Khiladi 786 Music Review

Chartbuster music plays a vital role to ensure a good opening at the ticket window. Akshay Kumar has been a juggernaut at box office this year and music from films like Rowdy Rathore and Housefull 2 have been universally successful. But, whether it is mega releases in the last quarter of 2012 or other big banner Akki films this year, Khiladi 786 had the least buzz and there were not many expectations from the album either. But the very fact that it marks the return of Akki-Himesh Hit Jodi enhances the prospect from this album. Let’s see what Khiladi 786 has in the offering.

Khiladi 786 Music Review of Lonely

Lonely: The album kick offs with a fun outing “Lonely” which begins well with brisk rap by Yo Yo Honey Singh and Himesh carries the momentum forward. The lines “Teri Yaad Yaad Me” reminds you of signature Himesh tunes and are high point for the song. The composer also compliments his association with Akki by lending lines from their chartbuster “Main Jahan Rahoo” (Namastey London) and he deserves a pat for fitting them perfectly. Shabbir Ahmed supports the composition well with his lyrics. Though there are a few moments where Reshammiya sounds excessively nasal, this song is still a winner with an eye-catching video. HIT (3.5/5)

Khiladi 786 Music Review: Balma

Balma: Composer Himesh Reshammiya pays his homage to the Legendry R.D.Burman in the next outing which is kind of an item song. Balma has a retro feel and is quite obviously situational. Sameer’s writing is apt and use of phrases like “Fire Brigade”, “Baarood” & “Atom Bomb” are catchy. Indian Idol-5 winner Sreeram gets his second bollywood song after Ishq Risk Remix (Mere Brother Ki Dulhan) and his profound vocals astonishingly suit well to Akshay Kumar. Still this song can unarguably be called a Shreya Ghoshal number for the sultriness she brings to the composition. Average (3/5)

Long Drive: The next track in the album is a Punjabi number and who better than Mika Singh? While Himesh offers a fusion of desi and western tunes, Mika showcases his talent to blend Indian folk and rock notes well. This song is likely to click with the youth. Average (3/5)

Sari Sari Raat: The album already has three good compositions and fortunately the tempo doesn’t drop. Sari Sari Raat comes straight from the Himesh School which boasts of poignant scores like ‘Veeraniya’ (Namastey London) & ‘Teri Meri’ (Bodyguard).  Touching meaningful lyrics by Shabbir Ahmed and Himesh’s use of instrumentals goes well with the genre of the song. HIT (3.5/5)

Hookah Bar: Hookah Bar is a song with a huge influence of instrumental vocals. It is sung by Himesh, Vineet Singh and Aman Trikha. The composition begins well with foot tapping beats but somehow plunges as it progresses. Average. (2.5/5)

Tu Hoor Pari: Himesh again tries hand with a Punjabi offering in the album and this time with a Sufi touch. The lyrics don’t quite really impress and vocals by Javed & Shreya Ghoshal seem to be repetitive and taut. Strictly Average. (2/5)

Khiladi 786 Music Review of Khiladi 786 Title Song

Khiladi Bhaiyya - Khiladi 786 Title Track: I guess the composer kept the best for the last. The title song of Khiladi 786 is a smash hit all the way. The song begins with an addictive tune which you can’t really help but listen time and again. Quite surprisingly Himesh has given the charge to the young singers (Vineet Singh, Aman Trikha, Yashraj Kapil, Alam Gir Khan and Rajdeep Chatterji) from his club for this number rather than relying on a veteran. Vineet Singh stands out. Though the vocals could have been better in the middle portions, the tailor made lyrics for Akshay does the trick. “Khiladi Bhaiyya” has already become a rage amongst Khiladi fans since the launch of the teaser. CHARTBUSTER (4/5)

Final Verdict: Khiladi 786 exceeds expectations and will definitely contribute its share in giving the film a good box office start. It offers nothing new and is a regular run of the mill masala album. While there are many decent songs, one could have expected one more chartbuster. The reason for this could be that the album contains as many as 7 different songs (when all other chartbuster albums restrict to 4-5 compositions these days). Well, all said, considering the film’s genre, we will give a THUMBS UP to this album.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Music review by Archit Mishra.

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  • It deserves 1 star . I don’t know , how can u tolerate this album . @indicine is real khiladi :D coz dey tolerated dis worst album of the year .

  • All the songs are totally Bakwas. Neither Lyrics make any sense nor music , Huge let down from Talented music composer Himesh :(

  • TALAASH = 3 & also KHILADI 786 =3 ??

    C’mmon yaar, Khiladi songs >>>>>>>>>> Talaash songs.. Wonder wat u guys were thinking while reviewing Talaash…And let me tel u talaash has got poor reviews evrywhere else except Indicine

  • Archit Mishra’s articles on Indicine……

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    Whats common in them? Of course it’s Akshay Kumar. Biased review. Music isn’t upto the mark. This is just my honest opinion.

  • Music of Cocktail , Barfi ,Jab Tak Hain Jaan, Soty and Talaash are best this year by far . All these films Albums are worth buying .

  • Honestly This year , I liked Barfi and Talaash ‘s Album only but If u compare then Talaash Album > > Barfi Album . Talaash album has original music. Each and every Song is real gem . Loved it .

  • I don’t knw y v can’t accept truth. Himesh & Pritam r far better composers dn Rehman. K786 is not excellent bt very gud.i wil give 3.25

  • pritam and himesh are known for copying their tracks from punjabi songs orarabian songs…. and yes if someone just have to enjoy beats then himesh and pritam are the choices…

  • this album is even worse than JTHJ ablum. himesh’s worst. and pls dont say it’ll grow. neither jab tak’s songs grew neither will this grow.

  • Balma is my favorite.

    Khiladi Bhaiya also rocking.

    I realy not liked the third song released on youtube.

    Looking for remainings.

  • akki haters please leave this page!! upto death , you people will be like this..not even GOD can change your attitude. do something useful in life than being a parasite of your parents . blaming the superstars and musicians will do no good for you. you cant produce that fame and skill in your entire life, useless humans!!

  • Very good review, i will give 3.5*. Balma, hookah bar, long drive, lonely, khiladi bhaiya are chartbusters. Am fed up with romantic songs.

  • omg!!!! Wat a album i will give 5 out of 5. Long drive nd lonely nd sari sari sari raat nd khiladi bhaiya nd sugdi nd hokabar will rock da nation. nd far far bttr thn crap jthj album. wait nd watch da jalwa of khiladi.

  • Cracker Album…5 Chartbusters – Khiladi Bhaiyya/Lonely/Balma/Sari-2 Raat/Long Drive

    Superb work HIMESH !! All d best AKKI

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