Whenever my film released with another, we have done well: SRK

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has said that his film†Raees, directed by Rahul Dholakia, will hit screens during Eid 2016.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, SRK said that his distribution office feels that ‘Raees’ is designed for Eid, the period during which Salman Khan’s Sultan is also scheduled to release.

“There is no issue. Let them also release. Itís ≠very simple: their ≠distribution and production offices feel their film should release on Eid, while my distribution office feels that ours is designed for Eid. So, we both have decided, but thereís no clash the way itís being made out to be.”

Pointing out that films starring him in the lead have won clashes more often than not,†the superstar said that ‘clashes’ are normal since there are 300 films releasing every year and there are only 52 Fridays.

“Films will come and go. But ≠honestly, itís ≠fortunate that whenever my film has released with another one, we have, by Godís grace, been safe every time. It doesnít make me pompous when I say that my film has done well. Thereís a simple logic ó there are 300 films and 52 Fridays. There are going to be six films releasing on the same day. Sometimes, it happens to be mine. The idea is to do our best and wish the other person also the very best”

The actor also advised producers not to announce the release date of their films before it goes on floors.

“My production company will never do two things – we are not derogatory about any film, and, we donít announce the release date of our movies as soon as they are announced. I feel it is the most stupid and redundant exercise producers follow. People say, ‘An actor has agreed to do the film, so letís make a big announcement that it will be coming on Diwali.’ I am like, ‘First shoot the film.’ I have shot for all my three upcoming films, thatís why I am releasing them. I could have announced their release dates much earlier. Raees was planned two years back. But I donít announce them in advance. I often tell Karan (Johar; director), ‘Why are you announcing it so much in advance? Shoot first.’ Our company has a simple funda ó when we finish 50% of our shoot, only then are we somewhat assured that it will be completed.”

While Karan Johar has announced the release date of films like ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ and ‘Shhuddhi’ months before the films going on floors, the makers of ‘Sultan’ too have announced their film for ‘Eid’ about 3 months before the film goes on floors.

Soon after the ‘Sultan’ announcement, Salman spoke about his ‘Jaan-e-Mann’ vs ‘Don’ clash in 2006.

“I donít know whatís going to happen, but both ĎRaeesí and ĎSultaní are scheduled as Eid releases. It is perhaps the best thing to happen. People will try to accommodate both the films by building more theatres and lots more screens. There will be more excitement for fans. SRK and I will work much harder and pray that both films will be better. I love Shah Rukh a lot and I donít think he needs to worry at all because the last time our movies came together he had beaten me. So, even if ĎSultaní and ĎRaeesí are releasing on the same day, loss mera hi hoga (it’ll be my loss)”

The clash has generated tremendous buzz because Salman has been at the peak of stardom, especially during the festive season of Eid. On the other hand, SRK,†during the same period, delivered the highest box office grosser of all time when Chennai Express released back in 2013.



  • Its quite clear that Salman has upper hand, Sultan will hands down destroy Raaes
    Yea in 2006 Don thrashed Janeeman, but it is 2016
    People primarily prefer Salman’s movie on Eid..Sultan will have superior opening

  • SRK has two releases left before Raees
    If FAN will not perform well then People will avoid Raees
    Maximum FAN can achieve is 220, since its a non-holiday release while PRDP will gross above 250
    WOM needs to be excellent if Dilwale has to collect 250 with clash, another difficult task
    3 Releases in 7 months is alike Akshay Kumar
    People will go and watch Sultan since Salman khan will be featured as Wrestler

  • @Romance Dilwale_fan

    National Award winner directors 5 movies combined collection is below 10crs.

    Ali Zafar’s 2 films with Imran Khan & Ranveer & Arjun did 130crs combined.

    Salman with debute Director Siddique did 145crs where as SRK with Farahan Akhtar did 106crs in 2011.

    Salman with director of Kabul Express & New York did 186crs where as SRK with master director Yash Chopra did 101crs in 2012.
    Salman with debute director S.Nadiadwala did 216crs whereas SRK with director of MHN & OSO did 177crs in 2014

    So banner & directors are for small stars.Megastar Salman & Aamir wont need it.

    Not want argue but all SRK fans should watch recent interviews of Raees producer Ritesh Sidhwani for know that which film will release on Eid2016.

    And if clash happens then we are ready for it…SRK who is talking about his clash track record…now have to realise & need trace his memory that in past some more things are also happened…
    Eg.Diwali 2001:Indian vs Asoka.

    Its just a example i had a list.
    But i know its totally rubbish to talk what happened in past just focus on present.

  • All SRK movies have been proved winner whether it’s weekend or lifetime whenever they have faced clash except Mohabbetein and Ashoka. Former lost the weekend battle with Mission Kashmir and later lost to Sunny’s Indian in both lifetime and weekend. Most importantly he was on top position during those times…

    But that was past and this is present.
    Now he is no more on top. So I believe that Sultan would come better in the weekend looking at the genre of the movie and obviously Salman. Lifetime collections would depend on content or wom.

  • OKKK. BUT Wat About 2001 DiwaLi…
    Wen Asoka Released Along side Indian.

    Sunny Deol Movie Was 4th Grosser Of that Year & Srk’s Asoka Was a Box Office Disaster.

  • in terms of box office collection and in terms of class raees gonna beat sultan for sure.just wait and watch

  • Waiting for RAEES and SULTAN both.

    These days only 3+ ratings films are doing best in weekends & weekdays both.
    So,who open better at box office does not matter.
    The good ratings holder will win the clash.

    Please SLK & SRK fans stop fighting with posting bad commants against one another…..
    So,let them fight for 10 months.

    Now waiting for KATTI BATTI & HERO.

  • lol he is lying clearly that they announce their film after completing 50% of shoots…. Dilwale was announced last year before it went on floor and till now there is no single posters songs or stills. remember in 2013 srk revealed poster of HNY “is diwali todenge taale india wale” at that time shootings were not happening.

  • @Numero LOL..

  • Srk Salman fans don’t need to fight as both films open with a ocupancy 100% n screen count decide which film take bigger opening but ultimately content win the clash, so my bet with raees n srk again win the clash


    Why you went just 8-10years back..?

    Go & grab some data from 1970’s also & then ask Indian want to know…

    India know very well that its 2015 & here films released after 2 weeks after Salman Khan films also turns into flop & many makers & even hollywood films postponed their hindi releases for be safe from Storm called Salmania.

    Wait for Eid 2016 & India it self answer your all questions.
    But be sure after getting answer please dont attempt suicide.

  • hope sultan will be able to stand proper infront of RAEES unlike jaanemann or marigold or kyuki or GTGH or MAMK when a clashed

  • @Rohitnene you are talking about collection than ra1 is bigger hit than hahk. If Jai Ho director wasn’t sohel khan or hny wasn’t a farah khan film the story will be different, you’re talking about debut director than srk gave 2 ATBB with them but Ultimately content win the battle, hny can’t cross 200cr despite record opening n weekned due to content

  • Don’t talk about Sultan vs Raees Clash. Even Bajirao Mastani will do Lungi-Last Rites.


  • @Rohitnene Ali Abbas jafar films took initial openning but won’t trending good in weekday if sultan clash with Raees than it will wash out in weekdays

  • @arhaan khan
    u don’t know hell about when dilwale release date was announced
    srk had himself announced it 2 months back

    rest were all speculations

  • @Rohitnene Rahul Dholakia haven’t directed a film with superstar or big banners thats why his films aren’t collect numbers as per your math so you may call him as director working with srk

  • @zuheeb

    for your info, lage raho munns bhai released in september not christmas. And MBBS was a superhit not Blockbuster.

  • yes, today salman is biggest superstar
    no one can beat him except one

    no.1 ko harane mein jo maza hai na, uski baat hi kuch aur hai

    as srk has said in raees trailer
    aa raha hun mein
    biggest megastar of this generation is coming

    bete sultan tu toh gaya

  • Srk fans believe in 2000-09 era not 2010 to unwards but this salmir era.they believe history so they ready for clash unaware about prsnt scenario.clash will effect both movie if content is good then sultan will BB(ATBB-solo),if content is avg-superhit(BB-solo)
    raees if content is good superhit(bb-solo) if bad-avg(hit-solo)

  • salman has an upperhand in west bengal too
    nizam/andhra circuit’s favourite is salman khan.
    in mysore,raees may lead.
    DELHI/UP: sultan by a huge margin
    Rajasthan: sallu
    ci,cpberar :sallu
    mumbai:sallu but the margin will be less bcoz raees is gujarat based which is in mumbai circuit
    east punjab: sallu

  • @ Rohitnene :
    Drisyam (a remake of a successful movie) released two weeks after BB .
    Result : HIT
    OUATIMD (a sequel of a successful movie) released 6 days after CE .
    Result : FLOP
    what are you talking about , kid … ?

  • That moment when the so called global king is behind the gaon superstar in domestic collection, overseas collection and worldwide collection :-)

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