Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Box Office Prediction – Hit or Flop?

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara directed by Zoya Akhtar releases tomorrow and the film has a huge starcast. Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif are two of the most popular actors in the industry and their presence should give the films box office collections a huge boost. Apart from Hrithik and Kat, the film also stars Farhan Akhtar, Abhay Deol and Kalki Koechlin.

Much like Delhi Belly, ZNMD is targeted at the youth and the urban audience. The film is expected to open well in cities and then grow on word-of-mouth.

The opening though might not be spectacular due to several reasons

  • There is no ‘big film’ buzz around Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and the promos haven’t been the talking point either.
  • Delhi Belly is still strong in cities and Murder 2 is unlikely to be replaced at single screens.  Also, the last part in the Harry Potter series of films is scheduled to hit screens tomorrow (i.e if the producers and multiplex owners can settle their dispute on time). In bigger cities, going by the advance booking, Harry Potter is unfortunately the first choice.
  • Next week, Singham is scheduled for release and it should affect the collections of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

While things don’t look too rosy, Zoya Akhtar and the ZNMD team is quietly confident. If the content is good, the competition simply does not matter.

Coming to the point.. below are our prediction for Hrithik Roshan’s first and only release of 2011

Excel Film’s Zindagi na milegi dobara has a huge cast comprising Hrithik Roshan,Katrina Kaif,Farhan Akthar,Abhay Deol etc. The movie has a very urbane feel to it and is expected to do really well in the high end properties but it remains to be seen if the movie can go really mainstream and justify its costs.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Box Office Prediction

IF GOOD (very positive word-of-mouth)

  • Weekend – 27 crores
  • Weekdays – 12 crores
  • Week 1 Total – 39 crores
  • Final – 65 crores+

IF AVERAGE (mixed word-of-mouth)

  • Weekend – 25 crores
  • Weekdays – 10 crores
  • Week 1 Total – 35 crores
  • Final – 50 crores+

IF BAD (negative word-of-mouth)

  • Weekend – 22 crores
  • Weekdays – 8 crores
  • Week 1 Total – 30 crores
  • Final – less than 40 crores

After two disasters in Kites and Guzaarish. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is an important film for Hrithik, make no mistake about that.

What do you think, will Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara be a Hit or a Flop? Tell us below in the comments section.



  • Indicine: wat u r saying is wrong…all youngsters are waiting for another dil chahta hai for a long tym.. and this film is perfect match for that.. 3 frends goin for tour and their life …these all bring nostalgic moments in youngsters… we all love to see such films… so there is no chance for this film to collect less than 100 cores…

  • I feel this movie will be a disaster. If farhan directed the movie there would have been some hope. But since Zoya has directed the movie I don’t hav much hope. Trailer doesn’t look that appealing & music is boring too.

  • Indicine Team: isn’t Harry Potter 7 releasing tomorow? If yes then it’s not a good thing for Hrithik’s ZNMD, i am a big fan of HP series and i will prefer it over ZNMD anyday, so is evreyone here.
    So i think the film won’t open well!! So bad for Hrithik after 2 disasters in 2010!!!!

  • Also the film does not look promising it looks like a copy from an english film. I don’t understand why Hrithik is going this way, he’s trying to follow Aamir and SRK at the same time but failing miserably.
    He wants to mix the popularity and masses appeal of SRK and the intelligence and genius method and script sense of Aamir(in fact he’s even following him), I want him to go his way and do only what he is only good at, doing one film in 3 years won’t make him a perfectionnist like Aamir!

  • @vinshal: are you kidding me? hat DCH dude????
    Also the another DCH has just releases(DB)!!
    This film looks decent, nothing special or new.

  • Vinshal, 100 crores seems to be impossible. This week there is Harry Potter and next week Singham, so even 80 crores looks difficult unless the film is outstanding and is a craze amongst youth like Delhi Belly.

    Priyanka, yes.. Delhi Belly is the DCH of this generation.. And agreed that Hrithik should do more films! Even Aamir has one film per year, next year he has two (Act of murder and Dhoom 3).

    And Harry Potter release looks unlikely tomorrow unless the exhibitor vs producer war is settled in time. Else, Potter will release on Saturday or may not even release this week which is sure to benefit ZNMD in a big way.

    If Potter doesnt release, a 30 crore+ opening weekend is possible.

  • Indicine Team:
    But Aamir this is his method, this is his way, he makes one movie per year but makes it a big blockbuster and a path backing film with a top-notch performance. But that does not seem working with Hrithik, i mean i know he’s a decent actor, he’s a hardworker also, but seriously!!! One film in 2 years!!
    And don’t forget he’s still young, Aamir, even if he does not act he produces: Peepli Live, Dhobi Ghat and Delhi Belly and next year he will come back with a big Blockbuster(Dhoom 3) and Dhuan which seems as a quality film though i don’t think it will be a huge Hit.
    As for Hrithik after Disasters like AMALL, MPKDH, Yaadein…he has decided to concentrate more on scripts, but still he does not have the script sense of Aamir, i mean apart from Jodhaa Akbar none of his films was of high quality(read: Kites, Guzaarish, D2, Krrish…), i wish he will do well in future with Agneepath which looks cool, also i want to see him in a comdey role!!
    I don’t think he has a good comic timing at all, but he has style in both action and dance and he has the glamour factor(he looks like a greek god).
    Anyways i wish him good luck.

  • it will be a all time blockbuster with 400 crores box office collection most of the following comments are wrong

  • No I think it will break all previous records, it will beat Sholay and 3 Idiots, it will cross 500 crore in first week only the biggest BB of all time so far, HAPPY?

  • hey u all. dont mess with eachother. muder2 is the best film from all. and indicine look, it will be a huge disaster for zin na mi do.. …. note it…….

  • 1. the trailer of ZNMD is not appealing at all.

    2. the star cast is huge but its also very difficult for the director to control the charisma of the stars.

    3. i think ZNMD won’t do a healthy business and would be AVERAGE OR FLOP, if the producer covers

    their cost it wud be a big profit earned by them, as it is facing the TOUGHEST competition from the

    HARRY POTTER – FINAL PART releasing tomorrow. millions of fans of HARRY POTTER are across INDIA,

    which wud definitely give preference to HARRY POTTER than ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA.

  • the initial review are very positive and also the twitter reviews r positive. Budget is huge so a good start is required. I am little bit disagree to the Indicine here …the buzz is good, if not huge.. In my friend circle & in social network , the every body excited about the movie and I spoke to one of the single screen owner here in Hyderabad and he told me that the advance booking is very good & also told me that 2moro they r expecting Houseful for every show. Also added today the business of murder 2 droped heavily.
    Actually if the movie ll do well, it ll be a threat for Singham, only in multiplexes…single screen business ll be huge.

    I ll go with Indicine prediction, 1st day ll be 7.5 cr and weekend 26-27cr

  • By the way, we received a message last evening from Warner Bros India that their dispute with the multiplexes has been settled. Harry Potter will release today without any delays. There were a few preview shows held too!

  • @Indicine Team: Hahaha good news(for me) and bad(for hrithik and his fans Lolz), I’m a big fan of HP and will catch it tomorrows without a doubt, sorry Hrithik has to wait, nothing can beat HP :O
    So basically film won’t open well, so sad.

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