Yeh Hai Bakrapur: Controversial film on Shahrukh as Bakra

The trailer of Yeh Jai Bakrapur featuring a ‘bakra’ named Shahrukh is out. The film, directed by national award winning director Janaki Vishwanathan, could turn out to be extremely controversial as the not-so-subtle hints at Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan’s own life is evident throughout the trailer.

Some dialogues

  • One stormy night, a superstar is born.
  • Yeh Shahrukh hain na, kitna pyaara hai.. (screen reads Welcome to Bakrapur)
  • Shahrukh ka bhi kaafi scope hai, atleast local brands ko toh endorse kar sakta hai
  • A king among men…
  • Shahrukh koi aisa waisa bakra nahi hai, special hai, farishta hai

With ‘Being Bakra is better than Being Human’ as its tagline, the makers have also used the Salman – Shahrukh rivalry to create curiosity around the film.

Even the poster of Yeh Hai Bakrapur has a bakra in sun glasses at a inauguration function. “Yahan Shahrukh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai”

Yeh Hai Bakrapur First Look Yeh Hai Bakrapur First Look

However, the makers say the film has nothing to do with Shahrukh Khan “It has nothing to do with Shah Rukh Khan. You see people have a tendency to name their pet animals after actors or someone they love. The goat is integral to the story so we needed a name for it… something catchy.. You see, the name is just Shah Rukh which literally means face of the Emperor” said the films director .

When we tried contacting Shahrukh himself about the film, we were told by his manager that the actor knows nothing about the film.

Watch the trailer below.



  • Shame on these people,who can go to such low posture!! To make profit,u can’t misuse and disrespect a star.

  • Srk has nothing to do? ? ? ?seriously? ?get a life people. .i know this movie has been made to create huge controversy on srk’s name and to downgrade srk too. .shame on those ppl. .also i have seen srkhaters calling him “bakra”. Grow up! !they could have named that bakra with many other actors’ names like amir,salman,ranbir. But why only shahrukh! ? ?clearly shows their insecurity and jealousy towards srk.

  • Really shameful! !srk is undoubtedly the biggest khan and actor along with bigb and dilip kumar. .it’s really a shame that ppl are disrespecting a legend.

  • I controversial thing is controversial.none can change it.the makers had done it for cheap.shame on them

  • Poor attempt!! Disgraceful and Disgusting !!And the director is national Award winner>>How??But The name “Shahrukh ” is the biggest brand .No Deny to the fact and having said it I dont think SRK will be offended by this .He will take it sportingly given that how nice of a gentleman he is.

  • This pet name concept was first highlighted by Aamir khan on twitter but he mentioned dog and here its bakra

  • This guys are promoting SRK
    there was the inner and outer world of shahrukh khan,
    my name is khan,
    shahrukh bola khoobsoorat tu,

    Even my name is khan is reviewed by arabic and american scholars,
    I wonder the day a salman film will be studied in a school,
    srk sometimes rocks.

  • now they are making fun of srk few days someone will make fun of aamir,sk,hr,ab is not good for bollywood.

  • Because SRK do “Mai mai” like a goat in some of his films,that’s why he is compared to a bakra…
    SRK fans don’t take it offensively,i am just telling the reason why some haters and now this film has called him a BAKRA…
    Anyway no one will watch this film.

  • Shahrukh is looking dashing in sunglasses.Yahan Shahrukh mein rab dikhta hai aur bakre mein shahrukh dikhta

  • Very funny trailer and billions of people will laugh watching this trailer worldwide and Bakra of Bakrapur will become Global

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