Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Weekend Collections

Yeh Jawaani Hai DeewaniYeh Jawaani Hai Deewani has collected Rs 62.1 crore in it’s first weekend at the box office. The Ranbir Kapoor – Deepika Padukone starrer collected 19.5 crore on Friday, 20 crore on Saturday and 22.5 crore on Sunday – the growth in business over the weekend was phenomenal.

The fact that the film picked up marginally on it’s second day, after a record-breaking opening day, is in itself a major feat which not many films have achieved in the recent past (unless Day 2 was a national holiday).

The trending though, was quite similar to other post-IPL releases like Rowdy Rathore and Ready, although both those films dropped slightly on Day 2. (stay tuned for the comparison, will be published shortly)

Territorial breakdown of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Weekend Box Office Collections below.

Mumbai 21.8 cr
Delhi/UP 13.5 cr
East Punjab 5.8 cr
Rajasthan 3.9 cr
C.P 2.8 cr
C.I 2.4 cr
Nizam/Andhra 2.4 cr
Mysore 3.6 cr
West Bengal 2.8 cr
Others 3.1 cr
Weekend Total Collections 62.1 crore net


  • 62..wohhoo..but film wont last beyond a week or at best 2 weeks..
    Quality of the film is not upto the mark..a decent watch..
    but nothing to be excited about..!!

  • According to Salman fans only a superstar like their idol can get an opening weekend of 60 cr….now, a kid has crushed all records of their so called “superstar”….let’s see, what will be their reactions….

  • 62 crores in 3 days. . .! !amazing. . .;)now 100 cr is common. .
    but should entire credit go to ranbir only? ?
    There are many factors for this success including rk-dp pairing,chartbuster songs,aditya roy kapoor ,gud direction and so on. . .
    Any way congo 2 u ranbir. . . .u deserve it. .u r my third fav ac trz aftr hr and amir. .

  • Salman Khan’s Dabangg 2 still holds the weekend (3 day ) record of 65.09 cr !
    Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani fails to beat it collecting 62.11cr in 3 days !
    But happy for Ranbir Kapoor bcoz he was launched by Salman khan in Saawariya

  • Oh, You Anti-Salman people!!
    Why do you compare one superstar with another?
    Records are made to be broken.

  • My predictions:

    If Monday > 12 cr, then
    Lifetime ≈ 125 cr

    If Monday < 8 cr, then
    Lifetime ≈ 110 cr

    Note: YPD2 is releasing on Friday the 7th.

  • Salman’s opening record of Bodyguard was broken by Hrithik’s Agneepath and now D2’s weekend record surpassed by Ranbir’s YJHD. That doesn’t mean Hrithik or Ranbir are bigger superstars than Salman.

    Records are made to be broken.
    Just wait for OUATIMA, CE, K3, D3, Thuppakki R, Mental, Kick etc. Present Records will be shattered and new records will be created again.

  • good job rk…u have proved that even a movie, which is not based on mindless masala action , can get decent openings….hope, that certain “crapstar” is currently watching all this…nd he ll dare enough to choose sumthing different in his upcoming movies….but i don’t think that a coward like him will take a risk….he ll continue to produce more headaches nd keep turning more people insane….:P

  • @ XZone: Why you are bringing Salman here.

    Have n’t u SRK fan said that JTHJ was dud because of romatic genre. Now what is your call?

    Records are meant to be broken. Salman was holding till now and now it is being held by Ranbir, congrats to him ………………………..!

  • Ok..ranbir has done good , we r very happy for him..but wht abt other so called ” king ” who has lost the market nw capture by dont forget that he will cross srk’s biggest crosser JTHJ 118cr..even kid like ranbir has kicked srk out of league.. an abt salman whose lowest biggest grosser is READY 128cr ,we will see that if YJYD will cross salman biggest grosser is ETT 199.6 cr..salman has delivered 5 back 2 back blocbusters..will ranbir deliver that ? no .

  • Let this movie finishes its run at the box office, then only we will talk about his supremacy over our beloved Superstar Salman Khan. Abhi se jitne bhi log chilla rahe hain all are SRK’s charre. Ranbir is good but he needs some time before anybody can compare him with Salman. Just to remind you – Dabangg 2 collected approx. 160 Cr at domestic box office.

  • I expected the film to do well,but not break records.Now Ranbir have put tremendous pressure on Akshay & SRK to deliver on Eid

  • Ranbir is the actor who made Offbeat film like Barfi in to huge money spinner, I dont think any of the Offbeat film in last 45 years atleast, made huge money like Barfi did. Superstar born but nobody realized it. Media, trade analyst and everyone was singling praise of salman blockbuster. Its impossibe to measure film going audience appreciation towards any actor. YJHD hit the theatre and it broke the records that too by huge margin (look at the screen count of D2 and YDHJ).
    Salman is around bollywood for past 25 years, he achieved a lot more than ranbir kapoor as boxoffice is concerned. But isn’t it unfair to ask him to first give 5 blockbuster and then only he can be no.1 bcuz superstar is judged by films opening and wom is judged by long run. Acc. to some peoples salman is in different league then how come a ranbir movie able to beat salman’s best and biggest movie ever?. Do anyone have got answer to it?

  • XZONE and Soroop i have seen enough of your comments..Srk is nothing infront of Ajay devgan also so plz dont compare him with Megastars like Aamir and Salman..tell him to first give a 150 crore movie..he is finished

  • Rember 2009 Love aaj kal break weekned record of oso,rnbdj,partner, fanna, rdb,d2,krish,don its not mean saif the biggest superstar. It happens for high promotion, chatbuster music, youth centric music. Real test Yjhd start from monday.

  • @salmanfans. How could ranbir movie able to beat salman’s biggest release ever?, with more than 650 screens less, that really huge isn’t it?. Then we can decide which league salman is in

  • why u people comparing salmanbhai with ranbir ,
    Salman has history of blockbuster movies behind him
    And rk is new in bolkywood but definately an atraction of lot.
    That doesn’t mean u should start comparing him with legends like salman bhai.
    And as far as srk’s comparing is concerned he is noware near salman, hr, amir, ajay. He should be compared with govinda, sunil shetti, anil kapoor, and actors whose attemts are consecutively failling on b,o,, and they need multistarer film to work.

    And now ypd2 is coming so and for salman bhai people will give up their life but not salman.
    Ypd2 going to break yjhd record so don’t worry finaly salman is salman..!!””

  • YJHD collected 62 crores in weekend and dabbang 2 had 65 crores..
    but above both of them hrithik’ agneepath collected 67.5 crores in the weekend…

  • Lifetime will be 185cr+
    2nd week-40cr
    other days-25cr+ =total 185cr+
    overseas ll be =85cr worldwide=265cr ranbir rocks no 1 superstar

  • This yrs top 10
    6-chennai express-115cr

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