Yeh Hai Bakrapur: Controversial film on Shahrukh as Bakra

The trailer of Yeh Jai Bakrapur featuring a ‘bakra’ named Shahrukh is out. The film, directed by national award winning director Janaki Vishwanathan, could turn out to be extremely controversial as the not-so-subtle hints at Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan’s own life is evident throughout the trailer.

Some dialogues

  • One stormy night, a superstar is born.
  • Yeh Shahrukh hain na, kitna pyaara hai.. (screen reads Welcome to Bakrapur)
  • Shahrukh ka bhi kaafi scope hai, atleast local brands ko toh endorse kar sakta hai
  • A king among men…
  • Shahrukh koi aisa waisa bakra nahi hai, special hai, farishta hai

With ‘Being Bakra is better than Being Human’ as its tagline, the makers have also used the Salman – Shahrukh rivalry to create curiosity around the film.

Even the poster of Yeh Hai Bakrapur has a bakra in sun glasses at a inauguration function. “Yahan Shahrukh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai”

Yeh Hai Bakrapur First Look Yeh Hai Bakrapur First Look

However, the makers say the film has nothing to do with Shahrukh Khan “It has nothing to do with Shah Rukh Khan. You see people have a tendency to name their pet animals after actors or someone they love. The goat is integral to the story so we needed a name for it… something catchy.. You see, the name is just Shah Rukh which literally means face of the Emperor” said the films director .

When we tried contacting Shahrukh himself about the film, we were told by his manager that the actor knows nothing about the film.

Watch the trailer below.



  • LOL, bakrapur, what is the need of making a movie to degrade a superstar. its such a bad thing and couldn’t tolerate. What was the excuse of director, used Srk name as it is popular,agree but movies watched by peoples not by Bakras. @indicine what about article of yesterday episode of SMJ, why you guys such a bias fellows,you are unnecessarily posting an hurting article that someone making controversy on Srk’s name,but you forget one of the well made shows in Indian televisions,its better to talk about thinks which are used to discussed rather them making an article and trailer who just a cheap attempt to degrade someone, grow up admin.

  • people related to the film should be hanged.they dont deserve to be on the earth.depart them from the earth.

  • Shame on the makers of this movie..
    F@#k u guyzz… Just go to hell
    Datz y bollywood movies r downgrading day by day.. D directors arent interested anymore in making movies on serious topics like poverty politics corruption but on senseless dramas just to bank on a superstars name which wil generate curiousity among viewers… #shame on u bollywood

  • Hahahahahaha! ROFL! Caan’t stop laughing…..
    Now, Yeh Hai Bakrapur, Its Seque1: Yeh Hai Haakhlapur, Its Sequel2: Yeh Hai Paglapur…The Goat looks so nice. Nicer than…..Now, SRK fans are already having some criminal thoughts: Picture Release Hoyi Toh Theatre Mein Aag Laga Doonga!

  • @nipun’s clone, Nice try dude! Why do you want anyone to call Aamir, Salman or Ranbir Bakra, a name that you don’t want to associate with your icon? Isn’t it hypocrisy? The film-makers of this film have not called Bakra anyone else but SRK because the fact is that SRK is the only actor that makes Barkra voice. Let’s say Kkkkkk kiran..
    This film is going to make moolahs at the BO due to the controversy. They are creating controversies for publicity of this movie. You SRK fans can revenge the film-makers by totally ignoring anything related to this movie. The more you say about this movie, the better for the movie.
    Having said, making fun of someone officially is not a good thing to do.
    If you are the real Nipun, I’d like to say that all of the controversies created against K3 by SRK lobby groups and his fans (as Hrithik hinted in his statement) are valid. The training given to Hrithik before his entry to Bollywood by Salman for one and half year is the most stupid thing Salman has ever done in his life.

  • Hahaha. Funny sharukh bakra hahaha. Even funnier that SRK fans saying calling names is bad when they themselves call salman khan with different names. Haha hats off to the whole unit of this movie. Hahaha

  • These people are mindless..Shahrukh khan is the biggest star of India…they are making fun of the indian public as well..shameful !!

  • Fuck the makers of this film. Bloody hypocrites. This film will definitely be a disaster. I wish the makers go bankrupt even the fucktard who came up with this idea. Sharukh khan should sue them for millions that they end up their life paying the amount, for using his name. National award winner? Seriously? This person should get a an award made of sandals on his/her head :@

  • Isse kehte hai….Naam bechke khana..
    Bastard Film Makers…U will be burned by people, if u release it with this name…

  • I am a salman fan but its a shamefull thing in bollywood,you cann’t insult a global,it shouldn’t happen #shame

  • hahaha. hilarious. shahrukh in bakrapur. absolutely apt that the bakra is named shahrukh. hats off to the director and the entire team. the world knows shahrukh’s acting resembles a bakra. also the film is made by national award winning director so his observation is absolutely correct. for shahrukh’s fans shivering like an old man, making bakra sounds, stammering, hamming is acting. lol. bakra rocks!

  • Large no. Of dislikes means there r people who like this also….
    I cant imagine u can hate someone upto this extent….

  • I don’t think a national award winning director will deliberately try to degrade.

    let the movie and release and then give opinions, as we always have this habit of making fuss of each and everything.

  • @sachin 11,u forgot salman…there is a goat named salmon too
    But srk is sold at highest price
    .I just hope they don’t turn both srk and salman into keema at the end of the movie.that would be traumatic.

  • @anand:when did i want the bakra to have names like salman,amir,ranbir? ? ? Read my comment properly. .i said that they could have taken many other actors names.may it be salman,amir etc etc. .but why the choosed srk only? ?doesn’t it show their insecurity and jealousy? ? What if a movie will be made basing upon a pig and make its name salman?would u be happy?

  • @anand,if u are real anand ,I would live to say it’s not just about’s about how the maker are using a down market publicity stunt…to garner..interest… if it was about any other superstar I would feel the same.nipun multiple time used harsh word ,some srkian had done it but we still love hrittik as much as we used to do.

  • @anand:as far as k3’s controversy,yes i have doubts on srk as zetc,zing,znews belongs to z network . .bt no need to bring that topic in this case. .

  • @nipun: So according to u SRk is the owner of Zee network… and he by himself can control all trade and give fake numbers for any movie?
    If so Dhoom 3 would have not crossed CE.. check ur facts and den comment.. as far as K3 figures are concerned f some 1 is to blamed den it has to be rakesh Roshn

    * about this article… cheap attempt by the makers realy very cheap..

  • @nipun, there you go again! Why do you need to question about the director’s intention for not calling anyone like Aamir, Salman, Hrithik, Ranbir a Bakra but only SRK? The director has the valid reason for it. Because it is a universal fact that it is only who acts like a Bakra. Yet, I again say making fun of someone officially is not a good thing to do. SRK fans, if they are really his fans, they have to give a real ignore to the movie.
    Hay, the animal “Bakra” and the term is not offensive in any religion or culture. But the term “Pig” is a criminal insult among Muslims. Besides, why should and will anyone make any film on a character in which a pig is named Salman. Salman doesn’t act like a pig. Nobody will accept that. Your logic is empty rhetoric and rings hollow. It will be somehow valid if someone makes based on a character in which the actor doesn’t ACT or know how to ACT.

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