Yeh Hai Bakrapur: Controversial film on Shahrukh as Bakra

The trailer of Yeh Jai Bakrapur featuring a ‘bakra’ named Shahrukh is out. The film, directed by national award winning director Janaki Vishwanathan, could turn out to be extremely controversial as the not-so-subtle hints at Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan’s own life is evident throughout the trailer.

Some dialogues

  • One stormy night, a superstar is born.
  • Yeh Shahrukh hain na, kitna pyaara hai.. (screen reads Welcome to Bakrapur)
  • Shahrukh ka bhi kaafi scope hai, atleast local brands ko toh endorse kar sakta hai
  • A king among men…
  • Shahrukh koi aisa waisa bakra nahi hai, special hai, farishta hai

With ‘Being Bakra is better than Being Human’ as its tagline, the makers have also used the Salman – Shahrukh rivalry to create curiosity around the film.

Even the poster of Yeh Hai Bakrapur has a bakra in sun glasses at a inauguration function. “Yahan Shahrukh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai”

Yeh Hai Bakrapur First Look Yeh Hai Bakrapur First Look

However, the makers say the film has nothing to do with Shahrukh Khan “It has nothing to do with Shah Rukh Khan. You see people have a tendency to name their pet animals after actors or someone they love. The goat is integral to the story so we needed a name for it… something catchy.. You see, the name is just Shah Rukh which literally means face of the Emperor” said the films director .

When we tried contacting Shahrukh himself about the film, we were told by his manager that the actor knows nothing about the film.

Watch the trailer below.



  • hahahaha….Bakra of Bakrapur…Finally someone has made it official though I don’t think a direct mockery of someone is good. Taking the term “Bakra” would have sufficed as everyone knows who acts like a Bakra…It’s a mockery, not a serious insult. But a bit too much. On the positive side, in some places of the trailer, the director praises Shahrukh actually. So, take the things lightly.

    SRKians, don’t say “Hrithik Shivers” any longer. I see many SRKians are already and actual shivering in the comment section.

    @Laila, where is the goat called Salmon? Salmon is a name of a fish species. A KG of Salmon is much more expensive than a KG of mutton. Hahaha…Shahrukh was already sold as a Bakra??? What are you saying? You are literally agreeing with the director for the sake of winning an argument with someone….

  • @Laila yes u r right.My humor is very bad compared to the trailer of this movie ‘Yeh hai Bakrapur’.Just listen to the dialogues carefully.Looking like very genuine

  • This is wat to be said to the whole team of this fcking movie.
    This is just bullshit…….,
    They say that the director got National Award. Ma @ss.
    Shame on u India

  • @Laila don’t worry of Salmon fish and the climax of this movie.There is no Salmon fish in this movie and its just Bakra and that Bakra will be caught at the airport in the

  • @fake:u need to grow up man. .y sud rr be blamed? ?244-190= 54 crores! No one can manipulate 50 crores. .can u imagine what will be the tax of it? ?
    And how cud boi gave bb verdict to k3 wid only 176 crs! !after all,it’s an expensive movie. .

  • Pagalpur turned Bakrapur. Feel pity for srk fans but I know Srk will take it in good spirits. After all, srk reaping what he sows (Manoj Kumar mimicry in OSO) !!!!!!!

  • hahaha.. cant stop laughing.. as they say karma is a bitch.. srk used to make fun of all bollywood actors and legends at award functions and also making fun of legends like manoj kumar in his films.. what happened now??? and watch the pathetic violent comments of srk fans.. disgusting.. kudos to the filmmakers on taking revenge on srk on bollywood’s behalf.. u people rock!.. srk n his fans are the first to make fun of others, so this is a fitting reply.. and yes srk is a bakra.. he acts like a bakra.. lol.. never before an actor’s acting style has been compared to an animal.. hahaha.. shame on srk.. people should stop calling him an actor.. he is a shame to bollywood

  • @sachin 11,I spelled wrong. See,I don’t want to put his name even my keyboard also know.@Rajkumaryadev,I have read few days ago on online paper,that is why I said.anywayiam not agreeing with the filmmaker wrong is and ark both are senior actor and working for more than 20 years and giving entertainment to lots of people. They are big brand but using their name for cheap publicity can not be accepted by me

  • Some people r just disgusting. Shame on these people. Srk is the proud of bollywood. Now this has crossed the limit.

  • I don’t have any words for the director and fans like him @sachin11,hrithi11,@myanmar burma,that’s why Indian films degraded to it’s peak,however all theatres will burn like hell when it will release and the director along with producer,distributor will become beggars on the street.

  • @sachin11 and other haterz,if a film was being made about Aamir or Salman as a goat/pig even I wud be angry at filmmakers to use such big, respected loved stars as publicity for their stupid movie………… even Salman Khan wud slap u all for making such disrepectful remarks against someone who has worked so hard to attain all the success he has diligently obtained over 20 yrs…………………………….Salman has his rivalry with SRK but they were relly good friends some time ago and both still share mutual respect for each other and this was shown at the recent award show when salman hugged SRK and told him to say Jai Ho which SRK said………………..even Salman wud be angry at u all for having such poor characters to post such lowly ,inane, cruel/insipid comments…………grow up and act like adults!

  • @sss : Lol !!!! ROFL !!!! Srk fans ka raaj hai kya ?? that you will burn theatres. This is India n everyone have a right to express their thoughts !!!!!!

    @ Laila : Why do you care ??

  • @nipun: one person can “Rakesh Roshan”.. and not me u need to grow up.. read ur comment” yes i have doubts on srk as zetc,zing,znews belongs to z network ” what the heel is this

  • if SRK can insult Manoj Kumar, a senior actor in his film Om Shanti Om and also do not apologize for that, then why are SRK fans angry with this film, hindi muhawra perfet hai SRK ke liye: jo boyaga wohi payega :)

  • @Triniman : Salman may be unhappy but Srk will always be happy if you post anything about Salman !!! What a double standard dude !!!!!!! Stop trying to be a saint and giving lecture. We dont want to hear what Salman thinks from a Srk fan !!!!!!!!

  • I don’t know why indians are so much obsesed by the bollywood stars that they fight everytime on each article pls don’t fight they are just actor not your father or relatives, so just chill rather than fighting and abusing each other and worrying about other ”bus baccho aaj ka gyan pura”.

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