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Akon to come down to India for SRK

Akon, a popular singer with a huge fan following all over the world and in India will be visiting Mumbai to sing for Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan. Sources say, after their recent meet-up, the two have become good friends and Akon will be seen performing at SRK’s mega bash to celebrate the third season of the Indian Premier League. SRK’s friends,† colleagues and† cricketers of the Kolkata Knight Rider (KKR) team are expected to be present for the bash.

Shahrukh Khan on RA 1, My Name Is Khan and more..

Excerpts from a India-West interview with Shahrukh Khan. SRK talks about the controversies that continue to surround him, his chemistry with Kajol, his next My Name Is Khan and all his upcoming films. SRK refuses to let controversies rule his life I think itís unimportant. I donít want to waste time from things I like to do, like making movies or having intelligent conversations with intelligent people. Watch a movie. Work on my laptop. Spend some time with my children. Think of a script and do what I do best.. I donít know why they do what they do. I do it because Iím moving on to do some other project that needs to be released. You donít like ĎBarberí? Take it out. If I walk out of here and there are 500 people standing there, and I turn around and some girl says, ĎYou hurt me,í I wonít ask her why. I wonít ask her how. I wonít say, ĎWhat the hell are you saying?í I will just say, ĎIím sorry if Iíve hurt you. I donít know how, but Iím sorry.í And Iíll move on.