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If you haven’t read PART 1 of this article, click here In continuation to our first article in this series, here’s the next write up which will guide us in calculating the X-Factors and Star-Power. The prime consideration which we’ve made is to be as transparent as possible so that there’s practically nothing hidden from our readers. The exceptional response from our readers in the first article helped us a lot in improving our system.

Nikhil Advani Career Analysis: Films and Box Office

By Archit Mishra (Tweets @architmishra_06) This September, Nikhil Advani will have 2 successive releases just within the span of a week, competing with each other in the form of ‘Hero’ and ‘Katti Batti’. We thought it’s a good time to have a look into Advani’s past work/ accomplishments and analyze the prospects of his upcoming ventures. Nikhil started his career as an Assistant Director to elite directors such as Sudhir Mishra (Is Raat Ki Subah Nahin), Karan Johar (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham) and Aditya Chopra (Mohabattein).

STAR POWER: What is Super Stardom? (Part 1)

STAR POWER PART 1 – What is SUPER STARDOM? (Article by Archit Mishra) “Change is inevitable, growth is intentional.” And Indian cinema has witnessed this intentional growth quite significantly over the last decade. A balcony ticket that used to cost Rs 50, has now been replaced by a ‘Platinum’ ticket costing no less than Rs 500. A 10-rupee Samosa, now comes in a combo offer of Rs 250. The star who dominated the 90s, when a movie could be watched at a price of less than Rs 15, continue to rule the roost, but watching their films in theatre today is significantly more expensive today. In fact, quality entertainment with family and friends at a cinema hall is getting more expensive with each passing day.

Action superstar Akshay Kumar and the Khiladi series!

Update: This super popular article on Akshay Kumar was first published on October 25 2012. With less than 24 hours for the release of Akshay’s latest films ‘Brothers’, which promises to take action to the next level, this article is a must read for our new visitors. I still have vague impressions of me standing in scorching sun, with my younger brothers, in a long queue outside one of the premium single screen theatres at Kanpur. Most of those standing in line were kids like us who knew nothing about the film and had just come to watch an action hero from Bollywood battle WWE Legend ‘The UNDERTAKER’. 16 years later, today, that theatre has been transformed into a shopping mall, ‘The Dead Man’ is still unbeaten at WrestleMania (20-0) and ‘Akshay Kumar’ has become a ‘ROWDY Superstar’.

Best Bollywood Villains All Time: TOP 5

By Archit Mishra If there was an Encyclopedia on Bollywood, the most searched words would have been: hero, heroine, romance, songs, action/stunt and last but not the least, villain. Though things are changing radically in B-town, a typical Bollywood saga is incomplete without a happy ending where the makers ensure that the hero gives a good dosage of bashing to the

Deepika Padukone Hit Movies: Is she in the Top 3?

By Archit Mishra With a few exceptions, Bollywood has mostly been a male dominated industry. Of late Vidya Balan has surprised one and all with her Boxoffice ‘Kahaani’ comprising of  her ‘The Dirty Picture’ act. With a huge fan base,

Indian Box Office Model – Explained in detail

The whole idea behind this write up is to make each and everyone understand the complex box office model in India. Any questions, please ask in the comments section below. Producer:  The person who invests in films. The money that a Producer invests in making a film is called the “Budget”. It includes everything from remuneration of the actors,

Bhatt Films: Box office Analysis

By Archit Mishra (click here to read more articles from the author) With the next ‘Bhatt’ generation ready to take over, we analyze the sequels produced by Vishesh Films, owned by brothers Mukesh Bhatt (Founder, Chairman & Managing Director) and Mahesh Bhatt (Creative Consultant). Murder 3 marked the directorial debut of Mukesh Bhatt’s son, Vishesh Bhatt, after whom their production house is named. It’s true that

Abhishek Bachchan Hits and Flops: Career Analysis

Note: Article was written to be published on Abhishek Bachchan’s birthday (February 5th). Due to some technical difficulties, we couldn’t publish it yesterday. “Bachchan… the name says it all”. This is one name which stands apart in the Hindi film industry and the general perception has always been that it is easiest for a star kid to find a place in Bollywood. 13 years ago,

Saif Ali Khan Hits and Flops: Career Analysis

Saif Ali Khan has been in the film industry for over two decades now. Even though the actor won his Filmfare Best Debutant Award for Aashiq Awara (1993), he made his debut with a supporting role in Yash Chopra’s directorial Parampara (1992), which had Aamir Khan, Sunil Dutt and Vinod Khanna in the lead. It’s quite ironical that in spite of being in the

Biggest Bollywood Grossers of 2012: Top 15 Analysis

It’s here finally, the TOP 15 Grossers of 2012! The table below illustrates the total net collections of films (all figures from Boxofficeindia) and their final verdicts. With the multiplex culture expanding exponentially over the last couple of years, we’ve also included two parameters which hold maximum importance while judging the fate of a movie at ticket window: 1. Release Date [Holiday/ Non-Holiday] 2. Number of screens the film was exhibited at. [This is an approximate figure. Actual may vary by +/-100 screens].

Talaash Box Office: The answer lies within

A superstar’s film (Ghajini) becomes the first in the industry to net Rs 100 cr and sets a new benchmark at the box office. A year later his next release (3 Idiots) completely changes the rules of the game by collecting over 200 crores. What is more noteworthy a fact is that, till this point, no other actor in the industry has a 100 crore film.

Shahrukh Khan Box Office Recap: Part 2 (2002 – 2011)

In the first part of this write up we analysed Shahrukh Khan’s journey from an outsider to the biggest superstar of Bollywood. Now, we carry forward King Khan’s saga in Part 2 and analyse the films that he did in the last 10 years to consistently remain at the top of his game. SRK Box Office Recap: From “Devdas” to “Don”

Masala Entertainers vs Off Beat Films

Entertainment Entertainment Entertainment.. I guess these are the three things which I look for when I spend 200 bucks every Friday. Fortunately, or unfortunately, many of us have developed a narrow perception about entertainment over the course of time. There has been an everlasting debate between ardent masala movie lovers and the so called pseudo intellectuals that “Entertaining films can never give you a message and vice versa”. I contradict.

Akshay Kumar and his box-office success

His roles and story lines are inane; He serves over the top humor in the name of commercial cinema; He’s becoming repetitive; His choice of scripts is awful; His box office performance is inconsistent.. Well, with the characterization in the words of critics, let me introduce you to the Khiladi of Bollywood, Akshay Kumar. A lot has been said and written over his career and his decisions. No doubt, some of these suggestions/allegations

All about Remakes in Bollywood

An article on Bollywood remakes by guest writer Archit Mishra Change is the need of the hour. And Bollywood isn’t any exception. One of the recent trends in the industry is adaption to readymade scripts, the Remakes. Frankly speaking, remakes are not alien to our industry. To all those who question the credibility of remakes, it might come as a shock, but remakes have existed since long. The mother of all Indian comedies (well, at least for me) Hrishikesh Mukherji’s Chupke Chupke was a remake of Bengali film Chhadmabeshi.