Akon to come down to India for SRK

Akon, a popular singer with a huge fan following all over the world and in India will be visiting Mumbai to sing for Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan.

Sources say, after their recent meet-up, the two have become good friends and Akon will be seen performing at SRK’s mega bash to celebrate the third season of the Indian Premier League. SRK’s friends,  colleagues and  cricketers of the Kolkata Knight Rider (KKR) team are expected to be present for the bash.

Akon will also be singing for SRK’s upcoming superhero film Ra One during his visit to Mumbai.

For KKR who ended season one at No 6 and season two at the bottom of the table, we  wonder if the glitz, glamor and hype surrounding the players is actually affecting their on-field performance.



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