Haseena Parkar Trailer

The theatrical trailer of ‘Haseena Parkar’, which glorifies the life and times of the sister of India’s most wanted man, Dawood Ibrahim, is out. Shraddha Kapoor plays the title role of Haseena and it’s her dialogue delivery that turns out to be the biggest disappointment.

Popularly known as ‘Aapa’- a name that sent shivers in Mumbai’s Nagpada area, Haseena Parkar is a true story based on a dreaded gangster of Bombay.

The film charts her journey from a young girl to a mother of four to the Godmother of Nagpada across four decades in the Maximum City.

Also starring Siddhanth Kapoor and Ankur Bhatia, ‘Haseena Parkar’ has been directed by Apoorva Lakhia. The film releases in theatres on 18th August 2017.

Check out the trailer:



  • Overrated actress …… Mix of overacting , expression less act , lean voice throw, ..pathetic to see her in Bollywood

  • What were the producers thinking of to even think of Shraddha for a role like this? Well, let’s see how it turns out.

  • Hope they will show what they actually happened. i think whenever such type of movie are released,there should be some checkpoint on the thair valid source of information,so that society will not get wrong information

  • Film could have been appealing with a good actress like Vidya, but why choose Shraddha ?? She has no acting skills and no star power. What a pathetic dialogue delivery…

  • Brownish black frames. Stylized slow motions shots. Back-ground music ripped of from RGV’s Satya. The trailer gave a huge sense of deja vu.

  • How much more do we have to see all this star kids failing to act and ruining movies. Nepotism should end. Such pathetic acting.
    It’ll be a disaster.
    Indian audience won’t tolerate such nonsense.
    Only movies with Brilliant performances and Brilliant script will work.
    Such bull shit will fail as always.

  • Nepotostic trailer..

    Full on hamming..

    Jagga – nepotism.

    Munna Michael – nepotism

    Mubarakan – complete NEPOTISM..

    COMMON THING – all disaster

  • Nepotism! It has been there since ages. Surprisingly, most star kids don’t survive stardom in Hollywood. But they thrive very well in bollywood. Why? Because bollywood stars are worshipped like gods by the common men, same as those whinning of Nepotism. Lol

  • Totally agree with Indicine. Dialogue is horrible plus she does not command that screen presence for these type of roles!!! Sorry to say another flop on its way

  • I cant see a doll like preety actress so ugly.
    Shradda at least think of boys like me who have a deep crush on you. Please don’t do these roles.

  • Total bakwas ….. dialogue delivery is too poor ……I don’t why they are making film on such bakwas topic ….why we have to do with Haseena Parkar..she was just bullshit …why making her famous ..????

  • Dady is looking much better film than this one…. It tells the story from the side of Arun gulab gawda

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