Will Bahubali give SRK and Aamir the confidence to realise their dream?

Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan have publicly expressed their ‘life long dream’ of adapting arguably the greatest and most layered story ever told, the Mahabharatha.

Shah Rukh has spoken about making ‘Mahabharat’ on multiple occasions, the most recent public quote was just a couple of weeks ago when the superstar said “It’s my dream to make the Mahabharat for the screen. It’s been for years now. But I don’t think I have the budget to do that. I would love to do it, but I don’t think I could afford to”

In the pre-Baahubali 2 era, Shah Rukh had probably underestimated the potential of the Indian market.

“Unless I collaborate… But not with Indian producers. There have to be international producers on board for this one because Indian producers and Indian films have a limited market. This one has to go out into the international markets. So you have to collaborate with someone who’s international”

The ‘Raees’ star had also said the scale has to be no less than a ‘Baahubali’ or bigger.

“You don’t take up a subject like the Mahabharat and make it any less. It should be on the scale of a Baahubali or an even larger one” Shah Rukh had said.

Aamir Khan too has said he wants to make the epic into a film and his dream would be to play the role of Karna. The actor had recently said he wants to divide the film and story into several parts.

Meanwhile, there have also been reports that a UAE businessman has signed Malayalam superstar Mohanlal for a 1000-crore bi-lingual film based on the story of Mahabharat. The makers are said to be keen on casting Hrithik Roshan as Lord Krishna. An excited Mohanlal also made the announcement through blogposts that he would be playing the role of ‘Bhima’ – the second Pandava son.

The scope of the story of the Mahabharat is immense, but it also requires a director of the calibre of a S.S. Rajamouli or maybe even a Sanjay Leela Bhansali to translate what’s on paper into a magnum opus. A less gusty director like a Ashutosh Gowariker, could so easily end up ruining the entire project.

Will the humongous success of ‘Bahubali 2: The Conclusion’ give the likes of Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan the confidence to make a film that will not only bring the All-India audience to theatres, but even help Indian Cinema go truly global for the very first time?

With age no longer on their side, the time to realise their dream and make the Mahabharat into a big screen experience is now. Baahubali 2 has set an example, it’s time for the Indian Film Industry to up the ante and give the audience what they are looking for – bigger and better films!



  • Wrong question It should be will salman and aamir have confidence to release there films on non holiday & make it highest grosser… Hahahaha srk atleast Dares

  • 3 khans are above 50
    Leaving all their ego and rivalry they sud come together
    Btw what Baahubali is doing now Hahk had done a lot more than that 23 yrs ago with a small budget and family story.
    Bollywood is nowhere behind

  • Just imagine how amazing it would be to see a Mahabharat adapted by S.S Rajamouli with the three Khans… Even Baahubali 2 would be easily overpassed.

  • But they have to leave their EGOS behind.
    You are talking about 4-5 big superstars but the story might have just a couple of ‘leading man/ protagonist ‘ so they have to take a role, may be as big as that of Krishna and bring their Histrionic to that role . Just like what satyaraj did to KATAPPA .

  • The record that the bahubali2 is setting will b the benchmark for d bollywood films which will b releasing aftr 3-4 yrs from now.
    With no support from south indian people, hindi film has to release in 10,000 screens in india to break the record of bahubali2 with all time high ticket rates. Only then bollywood films will b able to record these record that regional films is setting today. Indian actor n directors hav to realise the potential n standard of Indian film industry otherwise another bahubali or hollywood film wd b awaited to break these record. Wake up time for bollywood. This is the same industry which had given Sholay n HAHK n many more. Hope that time wil come as soon as possible.

  • If Bahubali was a bollywood film u won’t see the support it’s receiving now. There will be negativity every where .That’s what we see now a days on social media.As long as the bollywood audience are not ready to change it won’t happen.

  • The difference between Bollywood and south Industry. Bollywood dreaming and south Industry making it.

  • I don’t think that anyone among them is able to do this solo. It will be better that both of them come together for their dream project.
    Regarding dream role Aamir has clearly mentioned to do Krishna’s role as he is not fit as Karna because Karna image is a tall and broad man. Though Karna is his favourite character.

  • And the star cast should be like….
    Aamir khan-Bheema
    Shahrukh khan-Arjuna
    Salman khan-Krishna

  • The reason of success behind Bahubali 2 are audience…..
    No director or no actors or no storylines or no vfx have made it big….it’s only audiences who made it big… it’s we who made the collection of this movie insane….

  • 600m teri net worth bakte rehte hai tere fans.. u r a business man more than an actor and u say u dont have budget to make a 300-400 crore movie ? What a joke

  • Vry diffclt.. mahabharat vl nt b a pan india film.. of course opening vl b huge due to likes of srk nd aamir bt recovery nd opening lyk bahubali 2 vl b out of the way..

    Bahubali 2 is nt a mythological film as mny ppl r makng it out to b.. itz a fictional film based in ancient times.. nt a single god worshipng scene is der in the film.. ssr is clever.. he knew it if he inserted religious frames in the film it wudnt hv been a pan india film..

    So guys make mahabharat no issues bt dnt xpct openg lyk bb2…

  • Salman Srk and Aamir in Mahabharatha directed by ss rajamouli can challenge baahubali 2 collections hope this happens Whole world wants to see three khans together in a movie

  • Wow Indicine..
    Your team is one fire today..
    Back to back brilliant articles..

  • Not sure abt amir but indians will definately not willing to see saharukh’s dream in theatre after having pathetic and torturing experience of watching ‘Ra one’.and both of them does not fit to any character of mahabharat.there is only one man who can justify the epic mahabharat and it is none other than SS RAJAMOULI.

  • Mahabharata is risky because almost everybody knows its story so to attract audience they need really huge production values.

  • The scope of the story of the Mahabharat is immense, but it also requires a director of the calibre of a S.S. Rajamouli or maybe even a Sanjay Leela Bhansali to translate what’s on paper into a magnum opus. A less gusty director like a Ashutosh Gowariker, could so easily end up ruining the entire project.


  • I don’t think srk or aamir will even try to touch that type of project. Srk is world 2nd richest actor BT he dont HV budget to make a 500 cr movie. Lier person.

  • Not fair to target ashutosh like ds …he has made baazi …lagaan ….dey wr gutsy films ….d one wd abhishek too …..u cnt judge guts wd hits or fkops ….u see d subject …..he is not in form right now …and a big film needs a big name durector sure but u cnt say he aint gutsy so he aint apt for ds project’s director …..MJD was terrible in its set up …its vfx …its down to budget issues …ashutosh also ddnt execute or hv a good enuff story …i m not defending him …but seeing his filmography wd swades ..jodha akbar …he definitely is gutsy ..

    Now onto MAHABHARATA and also lesser extent Ramayana (salman’s interested) …i hv bn dying to see dm.on big screen wd big actors coming together in an ensemble cast wd big action pieces possibly all khans together wd AJ …amitji ….shatrughan …and now wd d physicality dat rana and prabhas brought to baahubali even dem (though it b tough to mk it look fresher wd dem) …hope dey all brainstorm together and come up wd d best film ….also Aamirs idea too mk it in parts is apt …a story ds big wd ds mny players ..and complex …needs to b given d proper running time ….Bollywood tollywood plz mk it happen ..

  • BTW my prediction for Bahubali after lot of calculations
    Hindi nett 390 cr.
    All India gross 975-1050 cr.
    Footfalls 7.25-8.00 cr.

    It should take 6-8 years to challenge this.

  • Forget international as our Dadaji wants investors from Pluto hence take the project UNIVERSAL

  • I have faith in Aamir as we all know what our Dadaji delivers when it comes to 100cr plus budgeted movies ie Ratoon Point One

  • Making Mahabharata will be extremely difficult as it is quite lengthy and complex . I don’t think SLB has the vision to make Mahabharata . The core of Bhansali’s movies are romantic – HDDCS, Devdas, Saawariya, Ram Leela and BM . Black and Guzaarish were offbeat movies . SS Rajamouli is the kind of Director who can make Mahabharata . He is a great story teller and knows the pulse of the audience better than anybody . Shankar is also a legendary director but he is more experienced in making sci – fi movies . If this actually happens all records will be broken into pieces since all the actors such as Hrithik, Ajay, Aamir, Akshay, SRK, Salman and Amit Ji will be part of this visual spectacle . I think this film will be made in the next decade as this decade will end in 2019 . Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Make it with 3 Khans…

    If 3 Khans contribute 150crs each then a director like S.Rajamauli will make grand film of Mahabharat with budget of 450crs.

    Sattelight Rights + Musical Rights + Business Tie ups will insure about minimum 300crs recovery.

    If all goes well then we can expect 500crs India & 1000crs WW.

    So if all 3 come together & contribute 150crs + 1 year each then this dream is possible & all will earn lot too.

    Hope it will happen…


    Aamir Khan – Krishna
    Salman Khan – Arjun
    Shahrukh Khan – Karna

    Director – S.Rajamauli
    Writer – V.Prasad
    Music – AR Rehman
    Producer – AKF,SKF & RCE.

  • According to me the casts who suits and who can justify the mahabharata characters are:
    1.Bhishma-Amitabh Bachchan
    2.Arjun:Hritik Roshan
    3.Bhim:Rana Daggubati
    4.Krishna:Mahesh Babu(It is taugh call)
    5.Karna:Akshoy Kumar
    6.Duryadhan:Prabhash(Sanjay Dutta would make better choice if he was on 40)
    7.Shakuni:Nana patekar

  • If the film Magabharat maded in future Than it should be a Indian movie not a Bollywood or Tollywood movie they should come with a good script And superb cast Director should be SS Rajamouli With Both actors from Bollywood and Tollywood should combine To make this dream project of Indian cinema

  • Mahabharata should definitely be made as a film. Rajamouli should be the right person to do that.

    As far as the cast is concerned, my dream cast(with only hindi actors) wud be:

    Shahrukh Khan- Yudhisthir
    Salman Khan- Bheema
    Hrithik Roshan- Arjun
    Aamir Khan- Karna
    Akshay Kumar- Lord Krishna

    On the other hand, that 1000 cr film with Mohanlal looks like a bad idea. Neither it’s a direct Mahabharata story that everyone will come to watch nor is Mohanlal a pan-indian superstar. Even Hrithik’s presence is not enough.

  • After LAGAAN I only trust Aamir to do justice to such a massive subject.

    Plz Aamir Sir give us another classic

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