Who is the second biggest star after Salman Khan?

Joginder Tuteja answers 5 questions from Indicine readers

In recent times, with the most popular genre being ‘Desi flicks’, don’t you think that the romance (JTHJ) has outperformed suspense/thriller (Talaash)? If so, can it also be attributed to SRK’s superstardom when compared to that of Aamir? – Tinku Jain

  • Both JTHJ and Talaash were average movies and brought in collections that they deserved. There is no question of the stardom of Shahrukh or Aamir coming into play.

If Salman Khan is Number One, who is the next best and can anyone beat him? – Yasin

  • Shahrukh Khan is the next best after Salman today. Between them, Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar, any of the four has a chance to be the Number One over next couple of years.

Do you feel that Arbaaz has screwed up ‘Dabangg 2’? The promos are so lame and boring. It looks like they are showcasing the unedited scenes of ‘Dabangg’. The songs are on the same lines of ‘Dabangg’, hence making it repetitive. The so called buzz is just because its a sequel of ‘Dabangg’ and Salman is at his peak. – Prateek

  • On the contrary Arbaaz has played it smartly. He managed months of promotion and stage setting by continuing from where ‘Dabangg’ left, hence ensuring that an instant connect was formed.

Kishore Kumar was a complete artist – an excellent actor, director, music producer, singer etc. Is there anyone today who has the same abilities or even comes close? – Sandy

  • Sadly, none.

With Krrish 3, Dhoom 3, Happy New Year and Chennai Express coming in 2013, will it be possible for Salman Khan to continue his supremacy in 2013 at the Indian Box office as all these films are looking hardcore commercial entertainers? – Gaurav Handa

  • Yes, Salman Khan will have less releases (as of now, only one with Sohail Khan) when compared to Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn. Also, Hrithik and Aamir will arrive with full force. However given the fact that ‘Dabangg 2’ would be continuing it’s run in 2013 as well and it is expected that Sohail’s film would be a ‘hardcore commercial entertainer’ as well, he would stay on to be the top star.

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  • as today ranking
    1 salman khan
    2 akshay kumar
    3 hritik roshan
    4 ajay dvgn
    5 amir khan
    6 emran hasmi
    7 saif ali khan
    8 shah rukh khan
    9 john abraham
    10 paresh rawal

  • why little knowledge is dangerous?
    1.ranbir is better than srk due to barfi but haters forgetting rockstar and universal wom of barfi
    2.akshay is better than srk due to rowdy rathore but forgetting khiladi 786,joker,2011 releases
    3.hrithik is better than srk due to agneepath but forgetting kites,guzarish,znmd,jodha akbar
    4.aamir is better than srk due to 3idiots but forgetting talaash,dhobi ghat…
    However they all know that ra one 125 cr jthj 121 cr don2 113 cr have collected more despite mixed reviews…
    Only salman is better than srk becoz his movies too like srk got mixed reviews but collect more money all other actors need strong wom for crossing 100crs….

  • Aamir was always the distant third Khan! Only in fluke years 2008 & 2009 he was ahead! Now he’s back to his original aukaat which he had since 90s & till 2008! Talaash has proved Aamir can’t take an average film far. He depends on social issues or remakes. And is now doing multistarrer Dhoom franchise! 3 Idiots was hit only due to subject and Raju Hirani. Aamir nowadays even FAILS to beat Ranbir Kapoor films. Talaash failed to beat even Raajneeti forget Barfi!

  • Deepu if aamir was always a 3rd distant khan for you than ur favourite srk is no better.you srk fanboy make noise that he is king,he has only 5 BB, & 2 duplicate Atbb.He has just given some hits & superhits nothing exceptional like Salman & Aamir are doing nowadays.Btw Aamir has 2 genuine atbb & 3rd was raja Hindustani.His next movies are sureshot BB/ATBB and I don’t think srk will get morethan just hit or superhit verdict for his upcoming movies.Fyi Aamir has more than double numbers fb fans than srk it says where he stands today.BTW as Somebody mentioned above that Hrithik will also cross srk on Facebook & yes Hrithik has also 5 BB so your self proclaimed king is no exception.About there is no doubt that Aamir is second best after Salman today & can become no.

  • hrithik haterz as u said little knowledge is dangerous where did u get these figures for srk movie come with BOI numbers.BTW talash has done very good business according to its genre and I am not saying it was a classic/epic movie as you srk fanboy say for every srk movie.BTW JTJH is just a hit @ 103cr & I won’t consider ra.one as a hit no matter which sites says what.In india it is purely BO decides its fate from theatrical revenues.AKSHAY isn’t better than Srk.Woh do kadam aage jake fir char kadam picche chala jata hai so he is comfortably sitting @5 & Ranbir isn’t a member of top 5 as of now and Jodha Aakbar & ZNMD both were hits.About Srk I will still give him either no. 3 or 4 spot not sure.But cant deny that he is going through a bad phrase and Salman,Aamir & Hrithik are in much better positon.

  • Very funny, so according to u judge guys give hits in the particular years as no 1 is and not consitency, very sad.Surely if consitency is the benchmark with the least no of flops for the past 20 years then srk and Aamir are far far ahead compared to these remake kings Salman,Akki i

  • For the past 2 decades it has always been
    Srk vs Govinda, srk vs Big b, Srk vs AAmir. Srk vs Salman,Srk vs Hrithik, Srk vs Aksay the list goes on so let the list go and on srk rocks !

  • SRK is best because diwali jthj and sos will together so srk flim 255 still counting .srk is not only india rule for the oversea market so SRK is best not salman second

  • akki ne is saal 400crore se upper kama ke diye hen. So he is most ahed of all. But honestly todays sallu time so now he is no1 but after that he is akshay kumar wnich can surpass him and now he is 2nd and3rd is ajay/srk/amir/ranbir. Chahe mono ya na mano but its fact.

  • hrithik roshan is next biggerr star..a star power is known for intial day colection..hrithik roshan is way ahed of other…only he has the power to beat salman khan……plz see first day collection of all hrithik roshan film you will get your answer compare to other actor that year

  • highest no of hits in the industry ever is srk highest no of awards is srk highest no of blockbusters internationally is srk so how in the world did salman become no.1 this guy is just giving wrong answers. and it his opinion not industry. even in the time of masala he comes up with romantic movie which is a hit in india and blockbuster internationally. another answer which he gave was of kishore kumar my friend, kishore was not successful as an actor or director only singing, then there farhan akhtar who is superb in every field singing, direction, acting, writing so how did he answer “sadly none” this guy has no idea about films just a joker answering questions to make the articles. There is alot more to the industry today than it was years ago from dilip kumar to amitabh bacchan and to shahrukh khan the challenges dk and ab faced were lame and now its more broader more selection. by the way this is the way forward for bollywood its good we dont want one man industry again please.

  • Shah Rukh Khan is a very responsible person I’ve never seen another one like that one and it is the most revered and the most famous man on earth. He deserves it. I wish him in the new 2013 plenty of health and happiness, good luck and much success in his career.

  • Sallu>hrithik>srk>amir>ranvir>akshay>ajay>emran hasmi>imran khan>ranvir singh>saif ali khan……,……………………………

  • For me the list should be :Sallu>hrithik>srk>amir>ranvir>akshay>ajay>emran hasmi>imran khan>ranvir singh>saif ali khan……,……………………………

  • @Some1

    Two-three recent good years don’t cancel out consistent achievement of 20 years! SRK continued to do exceptional till 2008. Aamir was nowhere before Lagaan. SRK has given hits every year except 1996 and 2005 and he has worked continously! He never hid under rocks and took breaks. He is not active on Facebook. But he has more followers on Twitter where he’s active. Aamir has no fansite for him. SRK has thousands of fansites dedicated to him that too in different languages! He’s the ultimate benchmark for all actors. Whenever any actor does well his PR claims he beat SRK. That shows what SRK is! 2-3 good years of Aamir or Salman can’t re-write history. SRK is no longer just a box office star. He’s a world icon and a one man industry! He gets honours from foreign countries every year, from brands to sports teams to a world class VFX studio – the man has it all, an outsider who achieved everything on his own! Plus he’s also highly educated unlike other 12th pass actors! SRK symbolises The Great Indian Dream. Others have just caught up with his box office in recent years. They have miles to go to catch up with SRK’s iconic stature and popularity!

  • bollywood no 1 superstar salman khan career depends on tamil movies,but tamil superstars like vijay,rajnikant`s career don`t depend on bollywood movie.this is a real shame for bollwood.bollywood should sell sallu to tamil film industry.what do u think?

  • My favourite star will always remain on 1st position n that is SALMAN KHAN 💓. Salman u r so involved in social helping n welfares n these thing are impressing me day by day…luv u

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