Commando 2 Trailer: Decent action, poorly cut

The theatrical trailer of ‘Commando 2’ is out and while the action is good, the trailer is poorly cut. The production standards are not upto the mark either, as there were expectations that it would be a slickly shot action film.

Synopsis: Indiaís most wanted Black Money agent Vicky Chaddha gets arrested in Malaysia and is kept in a safe house by the Malaysian authorities along with his wife. A team of four is being sent to Malaysia to bring them to India. Apart from the growth of inter-personal relationships, the mission comprising major action sequences, has quite a few twists & turns on itís way. How Karan (Vidut Jammwal) uses his brain and brawn to recover all the laundered black money, forms the rest of the story.

Watch the trailer and tell us what you think:



  • The Trailer was good, The Action was superb and better than Baaghi which had insane action scenes! The trailer editing wasn’t good. 3/5

  • this trailer is looking Sam as force 2
    before trailer realese I plan to watch this flick but now im not going to watch this film
    the actress who is acting like Hyderabadi accent is very poor

  • srk was perfect for such action movies if he would have starred on commando and if it would have released on eid then it would have collected 400 crore for sure

  • todays youngsters dont know what is real hardwork thats why they are wasting such huge oppurtunities by making good film worst see srk he is 200 percent fit than youngsters he is perfect for this role

  • One thing is clear that BOLLYWOOD HAS NEVER SEEN AN ACTION STAR like Vidyut Jamwal
    He’s the supreme action star
    Just love this guy

  • @HIMANSHU anybody can do stunts like vidyut if he trains for it , pick any stuntmen and make him to do an action movie… Will u call him also ‘Supreme Action star’?

    vidyut is Not even a star and some idiots call him Best Action star

    You need 2 give big hits in action to become best action hero + good acting & looks r also required which vidyut Don’t call him Even ‘action star’ now ..Any
    Chinese can become action star in India by your logic ??

  • Film dekgni toh banti hai boss because he is chela of Akki Sir . He is big fan of raju & shyam . Best action hero of Bollywood akki , sunil , vidyut , tiger & ajay .

  • Nice trailer for me it is better than expected the only negative factor for me was Adah sharma Her dialogue delivery is at his wrose Anyways it will go like Force 2 max 40 cr.
    Indicine why are you not updating anything about Abbas mustan’s Machine (movie) which will star Abbas son Mustafa the the same time

  • full action pad….I relly proud of vidyut sir……U ones again Motivated to all yungstar in India… I relly exited too watch these movie….Indian solger ke liye dosto movie jarur dekhiye….

  • @jolly it doesn’t matter how big a star he is he acts in movies so the term STAR is attached to it

    Now coming to your point about stuntmen yes they can do these stunts may be better than him but THEY ARE NOT ACTORS and I’m talking about actor ok just name one actor who can do better action than him in Bollywood
    simply none the only guy who comes in mind is tiger shroff but vj is way better than him

    He’s on the level of the great martial artist actors like Bruce lee Jackie Chan Tony jaa jet li Scott Adkins and Jason statham as an Indian I feel proud when the foreigners compare to them

    @indicine post this

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