Whenever my film released with another, we have done well: SRK

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has said that his film Raees, directed by Rahul Dholakia, will hit screens during Eid 2016.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, SRK said that his distribution office feels that ‘Raees’ is designed for Eid, the period during which Salman Khan’s Sultan is also scheduled to release.

“There is no issue. Let them also release. It’s ­very simple: their ­distribution and production offices feel their film should release on Eid, while my distribution office feels that ours is designed for Eid. So, we both have decided, but there’s no clash the way it’s being made out to be.”

Pointing out that films starring him in the lead have won clashes more often than not, the superstar said that ‘clashes’ are normal since there are 300 films releasing every year and there are only 52 Fridays.

“Films will come and go. But ­honestly, it’s ­fortunate that whenever my film has released with another one, we have, by God’s grace, been safe every time. It doesn’t make me pompous when I say that my film has done well. There’s a simple logic — there are 300 films and 52 Fridays. There are going to be six films releasing on the same day. Sometimes, it happens to be mine. The idea is to do our best and wish the other person also the very best”

The actor also advised producers not to announce the release date of their films before it goes on floors.

“My production company will never do two things – we are not derogatory about any film, and, we don’t announce the release date of our movies as soon as they are announced. I feel it is the most stupid and redundant exercise producers follow. People say, ‘An actor has agreed to do the film, so let’s make a big announcement that it will be coming on Diwali.’ I am like, ‘First shoot the film.’ I have shot for all my three upcoming films, that’s why I am releasing them. I could have announced their release dates much earlier. Raees was planned two years back. But I don’t announce them in advance. I often tell Karan (Johar; director), ‘Why are you announcing it so much in advance? Shoot first.’ Our company has a simple funda — when we finish 50% of our shoot, only then are we somewhat assured that it will be completed.”

While Karan Johar has announced the release date of films like ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ and ‘Shhuddhi’ months before the films going on floors, the makers of ‘Sultan’ too have announced their film for ‘Eid’ about 3 months before the film goes on floors.

Soon after the ‘Sultan’ announcement, Salman spoke about his ‘Jaan-e-Mann’ vs ‘Don’ clash in 2006.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen, but both ‘Raees’ and ‘Sultan’ are scheduled as Eid releases. It is perhaps the best thing to happen. People will try to accommodate both the films by building more theatres and lots more screens. There will be more excitement for fans. SRK and I will work much harder and pray that both films will be better. I love Shah Rukh a lot and I don’t think he needs to worry at all because the last time our movies came together he had beaten me. So, even if ‘Sultan’ and ‘Raees’ are releasing on the same day, loss mera hi hoga (it’ll be my loss)”

The clash has generated tremendous buzz because Salman has been at the peak of stardom, especially during the festive season of Eid. On the other hand, SRK, during the same period, delivered the highest box office grosser of all time when Chennai Express released back in 2013.




  • @tiger-the real chuha,oh don’t blabber much,come on and face the CLASH.I’M desperately need this CLASH to show masala genre hit and other genre flop non actor salmanhis real aukat.

    Look at the excuse of sallu fans,during 2006 bhai was not interested in films blah blah..don’t give excuse at your peak period of sallu,WE’RE here ready to clash with your south remake made star.come on don’t blabber much and wait until the clash happen.

    @rohitene,OK 1st let’s waituntik the CLASH happen,then you’ll decide who’ll do suicide.

    May salman film open bigger sue to YRF+masala genre(not due to salamn),still WINNER will be RAEES all the way.because whatever be the period,KING KHAN is THE REAL KING OF EID WHO gave ATHG on EIDEID and broke all records while sallu always failed to break every record.

    @numero uno amir,how many actor on XMAS worked with Brand Dhoom/Raju hirani/south remake?????,ROFL.

    @yuvraj,make your sallu too much confident because still he saying ‘loss to mera hi hoga’.still also he will clash because YRF+masala genre is there behind his back to help him.but in reality 1st time YRF+salman+masala genre will beaten badly by RAEES.



  • ‘The ultimate megastar Salman as a wrestler in ‘sultan’ produced by yrf ‘! Can anything get bigger & grander than this, Forget everything even the sound ‘Sultan’ sounds so Grand, Royal, opulent, majestic & mesmerizing than the sound ‘Raees ‘ (it sounds more like an irritating roadside seller selling lemon rice packets on roads & in railway stations by shouting ‘rice …rice….riceee..riceeeeeee’) :D.

    Isn’t he one of the first major actors to book important festival releases for his movies especially diwali , indeed the release dates of almost all his films since the crappiest Ra.1 have been booked well in advance and the ‘ kachra fan’ could be the 1st non-holiday release (it could be still be released on a holiday) of his after almost 6 years & 6 movies and except for CE none of his holiday releases since his last non-holiday release mnik have become BBs and on the other hand every holiday release of salman since dabaang has either become a BB or an ATBB (jai ho was the only non-holiday release since Dabaang).

    @Romance….. can u tell me any single hit movie of Rahul or what was his last movie as a director ??? It was the sanjay dutt starrer ‘lamha ‘ which was released way back in 2010 and do u know what’s the status of that movie??? It was a big ‘Disaster’ while Ali abbas’s last 2 movies as the director were ‘mere brother ki dulhan ‘ & ‘gunday ‘ and sadly for u both were ‘hits’, so if ali can give an hit movie even with imran khan or ranveer or arjun then imagine what can he do with the ultimate megastar salman!

    Let the clash happen and let both of them get equal screens (though in reality it will not happen because salman would get more number of screens as he is the distributor’s & exhibitor’s favourite golden hen laying golden eggs at the BO) and let there be no excuses , if salman’s sultan even earns a RUPEE less than ra.1ees then I will accept that salman is a much smaller star than srk , so srk fanboys r u ready for this challenge????

  • @Rohitnene
    How dare u talk to me in that tone??!!!!
    Never ever ever ever talk with me like that
    And i m not a pr agent of srk that i have to praise him.My Job is to bring out the truth to my billions of viewers and the truth is

  • @zuheeb Aamir Christmas releases are not blockbusters, they are all time blockbusters, all time highest grossers, there are only 11-12 all time grossers in Bollywood ever, Aamir has 4. Almost 33% all time grosser given by Aamir to Bollywood.

    Munnabhai was a hit only in Christmas while LRM was September release, at that time Christmas not even consider as the favorable release period, that why bhagambhag was a Christmas 2006 release. The whole thing turn around since Aamir started to release his films on Christmas with TZP. Ddlj and kkhh both were diwali releases, srk had 16 holiday releases, only 2 atbb and 1 atg. Aamir has 6 holiday release, 5 atbb among them. Feel the difference.
    Srk on his prime not even given blockbusters out of yrf,kajol zone. Now he is dealing in hits on festive occasion. Waiting for another heart broken classic on the lines of ra1,jthj,don2 and hny.

  • Lol forget about the clash with salman let srk clash with deepika & ranveer this Xmas and let’s see what kamaal & damaal he can do , ‘drillwale’ is looking like a big budget C-grade bhojpuri movie in front of the Grand BM , I personally want Ranveer & deepika to crush this ‘dramewale’ as badly as possible , its so horrible to see the overacting budda srk & the overacting aunty kajol romancing on a budda dead plane , don’t understand what made Rohit to even think about this buddambuddi & buddibuddam romance, its the last thing anyone wanted to see in a rohit’s crap :D

  • Raees will dominate..mark my words!

    It is based on gujarati gangster,has commercial appeal to it and it will open better than Sultan in Mumbai+Gujarat circuits and Mysore,WB,South are all SRK dominated circuits too.

    Sultan will do better at mass centres of Delhi/UP,punjab,CI

    But Raees will win for sure.

  • what the fuck sunny indian versus asoka every one know who win ,gadar vs lagaan both were succesfull but gadar win srk win every clash apar from suny deol

  • I was always waiting for the word from the horse’s mouth himself and here it is..now its quite clear that Raees will definitely release on Eid 2016.. The trailer was simply outstanding so I am desperately waiting for the film..All the best team Raees

  • this is absoultly rubbish ….srk started HAPPY NEW YEAR promotion even going before floor ….biggest lier

  • I just hope and pray bajirao mastani crushes dilwale and sarooks gigantic ego. All it takes to beat crapwale is a decent movie with good marketing. Sarook is nothing without begging oops I mean marketing

  • @Romance Floprukh fan, for your information Salman also give blockbuster to ATBB with debutant director.
    Salman debut director blockbuster and ATBB…;
    1. MPK – Biggest ATBB
    2. Dabangg – ATBB
    3. Dabangg 2 – Blockbuster
    4. Bodyguard – Blockbuster
    5. Kick – Blockbuster.
    All srkian come on.. present guys. Lol you all still live past.
    As for information who said Amir only give ATBB on December? Please remember Our Prem aka Salman khan’ movie MPK, its release December of 1989.

  • come on old man….
    lets finish ur carrier on eid 2016
    ur crawling n screaming from lst few yrs,.. delivaring only cost recovry films…
    FACE IT….

  • where is stupid comment of azhar biopic…
    azhar biopic will earn 35 cr net…

  • srk is vry arrogent…
    even he try to choose wrds so carefully n trying to project himself humble guy…
    there was a time he openly call himself king…the best n bla bla… n faced backlash…
    but still nw his public appearances..n his reality show n award show antics shows his self centered thaughts…
    wen he talk a polite manner still it looks he want to show how polite he is…theres a sense of fakeness..in his behaviour…
    wen he lost his stardom..this will harm him…
    money cnt borrow real stardom man…

  • Come on guys. Raees is gonna win the battle because collections are temporary class is permanent. And King khan has a class which no one can match.

  • Bhaitards go to hell ONLY RAEES RULES ON NEXT EID and LULTAN?? I think it will be the biggest disaster of SALWOMAN’S CAREER . HUHUHU #RaeesBhaiCheAbkiBaar.

  • Wow!! SRK, maan gaya! A simple question: The shooting of Raees has almost been completed. Why don’t you release it this year or early next year?
    Why do you hold the film to release on Eid?
    And why are you so eager to release Dilwale which has not been completed yet?

    Dont call other producers stupid. If I am not mistaken, You have announced Ra.One HNY for Diwali release way before it had gone on the floor.

    It shows how much frustrated you are! how insecure you are. Not everytime, you have won the clash. E.g. Asoka vs Indian n more..

    Perhaps you might have won at the BO during Don vs Jaaneman. Don was a remake of the cult film, Amitji’s Don, directed by a very good director and it was at the peak of your career. Yet it was still a hit. Then, Salman was facing the worst phase of his career due to negative controverisies, personal life and other things.

    Now, time has changed. Your stardom has significantly declined. And Salman is undisputed BO king in India.

    Let the clash happen. We will see. Eagerly waiting for the clash of the titans!

  • Salman Khan – King today? This animal is a disgrace to India, but its popularity say about the level of intelligence of Indian society … It is regrettable …

  • Raees looks boring and it will not have universal appeal so it has no chance and also it is releasing after fan which is limited to srk fans only and dilwale whose content will be avg. And salman after 8 mnths+yrf+giant success of bb,prdp(expected) will definitely make his side heavier in clash

  • I won’t comment who will win the clash but SRK said that he doesn’t announce release dates in advance, but the release date of Dilwale was announced before it went on floors

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