Who is the second biggest star after Salman Khan?

Joginder Tuteja answers 5 questions from Indicine readers

In recent times, with the most popular genre being ‘Desi flicks’, don’t you think that the romance (JTHJ) has outperformed suspense/thriller (Talaash)? If so, can it also be attributed to SRK’s superstardom when compared to that of Aamir? – Tinku Jain

  • Both JTHJ and Talaash were average movies and brought in collections that they deserved. There is no question of the stardom of Shahrukh or Aamir coming into play.

If Salman Khan is Number One, who is the next best and can anyone beat him? – Yasin

  • Shahrukh Khan is the next best after Salman today. Between them, Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar, any of the four has a chance to be the Number One over next couple of years.

Do you feel that Arbaaz has screwed up ‘Dabangg 2’? The promos are so lame and boring. It looks like they are showcasing the unedited scenes of ‘Dabangg’. The songs are on the same lines of ‘Dabangg’, hence making it repetitive. The so called buzz is just because its a sequel of ‘Dabangg’ and Salman is at his peak. – Prateek

  • On the contrary Arbaaz has played it smartly. He managed months of promotion and stage setting by continuing from where ‘Dabangg’ left, hence ensuring that an instant connect was formed.

Kishore Kumar was a complete artist – an excellent actor, director, music producer, singer etc. Is there anyone today who has the same abilities or even comes close? – Sandy

  • Sadly, none.

With Krrish 3, Dhoom 3, Happy New Year and Chennai Express coming in 2013, will it be possible for Salman Khan to continue his supremacy in 2013 at the Indian Box office as all these films are looking hardcore commercial entertainers? – Gaurav Handa

  • Yes, Salman Khan will have less releases (as of now, only one with Sohail Khan) when compared to Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn. Also, Hrithik and Aamir will arrive with full force. However given the fact that ‘Dabangg 2’ would be continuing it’s run in 2013 as well and it is expected that Sohail’s film would be a ‘hardcore commercial entertainer’ as well, he would stay on to be the top star.

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  • Jognder seriously pissin me oft,earlier he said hrthik is below or equal to ajay,nd nw u ve nt evn placd him in top4,which is totlly unacceptble,and predictions on hr always provd wrong,u predctd agneepath lifetme to be 80 cr,almst 40 cr dffrnce…nd u keep predctin low totals,he ll keep scoring high…
    Akshay kumar wl dominate lol,u sayin dis evn aftr. Joker,khiladi 786???all his films r commercial nd entertain genre,bt evry film doesnt open d same…coz its d prdction house which has d value nt akki

  • article from boi:-

    can dabangg 2 do the unthinkable?

    Dabangg 2 has taken a historic start which was always likely but the reaction of the audience at various centres across the country gives it a chance to the do the unthinkable and that is go towards a record figure on a working day.

    Although it is a tall order as collections at multiplexes tend to take dips especially in the late afternoon shows but if the craze seen in the morning can keep that a dip at minimum then its not out of the question that history can be created.

    Looking at the morning and what tends to happen in the afternoon and evening the film should surpass 25 crore nett for the first day with possibilities of higher total and a record first day although very difficult, cannot be totally ruled out of the picture just yet. The late afternoon and evening shows will give a better indication. The record collections for the first day are around 31 crore nett.

  • @afraz consdiering current status of all stars i agree wid u….

    currently:- salman >>>> hritik > ranbir> aamir> ajay>akshay….

  • as of today, the ranking would be

    1. Salman
    2. Aamir
    3. Hrithik
    4. Ranbir
    5. Akshay
    6. Ajay
    7. Shahrukh
    8. Emraan
    9. Imran
    10. Saif

  • Indicine seriously need to have some else for this question session. jogi bhai thinks too much of himself. his reviews suck, his choice of music suck. according to his reviews, K786, Joker & 1920 returns >> Talaash & JTHJ.
    Indicine just do urself a favour & fire that tuteja guy.

  • well today Salman>>>>>>>>>>>>> Aamir+Hrithik+Ranbir+srk+Akshay+Ajay.

    i think he’ll stay no.1 for a few more years. but, no.2-5 will be shared between Hrithik, Aamir, Ranbir & Akshay & will keep on changing every month between the four.

  • This Joginder is a big akki fan.It’s the reason he is keep dragging akshay’s name into top 4. After watching Joker,OMG,Khiladi 786 1st day collection it is clear that Hrithik is far ahead of him & it would be fool to compare him to Hrithik.IMO It is either Aamir or Hrithik who are second best today.

  • In 2012 SRK is No. 2…It is Stardum of SRK…..
    From Deewana(1992) to Ram Jane (1995) SRK was no. 2 or 1…
    From DDLJ(1995) to KKHH(1998) SRK was no 1
    From Badshah(1999) to Hum tumahre hai sanam (2002) SRK was no 2
    From Devdaas (2002) to Veer Zaara(2004) SRK was no1
    In 2005 and 2006 Srk was no 2 or 3 due to KANK and DON
    From Chak de india (2007) to Rab ne bana di jodi(2008) SRK was no 1
    From 2009 to 2012 SRK was no 2


  • Wat kind of star salman is,just ask him to do experiments with his films n show his power on all genre,n release his film with srk’s film

  • there is no doubt that currently salman is ruling at indian boxoffice…
    and he is far ahead than his contemporaries now-a-days….

    but i am quite disappointed by some fans here…
    they have made a lot of pointless comments just bcoz they hate srk…
    they putted srk below ranbir and akshay..
    i will not surprise that they put him below imran hashmi…

    u r saying ranbir is ahead of srk…
    in which perspective…???
    just bcoz of barfi…???
    u have commented that akshay is ahead of srk…
    srk has not given a single flop like JOKER in past 7-8 yrs…

    don’t make such pointless comments like loosers…
    salman is no.1 at indian box-office …no one denies it…
    but if u will make a list…then SRK was no.1…
    srk is no.1 and srk will remain no. 1…..

    bcoz fro every other star…
    the parameter to become no.1 is to beat srk…
    from 1992 t0 2012…
    it has been the parameter..
    if anyone beats srk…then u start crying..
    that now that star is no. 1…srk is no more…
    but mark my words….srk will remain into same position what he is today…
    and if any one has to beat srk..
    first he has to cross the parameters set by him….!!!

  • In 1989.. Maine pyar kiya was debut movie of Salmaan
    From 1989 to 1993 Salmaan was no 6 actor after Sanjay Datt, SRK, Anil Kappor,Sunny Deveol, Govinda, Aamir khan
    In 1994 he was no 1 due to HAHK
    from 1995 to 1998 he was again out of 5
    fr0m 1999 to 2000 ..he was no 3 or no 4 due to Hum dil de chuke sanam and Biwi no one
    from 2000 to 2003 he was out of 10
    Tere Naam was comeback movie but he was out of 5
    from 2004 to 2010 he was still of 5
    No doubt from Dabangg(2010) to ETT(2012) he is undisputed no 1

  • still..this question is repeated???is there still doubt in AKSHAY KUMAR???if K786 is superhit with 80 crores + ,its the sign of huge fan following for akki after salman. no other actors in bollywood have huge fan count of nearly 2.8 billion.

  • The thing is that mr.srk’s fan following is gradually and continuously decreasing with his every movie since mnik (expecially in smaller cities, towns and among middle class people) while superstars like salman,aamir,hrithik& akki and bigger stars like ajay,ranbir & emraan have continuously and steadily increased their fan following to a significant volume. Right now salman is almost untouchable and invincible at the indian box office, aamir is at no.2 despite talaash’s under performance, akki & hrithik both deserve a no.3 position, srk at 4, ajay/ranbir at 5.

  • Hrithik’s FB fanpage will cross SRK’s FB fanpage next week.It is clearly indicating that Srk’s popularity is decreasing in India.

  • past 4yrs ….
    saawariya disaster
    2.agpkgk hit
    3.rocket singh disaster
    4.wake up sid b. avg
    5.bachna e haseeno avg
    6.raajneeti bb
    7.rockstar avg
    8.barfee super hit
    9.anjana anjani flop.

    hit percentage 30% ..

    emraan hashmi
    1.jannat superhit
    2.raaz2 superhit
    3.tum mile avg
    4.outim superhit
    5.crook avg
    6.dil to avg
    7.murder2 blockbuster
    8.the dirty picture. blockbuster
    9.jannat2 superhit
    10.shanghai above avg
    11.rush disaster
    12.raaz3 superhit …

    in short emraan has big hits.
    sucess ratio is 70%..
    so my salman bhai brothers please calm down

  • @indicine,how can u create such headings??though salman khan has given bluffbuster these days….still srk,amir and hrithik have also a good fan following……u should nt give a heading like “WHO COMES 2ND AFTER SALMAN KHAN”……otherwise this argument is fair..

  • Mr tuteja gone mad after deliverin back to back failure movie from last 4yr the movie was only hit that Bcoz of hype and good promo and unwanted promotion. . Aamir is no. 2 Bcoz from last 4yr he had 200cr and 100cr 1st arrivin movie stil he not no.2 Srk is no. 2 Wht a joke. .

  • bollywood khans stardom is like a circle..
    in the beginning srk was no1 in stardom..then aamir became no1..at present sallu is no 1..ranbir,ajay,hrathik,akshay can’t beat these khans..

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