Which film can beat Dhoom 3 collections?

Question: In the coming days, which film has the best chance of beating Dhoom 3 worldwide collections of 520 crore? – Shahab

Answer: Only films that are released during festive periods can cross the 283-crore lifetime business of Dhoom 3, as the contribution from India is much higher than overseas markets. Aamir Khan’s upcoming film PK probably has the best chance, as it will open well not just in the overseas markets but also back here in India. If PK is as good as any of Rajkumar Hirani’s last three films, every record will be history.

But if PK falls below expectations, then it could be Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Fan or Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. Too early to predict anything on those films. Bajrangi Bhaijaan will be an out-an-out Salman Khan film, perfect Eid release. Not much is known about Fan, but Shahrukh Khan recently said that the film is “very intense yet commercial viable”. As for Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, the family audience will come out in numbers to watch Sooraj Barjatya’s feel-good romance, family values and tradition, but the difference will be the youth – if they don’t take a liking to the film, it may not be a huge grosser.

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  • yuraj and hell with excellent wom your bhai’s movie jai ho not works because just 2 holiday
    hny have poor wom review heavy length but movie on course to collect more than 210cr in india(may be 235cr brcause 2nd weekend still left) and u think fan will chase ready
    last 2 films of srk crossed ready in just 4-5 days
    fan will eaisly do 200cr
    14 agust friday 28cr
    15 agust saturday 45cr
    16 agust sunday 35 cr
    another 100cr plus weekend in 3 days coming for srk….

  • once again 150 crocre fire-cracker fizzle.but this time who will be the victim of this over-actor’s frustration? Shrish kundar! I dont think so.

  • any movie which will have outstanding cinematic value as well as star power can break d3’s record.salman’s movie always have star power but at the same time it always lacks cinamatic values.on the other hand over-actor’s movies are lacking both starpower and cinematic values as time procedding.so any amir khan or hro’s movie can beat d3’s record.

  • Salman or Aamir Film.

    Currently no one else stands a chance.

    May be Hrithik in a Rakeshji’s movie, say, Krrish4, but that doesn’t look like happening soon.

  • Lolz to all lallu fans. First let him get past 100 CRORES overseas. Then he can think of surpassing 520 CRORES of d3.
    Guess only HRO or SRK can break this record of worldwide d3 collections.
    When u see bang bang total overseas its actually very good. But asking lallu to get around 150 CRORES overseas is just as stupid as predicting AKSHAY to give a 200 CRORE movie

  • Forget PK, Fan and PRDP. They are not going to achieve the lifetime collections of D3.
    Bajrangi Bhaijaan has some potential, but even BB’s lifetime is under suspense as it will be having only two weeks of free run after which another biggie “Fan” will be released which will affect its collections in third week which, in turn, will affect the lifetime collection of BB.

  • When two big movies releases within the span of two weeks then it hits the collections of both the movies at the same time. Because many people plan only one movie in a month (specially single screen audiences) . So this scenario will affect both BB and Fan.
    Suppose someone has watched BB in its first week then they might show their reluctance towards Fan. In the same way, if someone has not watched BB and the first week is over, then they might wait for Fan skipping BB.
    This is the only condition, I think BB’s lifetime collections might not reach D3 but still it is in race. But rest all upcoming biggies are no where and it won’t be surprising that again it will take couple of years (if not 4 years) for other movies to cross D3 as what we saw previously with 3 idiots :)

  • @ the chame leone, I did not get it.

    Arjun Kapoor has still mentioned HNY as the top film in terms of entertainment rt even rt and which is what I believe he says even now

  • PK will break Dhoom 3 collections if gets 100+ crores weekend bcoz movies of Aamir and Raju have repeat values and collects huge on 2nd week and even 3rd week.

  • BB 310cr(if release screen count 5000)
    PRDP 370 cr(if release screen count 6000)
    Robot 2 all record broken
    fill in the blank

  • @ anand- jai ho wasnt for multiplex audience cuz it was all about curruption in our system and poors suffers for that not you pizza popcorn and quality ice cream people it was remake of an average movie stallin but got semi hit status becuz of salman. salman didnt made jai ho for success, records or collection but it was for his 30 rs. paid single screen audience. mind it.

  • There is a guy in sheep’s clothing here claiming to be fan of Aamir and taking up fights with Salman fans. Beware guys, it could be one of the frustrated fan of the king.

  • @Indicine,

    If Krrish4 is not releasing soon, Rakesh Roshan need to come up with something spectacular, as I doubt anyone else knows how to use Hro’s talent.

    If you ask anyone to name a favourite Hro movie, 8 out of 10 times it will be Kaho Na Pyaar Hain, Koi Mil Gaya or Krrish. All made by Rakesh Roshan.

  • @ indicine we knows rakesh will not make krissh4 cuz after bashed by everybody for his manipulated 244 figure he understood he cant give a single record breaker movie thats y he sold his manipulating calculater to srk. those who dn know srk has already manipulating computer since josh.

    • @Yuvraj, not many of your comments make sense. The trade doesn’t care about these so-called fudged figures. All that a distributor cares about is whether or not he earns money. Krrish 3 made more money for its distributors than Kick or Bang Bang.

      Krrish 3 is a huge blockbuster, distributors are happy and so is Rakesh Roshan. Let’s end it at that.

  • 2008 Aamir beats srk
    2009 Aamir beats srk
    2010 salman beats srk
    2011 salman beats srk
    2012 salman beats srk
    2013 Aamir beats srk

    2014-RIP SRK’S CAREER.

  • @jc, @indicine:
    My favourite Films of Hrithik are
    1.Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobaara(Zoya Akhtar)
    2.Dhoom 2(Vijay Acharya)
    3.Kites(Anurag Basu)
    4.Koi Mil gaya(Rakesh Roshan)

    Favourite list varies from person to person irrespective of its direction. I love KNPH,JA also. But,they are not my fav. But I agree KNPH is the most loved one among audience. Sadly, Haven’t watched Lakshay completely.
    I think Rakesh Roshan will surely do something huge. KNPH,KMG,Krrish,K3,Khoon Bhari Maang etc aren’t the regular kind of films for bollywood.

  • 12.13 am comment is not mine. that was fake shaggy.
    I’m changing my name to shaggy the legend instead
    of shaggy…@Anand bro I’m not that one I never and
    ever goes against Salman and aamir. I’m busy in
    my exams that was fake shaggy.
    some one using my id…
    now I already change my name to ‘shaggy the
    I’m using the legend word for aamir only. bcoz I’m
    huge fan of Salman and aamir.
    @indicine post this cant tolerate….. being salman
    and aamir fan.

  • @ indicine ok i will stop saying about srk and hr cuz i beleive in love but can u give distributers profit of kick and krrish 3 also single screen earnings for both movies. i never said krrish 3 is failure. its just for entertainment.

  • i am not highly educated so many time i have to think correct words and i will try to put more sence in my comments. hope u understand this.

  • @Noam *itch please..did you forgot that Bhai gave a non holiday BB Ready?? Our King struggled to cross the collections of this movie in 4 attempts!!! :P

    Even HAHK was a non holiday release in 1994 if your memory cells are intact!!! :P

  • in domestic this year it’s aamir vs.salman
    in overseas this year it’s aamir vs. aamir
    yeh srk ya krk jaisa kisine naam suna hai kya???????????????

  • Everyone here is comparing SRk with Aamir or salman.. It clearly says you hate srk but cannot ignore bcoz you guys still belivs that srk can come back wit some milestone of acting like he showed for the last couples of decade… Currently, he is not upto the mark because of either too much expectation frm him or failed to choose gud script and filmaker unlike aamir..

  • Honestly, i am a die hard fan of srk but still i do not criticize any actors and i’m watchng every gud movies. As for hny collection, it will easily cross 200 mrk bt complictd to predict final collction as of now.. If 2nd weeknd collct aleast 35-40 crore then it might easily easily surpass kick and probably touch 250 if new releasng movies underperform..

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