Happy New Year 5 Days Box Office Collections

Happy New Year has collected Rs 13.17 crore on its 5th day at the box office, which is about the same as we estimated late last night.  The film is steady at the box office and the Shahrukh Khan starrer will go on to be one of the biggest grossers of all-time, but more was expected out of the film after a record-breaking opening day of 44.97 crore.

Happy New Year has collected Rs 137.04 crore in 5 days and should collect close to 160 crore at the end of Week 1, which will make it the second highest first week grosser this year and the 4th highest of all time.

SRK’s last release Chennai Express collected 156 crore in its first week and finished with lifetime business of 227 crore. Will Happy New Year get there? That question will be answered this coming Saturday and Sunday.

Happy New Year 5 Days Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 44.97 cr
  • Saturday – 31.6 cr
  • Sunday – 32.29 cr
  • Monday – 15.01 cr
  • Tuesday – 13.17 crore
  • 5-day  Total – 137.04 cr


  • The Paid Previews of #Hny in overseas is more than the life time collection of Salman’s Marigold + GTGH + Janeman +Terenam + Hello brother!!

  • It wont beat Kick’s opening week of 165 crore.
    Top grossers will be
    3.Bang Bang/Hny
    4.Hny/Bang Bang
    5.Singham returns

  • Definitely it will go.
    I had a doubt that whether it will cross 160 Cr in first week.
    Now as you yourself have predicted that it will cross 160 Cr,then definitely it will cross CE/Kick or may be, even go beyond that.
    250 cr are still on cards.

  • yes my prediction has become right happy new year will not cross first week collection of kick.And it will finish at 205cr as there is no major release.

  • SRK is the first actor who gave back to back 100cr movie in just 3 days..if Aamir & Salman will leak their MMS still they can’t give it and break this record for many years….

  • First time i watched HNY it entertained me, i went to watch again with my friends, but man it was extremely tough to spend time, it was so boring HNY is one time watch that will affect its collection.

  • MNIK – 210 CR … RAONE- 240cr … DON2 -230CR … JTHJ – 250 CR .. CHENNAI EXPRESS- 430 CR ..#HNY – 230cr ( 4 days )

  • HNY will end up around 195-200crs…

    But i hope since it is not going to make any further records..so i will be happy if it falls short of Bang Bang somehow!!

  • #HappyNewYear can break record of #Dhoom3 easily if SRK consult Rakesh Roshan Ji before to give further collections of the film, don’t underestimate the power of manipulation

  • superb trending by hny.. Just 12% drop shows that it is sustaining well.. Today it is sustaining even better with a drop of just 5%.. So today it will be around 12 crs which will be a fantastic figure.. Hny rocks, best entertainer of the year..

  • Shah Rukh Khan never disappoints on Diwali. Barring Ra.One, King Khan has had nine Diwali blockbusters in his 21-year career. Happy New Year, the big reunion movie with Farah Khan, is going to complete the decalogue.

    If you can get past the seemingly impossible plot, there’s much to enjoy about Happy New Year. The good thing is that all the convenience in the plot is taken care of very early on. Charlie, played by Shah Rukh, wants to take revenge on the man who put his father in jail. That man Charan Grover (Jackie Shroff) not only owns Shalimar Security, guarding Rs 300 crore worth of diamonds from the Mughal dynasty, he also hosts the World Dance Competition at the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai. So, you have to dance for the diamonds!

    In true heist film structure, Charlie goes about hiring the people he needs. Not people who can dance. Not even people who can steal. Because this is a Bolly heist film, people with revenge on Grover on their mind. “No motivation, no crime,” we are told.

    So there’s Jags (Sonu Sood) who used to work for Charlie’s father. He is all muscles and one ear, which lets out steam every time he gets angry. The aurally challenged man with the paanch kilo ka haath is also a little too touchy about his mother.

    Then there’s Tammy (Boman Irani), who used to design safes for Charlie’s father and is also a master safe-cracker. The 50-year-old Parsi ‘stud’ can fish out just about anything from his sling bag but often goes into 30-second epileptic fits.

    Everything that Charlie and his team (read: Farah and his writing team) can’t work out by logic or tact, hacking into computer systems is the instant easy explanation. And playing that “hack god” is Rohan (Vivaan Shah).

    Now, the security at the Atlantic vault is biometric and only Charan’s son Vicky’s thumb impression can get them through to the safe. So, the Don plot is introduced as the sub-plot because the neighbourhood drunk Nandu (Abhishek Bachchan) looks exactly like Vicky. Only he can’t speak Eeenglisss and often breaks into a snake dance, reminiscent of Vrajesh Hirjee’s serpentine moves from the Golmaal films.

    Now how will Charlie’s angels — “mota, behera, bewda aur bachcha” — with their 10 left feet take part in the World Dance Competition? Enter, bar dancer Mohini (Deepika Padukone), who is a “chalti firti item song” looking for some “ijjat” in life. She will teach the men how to move to the music and will also fall in love with Charlie in the process.

    The film’s first half — in India and with a bearded SRK — breezes through but the second half — in Dubai with a clean-shaven SRK — overstays its welcome and makes you realise you are watching a three-hour film. The fight with the Korean team, the Christmas plan going wrong, unnecessary twists about the backstory… all have their separate clap-traps and tear-jerks but as parts of the whole, they only add time.

    The edge-of-the-seat climax — using the team members’ strengths and weaknesses — does redeem things quite a bit, though. And perhaps only Farah Khan could achieve the impossible task of not only celebrating dance but making it finish ahead of the heist element at the end of the film.

    Farah was the original Rohit Shetty in the unabashed celebration of Hindi cinema and it’s quite a thumping return to form after the miserable Tees Maar Khan. The signature Farah humour is written all over the scenes but never does she let all the references or the intertextuality come in the way of the storytelling. In fact, Shah Rukh’s first three dialogues in the slightly overdone appearance scene are reworked from DDLJ, Devdas and Main Hoon Na. Deepika does a “saat minute” version of the “sattar minute” Chak De! speech. There are also subtle allusions to Bachchan Sr in many of Bachchan Jr’s lines. But all of this is seamlessly folded into the screenplay.

    To call the film’s mounting huge will be an understatement. The grandiosity of the stage acts of the Dance Championship especially are eye-popping. Red Chillies also has the best VFX team in the country and while this certainly is no Ra.One, the intelligent use of graphics is impressive.

    The best thing about the Happy New Year performances is the bona fide bonhomie that the ensemble cast shares. It look likes one big family and so you don’t have second thoughts about laughing and crying with them, cheering and clapping for them.

    Not just in that facial hair in the first half but also in his coaching and leadership style, Shah Rukh is in Kabir Khan mode in the movie. And while Happy New Year is not played with the same hockey stick as Chak De!, SRK makes personal vengeance look oh so sexy! He doesn’t have a full-blown love story with Deepika, but the lady-who-can-do-no-wrong comes in after one hour of the film and gives some much-needed oomph-oozing balance to the all-men’s world.

    Boman’s always good and Tammy is no exception. Sonu Sood holds his own really well against the more seasoned stars. Vivaan is adequate as what is clearly the least written character. But if there’s one actor you go back with, it’s Abhishek Bachchan, who is a riot as Nandu. Comedy is clearly AB’s game and given the scenes and the lines, he can dhoom machao on his own.

    Overlong yes, a little implausible for sure, but Happy New Year is also a lot of fun and is peppered with long, clean laughs. This is how a big mainstream Bollywood superstar movie should be — a true ‘bang’ for your buck.

    We won’t play spoiler, but the film does introduce someone in motion for the first time. Watch the movie to find out and stay right till the end. Till Farah’s legendary dancing credits come to a close. ‘Ab…’ bas!

    by pratim d gupta

  • 180-190 Crores are on Cards…..But nothing fancy is expected…..HNY is a Grand Show that promised a lot but delivered nothing……..SRK Fans would not like this but Long Stretched sequences,No story whatsoever,Idea of Creating a Visual Delight and lack of humour killed HNY……..Peace Out…..Dun Hate guyz but admit the truth…!!

  • It prved again without yashraj/dharma nd rohit shetty thakur is nothing with jai-veeru….oops sry 3.7billion fans.

  • oh my god ..there is positive proof that it is tumbling down.. 13 cr is just not possible…at best it should be around 8-9 cr..max negativity is abounding

  • hny is not sharukh great movie. it would be entertaining if the length was reduced.so i am satisfied with the collection as the content was not strong enough to create record breaking lifetime collections

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