SRK Raees Train Journey: Mass hysteria, One death, Several injuries

Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Raees By Rail’ took a tragic turn on Monday night after one person died due to cardiac arrest, when he was at the Vadodara railway station to catch a glimpse of the superstar.

Farid Khan Pathan, who visited the railway station with his wife and daughter, fell unconscious after suffering a cardiac arrest at the railway platform. The incident is said to have occurred because a huge crowd had gathered at the railway station, which led to suffocation and the eventual cardiac arrest.

While we do not have confirmed reports if any security arrangements were in place for a visit to the railway station by a major superstar, the police is said to have resorted to lathi charge to disperse the crowd during which some people were left injured and bleeding.

There are reports that two Railway police officials were also injured during the chaos.

Official Statement from the Railway Police (via The Hindu):

At around 10.30 p.m. the train arrived at platform number six of the station and halted for 10 minutes. Shah Rukh’s fans had gathered in large number to have a glimpse of the actor who had boarded the train from Mumbai and is going to Delhi as part of the promotional campaign for his film.

The crowd went berserk when the train halted and began banging its window panes and even falling on top of each other. Police had to resort to mild lathi-charge to control the crowd. When the train started moving, people started running along with it. Due to the rush, one person died of breathlessness and two policemen posted there to control the crowd were injured”

Shah Rukh Khan’s Statement on the incident:

We started the journey thinking we all will travel, spend time with each other when one of your own loses someone on trip like this, it saddens us all.

One of our colleagues was traveling with us. Her uncle came down to see her at Baroda. He suffered from a cardiac arrest. It was really unfortunate.

We have some of our people with the family members there. Hopefully God will bless her soon.

On behalf of everyone, our prayers and blessings with the whole family. She has reached there. I just spoke to her. I think the burial is in an hour or half hour.

Shahrukh Khan promotes Raees by Rail

Shahrukh Khan promotes Raees by Rail

Shahrukh Khan’s Raees by Rail promotion

Shahrukh Khan’s Raees by Rail promotion

SRK Mumbai Station

SRK Mumbai Station

Vadodara Raees SRK Railway Station

Vadodara Raees SRK Railway Station

One Death

One Death



  • can understand haters try to degrade SRK’s promotional activities, I mean u can’t escape his Stardom in such situations, real Burnol moment

  • To all SRK Haters…..

  • Hype for Raees Already on Another level…. Just with the latest Dhingana Song The excitement already reached the peak….

  • Many news channels are reporting that he had arrived at railway station to attend one of his relatives and lathi charge took place in between to control the crowd, resulting into his death due to cardiac arrest.

    Though actual reason is still unknown , his death is tragic and quite unfortunate.
    Human Life is precious- beyond any star or stardom.

    May his soul rest in peace…!!!!!

  • Stardom is there for King Khan…. What is absent for him is Good Response for his film… Hope with Raees he will be back…

  • Honestly I think the idea of travelling by train was foolish . Railways is the most common mode of transport for common people and they got carried away to watch SRK in person . Maybe the intention was right but the execution went wrong . One person died, people getting injured and stampede on the railway station this is something which should have been averted . Also people in India need to calm down . I know we all love Actors and Cricketers but we should know how to behave in public places without disturbing anybody . Sometimes people get carried away and do unusual things to grab their attention . We all should know when to draw the line and when to stop . May the soul of the person who died rests in peace . This comment has nothing to do with the clash between Kaabil and Raees but this is something what I feel as a common man .

  • R.I.P
    Let’s just hope the film was worth dying for. I’m seriously praying for this movie to be a content hit. If not, I’m not a Srkian anymore. Enough is enough. There is a point where even fans cannot take chutiyapa anymore.

  • Ammi jaan kehti thi”Is bada stardom ho nai sakta , Fans k liye SRK hi kalma hai SRK hi mahzab ” UNPRECEDENTED fan following

  • World Biggest Superstar for a reason. I dont think so india will ever see such stardom ever after SHAHRUKH KHAN

  • As far as gathering is concerned, it was huge and unprecedented- something which was never seen before.
    People were waiting at railway stations since 05:00 AM (worth to add that North India is endowed by chilling cold still they came out leaving the comfort of their blanket behind), this shows their craze for SRK.

    This also proves that SRK’s stardom is not declined even a bit, all he needs is a strong script with universal acceptance and an ideal release date. If it happens, no one can stop him at B.O.

  • Tragic incident. Its not a fault of srk anyway.
    But the rail journey is definitely not a good medium of film promotion for some one who has huge fan following as it creates more crowd to railway stations which generally are crowded every day.

    Lets see how Raees fares while Kaabil has positive reviews from critics.

  • Thanks for this article and giving haters one more chance to bash SRK.
    And those photos; Indicine is first to report these.

  • Booked FDFS as well as night show with two different set of friends.
    In any case, I will be posting my review by late night or Thursday morning because soon after the show I will have to rush to the office.

    Quite excited and equally nervous. Hope Raees works and finds appreciation among audience.

  • Once shahrukh amir rajini came to my city in different days but I didn’t waste my time nor energy nor dignity to see them.

  • sad..
    There is a actor who puts his life at risk (Aamir Khan) and there is Superstar who takes peoples life..shame.
    They should have made the prequation measure

  • That’s why Salman/Aamir keeps low promotion strategies.

    Instead of heavy promotion Salman & Aamir are focusing on quality of film & that’s why they are miles ahead of Srk.

  • This is bloody tamasha in the name of marketing. Railway stations r anyways overcrowded & by bringing a megastar such unfortunate incidents were bound to happen. Either they should have arranged huge security in every platform ( which is impossible ) or avoided this rail yatra. Tell me how much will this cheap stunt help in opening of the film??
    Wil raees now score 30cr day1 instead of 20cr..?? The intention was good but was completely unrealistic. Such accidents were bound to happen.

    Shame on Red Chillies

    Now i m sure raees is a crap. Hence all these desperate strategies to somehow get raees into hit zone by banking on a big opening

  • @Saksham 12:57 pm : That’s why I hate you Gyaan and call you Baba Sakshamanand.
    Railway failed to make adequate security arrangements and you are calling SRK and Raees Team by names.
    Have you even seen the politicians and leaders travelling by train???
    Even their supporters create a lot of noise and commotion , but government officials and security agencies leave no stone unturned as far as security arrangements are concerned.

    In case of SRK, India Railways were using the aforementioned journey and name of SRK for their own promotion, but they failed to ensure minimum security to the people who were eager to take the glimpse of superstar.

    Whose fault is this????

  • That’s what you call ‘CRAZE’ !!!

    Nobody I repeat – nobody else such a huge pan-India following ..!!

  • no one is aware that what will be happen
    in future the same is story of that man
    he come out form home to celibate
    with favorite super star in the promotion
    of RAEES.

  • Farid Khan Pathan you will surely be remembered forever. You have left mortal world and arrived at heaven but don’t worry God will take care of your family .

  • Dumb haters simply blaming SRK.In Andhra a big fan of Salman died due to huge rush in Single screen.Tell me whom to blame?Should I blame Salman or to blame that fan?Same thing happened during NTR Badshah audio function.Also In Karnataka 3 people died in huge rush for Maghadeera movie.Be practical guys.

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