Will Salman Khan’s Wanted work at the box office?

Those who watched the Wanted : Dead and Alive trailer with Love Aaj Kal last week, would be aware of the hype the movie has managed to generate. The noise was deafening throughout the short theatrical trailer of the film.

The trade expects the film to open big, given its mass appeal and the fact that the film stars Salman Khan in an action role after a long time should be enough to guarantee a huge initial. The rest would, quite obviously, depend on content.

Here’s our box office prediction for Wanted : Dead and Alive

  • Opening weekend – 24 crores.. which should ensure a HIT (minimum) and the biggest opening weekend for Salman Khan.
  • 1st week – If content is strong, should be close to 40 crores. Else should be in the range 33 – 35 crores net.
  • If accepted, the film has strong chances of being Salman Khan’s biggest grosser in quite a while. Much needed for the actor!


  • Hope this movie is going to rocks!!!!I really want Salman to be back in form.He really need a hit but still he is truely good person!!best of luck

  • I saw the trailer yesterday.. kachra.. similar to all the movies he did for the past 2 years.. Salman’s career will be over.. I don’t think that he’ll be able to survive in bollywood.. he’s to retire now.. marry and have kids and do some other business.

  • Hello

    This movie is a copy of a telugu movie “Pokiri” starring “Mahesh Babu”. And it was a Superhit.
    So do you think this will be a superhit ??

  • I agree with fathiya.I think wanted will not work at the box-office at all, because Salman’s time is over.

  • From Fathiya and Ahsan comments I can conclude that Salman Khan should now be called Kachra Khan! But wait, before everyone goes farting from their brain and spewing them on here, let’s not cause up a stink prior to the movie’s release and give Salu a chance! He is going against all the young and boring actors, might as well see what the veteran has in store with this one!

  • No Fathiya u r totally wrong He was Super hero, He Is And He will be throughout the bollywood life ok
    so dont u dare to insult Sallu

  • Nazeer: just mention one good or very good movie he did after Phir Milenge?!!! nothing.. Jaaneman, Yuvraaj, and some others which he did – I can’t remember their name – all were so bad mvoies.. salman can’t be considered as one of the top 5.. if he wants to remain in this position he must stop doing these crap movies and try to do some quality movies like his colleagues, but I think he’s not capable any more to do so!

  • Fathiya:Who r u to tell he is not capable hah!!he is always in top 5.Look at the popularity of salman khan
    Do u know one thing,Most of the time when the question who is biggest khan in television was asked to vote in many channel,salman is always in top ..tht mean he is very popular .One thing he has no other khan has is he has big heart.He had done many good movies.Only his last year he has not given us hit but still he is very good at his role.
    He has high temper but still he is good human being and he is good actor.He is in top 5 always.

    U used to comment akshay kumar playing same comic role
    …then y donot u think Saif ali khan always play same role.Look at kal ho na ho,Salam namaste,dil chata hai,tara rum pum,hum tum ..other i donot know his movie….

    And also ur SRK play same lover bboy role?

  • fathiya u r so wrong who r u the president?? atleast salman is an actor and he is doing his best in all his films that he does and wait and watch WANTED will do great and his other movies in the future..

    SALLU is one of the best actors in the film industry….

    sallu ruless

    good luck

  • hey sudeep i agree with u about sallu but dont say anythin about srk


    srk salman aamir hrithik saif are ALL amazing actors and they are actors i wonder what u are oh i no a kid so dont talk bad about someone …

  • frankly speaking, no other can match salman. many other actors copy salman khan. salman is the really king. actors with slim body, seem to be hungry, cant be called the king. salman with solid body always look like a king.

  • Hello Fathiya: You are wrong. You can’t decide that “Wanted” will be hit or flop. Salman ek apna style ho jo koi nahi le sakta. Aap Ka Shahrukh Bhi nahi. Mana Ki Last Year Salman Ke Liye Kuch Khass Nahi Tha. But Is saal Dekh Lena. Salman Kya Karta Hai. Sab Ki Choti Kardega. But Mujhe Yeh Kahte Hue Bahut Dukh Ho Raha Ki Is Saal Bhi Hrithik Ko Hi Best Actor Ka Award Milega “Kites” name toh suna hoga.

  • Yo I say that this movie will rock cause rocky himself said so capeesh? And that’s the bottom line cause the rock said so. Besides its been a while since Sallu Paglu had a hit movie so he deserves it, I Guess?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Hi this is SRK and I tell you Salman your movie will be a flop and my movie My Name Is Khan will do good so don’t even bother releasing the movie, you will have a worse box office collection then your last flop Yuvraaj the gay film you did okay, so give up right now gandu@@@!!!!!????

  • asalam alaikom,
    fatiha: i don’t want to be rude but you are so wrong, who are to talk about salman khan like that?! you have no right.
    salman khan is the real king and no one can deny it. sallu have given us all kinds of movies since maine pyar kiya and for your informations “partner” was a good movie.

  • Well,promo was rocking….I have listen songs of movie.12 songs including remix are there in this Movie songs.Love me Love me is the best songs of the movie .other good songs in this movie are DIL LEKE.this one is sweet love songs with very good tunes and good vocal.Another songs Name Most wanted track has very good tune but lacks super vocal.Songs like ISHQ VISHQ,LE LE MAZZA LE are big disaapointing.Y Are songs like this is there in this movie.Another track JALWA is ok but nothing new in tht.Track LOVE ME LOVE ME is superb songs of this movie.It is just once u listen u wanna listen more and more.Another track tose pyar karte hai is another bad songs of this movie album.SOngs are big disaapointing .U wish u will never buy the album.HOPE MOVIE is much more better than songs .HOPE movie is good!!!!
    my rating for songs for this movie:.1.5/5

    but still hope this movie does well

  • Sunny: I can predict from the trailer.. it’s not a good movie..it’s just a shallow one, similar to all his latest movies.. God I just don’t understand why u all love Salman that much?!!!!! yeah.. he was cool, a good looking actor in the past, but now he gained weight, looks older and in addition.. he’s not doing anything special!! his acting isn’t that good as I said earlier.

    Salman needs some big brilliant directors to sign him for some good quality movies.. that’s what he needs actually to prove himself as a good actor

  • Fathiya:U can never know y people loves him.He is very good and kind hearted person,among all the khan even though his temper is sometimes out of control but he truely lives in heart of every person tht get chance to talk with him .he is purely good and out and outstanding actor.He looks good more with his ages.

    In addition u must say SRK look older .If u compare SRK and Salman,Salman look much more young!!!

    i m not saying any bullshit of SRK,But i really from my bottom of my heart donot like him,neither his movies………

  • Wanted trailer is not bad.it is a remake of a telagu blockbuster “Pokiri”
    tis movie was hit bcoz of the punch line n 2 some extent the actress…since it was her debut film
    here the only attraction wud b salman and if the punch lines & songs are as effective thr is no stopping this
    film atleast in single screens…
    the storyline is good to some extent so the director has to jus present the movie in a better way..
    remember “Garv” did fare wel in some parts…

  • Aryan:only two songs of movie is nice Love me love me and dil leke…rest r just very bad!!!!but still movie will be good rather than songs

  • Dear all, i would like to tell you that no one is as dashing as salman khan. This movie will change the history of Bollywood.

  • u all salman haters, say what u want to say but wait for 18th sep. u will come to know who is the real king khan of bollywood. wanted is going to rock just wait & watch. wanted is the ghajini of 2009

  • i have seen the trailer of wanted and i think the movie will be super hit . put every body has their own opion i have reared some comment about salman khan that his time over he is not gone be top bollywood actors , his films will be flop. lets me tel u one thing wether salman movies flop or not he does not make any different to him . but he will alway be on top wether u like it or not and his fans will be alway behind him.

  • salman will rock, this is the first bollywood moive for the best action, and salman has didi it, noone can do this type of action which salman didi it. it is suoerhit movie, that to in die its realings, salman u will rock this year

  • salman will rock wanted will be best superhit moive of this year for action, following next moive will be veer,

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