and Nithya Menon.. hope Hindi version is as good as the Tamil one.. btw good to see Mental Manadhil in Hindi.. but it seriously lacked the energy of original song..

  • Dud!! Meh!!!!
    Almost same genre films- ok jaanu, BKD, half gf,bindoo etc

    Avoiding all of them!! Such films cannot fool me. I am not a dumb foolish multiplex cinegoer anymore!

  • I will definitely watch this one. Hope the film budget was kept below 35 crore coz whenever AR Rahman composed songs in movies, it flops. I love this cute pair, Pls bring it on.

  • Dud!! Meh!!!!
    Almost same genre films- ok jaanu, BKD, half gf,bindoo etc

    Avoiding all of them!! Such films cannot fool me. I am not a dumb foolish multiplex cinegoer anymore.

  • Nice trailer Aditya roy kapoor Looks good And Shraddha kapoor Is just awesome Fall in love with her everytime after watching her ? ? ? Could cross 100 crore If turns out to be like 2 states

  • The way Adi and KJo are glamourising and patronising Paris,UK and USA into their movies, India will lose its entire new pool of talent as most of the youngsters will be eager and thirsty to lead their life in a way what is portrayed in (YRF/Dharma) movies.

    There is another trend which mandates that you can be considered ‘cool’ only when you are working in a foreign firm or studying at a foreign university. There is a need to break this ‘conceptually wrong’ myth.
    At a risk of being labeled as ‘self patronising’, very few people like me (:P) are there who prefer – to live among their dear ones and contribute to their country – over that (so called) lavish life which a common youth now-a-days dreams about!

  • Yaar really fed up with these Rom-Com movie, in India out of 10 movies, 8 movies are based on rom-com and that’s why people watch only selected movies in theater…….In the name of creativity they add kiss scenes and intimate scenes in movie…..Only GOD can save Bollywood from these Rom-Com movies…..

  • Same concept – Same rants about Paris/USA/UK – Same ‘Practical’ couple who prefers to fuck around instead of getting into the institution of ‘marriage’ – and- same heart break.

    When will we evolve and move ahead from these repetitive shits?

  • Mesmerizing..indeed.The background score and music is delicious and beautifully crafted.Would be a great watch..

  • @Just Ketch, I disagree bcz i don’t know which recent movie with AR Rahman music has flopped at the box office! Can u name one???plz
    Just asking

  • Pathetic trailer …
    What exactly Karan sir trying to prove by making love story every goddamn time ??
    Make sth new…. what is this pile of crap ??

  • Well said by almost all but it’s up to you to decide whether to watch or not. It’s not rom-com. Who said that? It’s a romantic drama. It depict what is happening in reality of current lovers nowadays. And beautifully presented in big canvas.

    Even family can watch this film to understand what is going on in their kid’s love life and their perception about the institution of marriage. For me this film going to give wonderful message to the youths and the responsibility of their parents, cultures and society. Hope to do well in box office too. Waiting for this movie.

  • will watch it for sradha my love for her unconditional doesn’t matter the movie would be good or bad watching her on big screen treat to eyes. Love you babe.

  • @xzone,After the retirement of current superstars when Hollywood completly invades & overshadows our industry bcz of the maturity level of ur multiplex audiences!But By that Time it will be too late & we would have to bid a goodbye to our indian cinema.
    #Very sad

  • The trailer of ok jaanu is just osm . The trailer just thrilled me to watch movie in theatre. i definitely go and watch movie on first day

  • Please post an article on Legendary actor dilip kumar. He turned 94 today. We wish him many happy returns of the day, health, and happiness. His contribution to our indian cinema is priceless.

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