Yet another Kites Review from Olympic Medalist!

Okay, yet another Kites review. This time by a Olympic Silver Medalist, Tim Morehouse, who watched the Indian version of Kites at the premier in New York and calls it “The Future of Movies”.

While the review is yet again, very positive, what’s interesting is, some of the negatives that Tim Morehouse has mentioned in his review, have been taken care of by Brett Ratner for the International version of Kites.

Some of the negatives  mentioned are – the interval (there are no intermissions in US), length (runtime of 2 hours is considered too long there) and songs – have all been edited out in Kites – The Remix!

Different audience, different tastes. We love it, they find it weird. Must say, getting Brett Ratner to work on the film, is a masterstroke by the Roshans! Read the review.


Describing this movie is no easy task! Kites is like a classic love story milkshake. It contains some interesting ingredients mixed together in ways I’ve never seen before. At its core, it is the usual love story plot:  forbidden love between two characters, but…

Then come the new ingredients: The movie was told in 3 languages (Hindi, English and Spanish) across multiple ethnicities (Indian, Mexican, American) and with story and movie elements that included some mix of Bonnie and Clyde, Thelma and Louis, Fast and Furious, A Shakespearian Tragedy, Titanic and an 80s music videos .

Huh? No, really. See this movie and you’ll see what I mean! The result of this combo was a movie that was LONG, there is a built-in intermission (never seen that before!) but also something that is so unique, it’s WORTH SEEING! This is a memorable movie! It made me realize how cookie cutter most Hollywood films have become… this movie is its own beast and will at a minimum leave you with something to think/talk about for hours.

The main actors were great (very hot!), the chemistry between the two characters worked and they turned small embraces and non-nude (there is no big naked love scene, but its refreshing) intimate moments into very tantalizing scenes. The plot worked and while there was probably one (or two…maybe three) too many music montages with characters hair blowing in the wind, making google eyes at eye other with love music blaring (hence 80s music reference) and for no real reason multiple car chases with one too many (maybe two or three) Police cars crashing and blowing up, I can forgive this since the movie has great heart and really just goes for it!

I see this movie as maybe a sneak peek of what’s to come. As our world grows closer and more multi-ethnic it can only be that we will start to see this in our cinema. I’m interested to see how this movie does in the USA. I thought it was a very cool movie and enjoyable experience. It opens wide release on May 21st.



  • gr88888888 indicine u have great connections and sources yaar……….that,s why u have given the 3 reviews……….if u will get back to ur old indicine u will create dhoom trust me…….

  • its a tongue in cheek review neither cursing it neither praising it wholeheartedly what de we infer>>>???

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