Don’t use mobile phones in theatres: Akshay Kumar

Bollywood star Akshay Kumar is dissuading viewers from using mobile phones inside theatres.

He has shot for a short film, which hit the theatres Friday, where he is seen making the request.

The actor, who will be seen playing gangster Shoaib in “Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again”, features as his character from the gangster drama while giving the message in the clip, helmed by Milan Luthria, who has also directed the feature film.

The short message is being played in PVR and Cinemax properties in the country from May 31 and will be shown till Aug 8, when the film releases.

“We thought it was a great platform to remind viewers to desist from using their mobile phones. The clip sees Shoaib, my character in the film, requesting the audience to restrict mobile use,” Akshay said in a statement.

Produced by Balaji Motion Pictures “Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Returns” also stars Imran Khan, Sonakshi Sinha in the lead roles.

Akshay Kumar inaugurates the all PVR at Andheri

Akshay Kumar inaugurates the all PVR at Andheri

Akshay Kumar New Picture

Akshay Kumar New Picture



  • its a great promotional technique’
    indicine where is video.
    audience who watches the films in pvr and cinemax.will remember the movie ouatima.
    ouatima will be blockbuster

  • Akshay looks brilliant in OUATIMA. Sonakshi is only arm candy. But it is Imran Khan who really spoils the whole thing. Imran is getting chances only because he is Aamir Khan’s mephew. Imran is only fit for romantic roles (like Jaane tu ya Jaane na and I hate luv storys) because of his chocolate boy looks.

  • Awesome!
    This time a Class film will rock on Eid.

    Masala films cannot work for a ‘global’ superstar :p

  • Did anyone got killed while using mobile or did anyone had any bad accident?. Why Akshay kumar need to make a short film yarr. I am sure it’s akshay’s idea bcuz i dont think, director or ekta kapoor would give such a stupid idea. Now hoping more short film on
    1. Dont talk while watching movie,
    2. Dont get distracted while watching a movie
    3. Dont eat while watchng movie
    4. Dont move while watching a movie
    if it’s for OUATIMA promotion then they shud have had thought of something extra ordinary bcuz dont forget their film are pitching against tsunami called Chennai Express

  • Akshays dialogue delivery is awesome.the true don is coming,who can do action scenes on his own.acc to some boxoffice site estimation,ouatima wil release on 2500 screens,and it wil collect 20cr on its first day.i hope its beocome true.

  • Its sure that outima will take bumper opening.i feel srk spoiling his carreer competing with akshay.srk didnt had a superhit from past 4years.jthj struggled to get hit status opposite sos.this time ce wont get hit status even.

  • I think Akshay indirectly wants to say that “QUATIMA” is very interesting and people will watch it with so much concentration that they will not touch their mobiles but @soroop u can use ur mobile during watching ur thakur of sholay movie passenger train if u feel bored by some mindless action and also u can set alarm on ur mobile if u got asleep while watching thakur’s

  • Akshay kumar has done some stuff thats why he is asking not use ur phone while watching.OUTIMA will go to OSCARS.and it will collect 300 cr.opening day-40 cr.
    And finally everyone is moron.

  • Wait n watch
    storm is coming frm chennai to blow mumbai away.
    wait and watch
    nothing more 2 say.

  • @soroop Hehehe You need your mobile as it will go off at 5 min intervals reminding you to wake up now because Srk is waking up from his coma in JTHJ… When King goes into another coma then you can doze off again until the next alarm and so on until 4 hours is up…! ;-)

    PS I know I used my cellphone last Diwali weekend when the wife dragged me and kids to watch that torturous JTHJ… I was texting anyone and everyone just to keep my eyes away from the screen where King was trying to get his Mojo working with Kat waiting on the table for him but poor buddha couldnt quite get it right…! I warned and subsequently saved 6 of my friends 4 hours of their lifetime which I inadvertedly lost that weekend…! Lucky souls and its all down to the wonders of the cell phone…!

  • @hawkeye wow with those eyes I was wondering if you could tell me what the weekend forecast will be at Goa…!

  • Bollywood Star… .Criously……It shud b bollywood SUPERSTAR…..Akshay Rockz……OUATIM 2 Will b a Phenominal BlockBuster….65cr weekend….Den 34 Cr on weekdays….Total will be 99Cr first week….Den 38 Cr Second Week….Den 18Cr Thrd Week den Anothr 12Cr rest of d Weeks….Total will b arnd 170Cr….And abt 8.5 Million Overseas…Total Gross arnd 275 Cr..

  • this is going to be another IPL final 2013 the competition will be again between mumbai and chennai and I am supporting mumbai and I am very much sure OUATIMD will be a blockbuster

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