Whenever my film released with another, we have done well: SRK

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has said that his film†Raees, directed by Rahul Dholakia, will hit screens during Eid 2016.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, SRK said that his distribution office feels that ‘Raees’ is designed for Eid, the period during which Salman Khan’s Sultan is also scheduled to release.

“There is no issue. Let them also release. Itís ≠very simple: their ≠distribution and production offices feel their film should release on Eid, while my distribution office feels that ours is designed for Eid. So, we both have decided, but thereís no clash the way itís being made out to be.”

Pointing out that films starring him in the lead have won clashes more often than not,†the superstar said that ‘clashes’ are normal since there are 300 films releasing every year and there are only 52 Fridays.

“Films will come and go. But ≠honestly, itís ≠fortunate that whenever my film has released with another one, we have, by Godís grace, been safe every time. It doesnít make me pompous when I say that my film has done well. Thereís a simple logic ó there are 300 films and 52 Fridays. There are going to be six films releasing on the same day. Sometimes, it happens to be mine. The idea is to do our best and wish the other person also the very best”

The actor also advised producers not to announce the release date of their films before it goes on floors.

“My production company will never do two things – we are not derogatory about any film, and, we donít announce the release date of our movies as soon as they are announced. I feel it is the most stupid and redundant exercise producers follow. People say, ‘An actor has agreed to do the film, so letís make a big announcement that it will be coming on Diwali.’ I am like, ‘First shoot the film.’ I have shot for all my three upcoming films, thatís why I am releasing them. I could have announced their release dates much earlier. Raees was planned two years back. But I donít announce them in advance. I often tell Karan (Johar; director), ‘Why are you announcing it so much in advance? Shoot first.’ Our company has a simple funda ó when we finish 50% of our shoot, only then are we somewhat assured that it will be completed.”

While Karan Johar has announced the release date of films like ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ and ‘Shhuddhi’ months before the films going on floors, the makers of ‘Sultan’ too have announced their film for ‘Eid’ about 3 months before the film goes on floors.

Soon after the ‘Sultan’ announcement, Salman spoke about his ‘Jaan-e-Mann’ vs ‘Don’ clash in 2006.

“I donít know whatís going to happen, but both ĎRaeesí and ĎSultaní are scheduled as Eid releases. It is perhaps the best thing to happen. People will try to accommodate both the films by building more theatres and lots more screens. There will be more excitement for fans. SRK and I will work much harder and pray that both films will be better. I love Shah Rukh a lot and I donít think he needs to worry at all because the last time our movies came together he had beaten me. So, even if ĎSultaní and ĎRaeesí are releasing on the same day, loss mera hi hoga (it’ll be my loss)”

The clash has generated tremendous buzz because Salman has been at the peak of stardom, especially during the festive season of Eid. On the other hand, SRK,†during the same period, delivered the highest box office grosser of all time when Chennai Express released back in 2013.



  • Raees directed by national award winner Rahul Dholakia n Sultan directed by Gundey fame Ali Abbas Jafar, its very simple to pridict which film win the clash

  • can anyone please tell me how many hits Aamir khan has without Xmas? ?
    which year his last clean hit on non holiday Came in ??
    which year his last non holiday blockbuster came in? ??

  • Gauri Shinde’s next with Srk Alia supposed to release with xmas 2016 as Ranbir Alia’s superhero film moved to 2017. So srk films clashing with salmir in 2016, king is back

  • lol he is dreaming that he will again beat salman, in jaanemann time salman was not intrested in movies even 1% he was doing without any effort.I want this clash at any cost.

  • Winner of the clash will be Sultan, by a HUGE margin. Sultan will easily cross 200 crore, while Raess will fail to cross 100 crore.

  • raess will not open better than sultan in any region except west bengal.Except West bengal Sultan will beat raees in every circuit.

  • even though shahrukh has won the clash in past but eid 2016 will definately belongs to salman..mark my words salman will beat shahrukh this time..damn 200% sure

  • don’t think there will b a clash

    theres no way he is going to release a film against yrf who along with dharma production is responsible for where he is now .

    he won’t bite the hands tht feed him . thts my opinion

  • Mr srk forget past and live in present. Taday your movies are struggling to cross even 200cr that too with lots of manipulation. But Bhai’s last movie easily collected over 300cr. So, think 100times before clashing with Sultaan.

  • We all know raees will be postponed giving silly excuses. Otherwise nobody can stop it to become another YLJK..

  • Hny collected only 176cr with multi starcast and solo release. But raess is clashing with Sultaan. Hence, to collect even 100cr will be big task for it.

  • @sam man bet is on from my side….There might be 20-40 crore difference based on content.I am not saying srk will lead or salman.But more than this difference is dewane ka khawab…From RAEES teaser it seems SRK best performance and best movie in this decade.So currently i will bet in SRK favor.

  • This clash is looking the Biggest Clash of Indian Cinema . The Teaser of Raees is absolutely brilliant . As for Sultan i will wait for the trailer or teaser to decide anything . The interesting point is both do not want to postpone their movies and that is making it huge . Both movies will get huge screens but the content will play a very important role . I will be happy because the online fan war will end once and for all . So Best of Luck to both movies and let’s wait for 2016 .

  • The nation wants to know from Mr.Salman Khan that with what audacity is he daring to clash with a srk film???
    Everyone knows when it comes to clashes salman always flops miserably

    garam masala vs kyun ki..
    Don vs jaaneman
    bachna ae haseeno vs gtgh
    all the best vs main aur mrs khanna
    and many more such loosing clashes salman has been part of.

    So all salman fans plz tell me why are u again ready to make u a joke of yourselg by clashing with a srk film???!!!!

  • They are just creating awareness about both films. They are not stupid, they want business, so there will be no clash. If Salman has a batter female lead then Sultan will come on Eid, because Raees doesn’t have a good female lead.

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