When SRK did ‘Lungi Dance’ for a young fan: Video

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan commands a fan-following that cuts across gender, nationality and generations. The actor is also known for going out of his way to be sweet and charming to his fans when he gets a chance to meet them.

One incident, the video of which was uploaded online recently, has Shahrukh and Deepika doing the ‘Lungi Dance’ for their young fan.

The video starts with a small girl cutely calling out to Shahrukh Khan, asking him to dance to ‘Lungi Dance’. Both Deepika and SRK hear her and do the steps – all this while preparing to shoot a scene for their Diwali release ‘Happy New Year’.

Watch the video!



  • Sooooo cuteeeeeee …………!!!!!
    Srk is true patriot….. Of india…… !!! He didn’t say in any AIB show India ‘s 125cr population is fooll …..!!

  • hahaha excellent video.this is exactly the reason y v all luv him.if one has to b successful in life then the most important thing is to b a good human being and this is exactly the quality which has made srk a legendary star






  • I wish HE will do Lungi Dance / Dard-e-Disco for ME one day.I will simply will go mesmerized. I’m also one of his young diehard among 3.7billion Srkians. After all LLungi Dance is a most popular masala song of bollywood till date. Lungi Dance rocks,haters shocks. Very good article @indicine members,keep it up like this.

  • He is not wearing a lungi while doing the lungi dance, oh no!!!! he has cheated that little innocent girl. Deepika looks ultra hot & well our charlie the complete opposite, a beauty (deepika padu) & beasto ka beast dancing together…… lungi dance…..lungi dance…….

    Now it’s time for today’s sss comment : “wow KING KHAN looks so beautifull, HE looks very sexy, hot & glamoros. no one can dance like KING KHAN even skeleton dont have flexibility like KING KHAN. FAN is coming with ???? crores storm” lol :D

  • No way. Shah ruk khan is wearing skates or is on something higher or wearing deepika high heels. Lungi khan is far shorter than deepika. Short man! If it were Hritik Akki Ajay or Rhanbir yes we can say deepika wearing heels but not this Tingu khan. Even Saif would not have been doubted.

  • waiting for FILMFARE.
    SALMAN did signature style of SRK.
    nd here some bastards are trying to pull down srk every where.
    grow up u foolish people.
    even salman said like this – agar ye aa gaya to sab ku6 aa gaya nd then he did srk’s spread arm style.
    Grow up haters.
    ur beloved bhai did this.

  • @Pathan : I think it was you who got a rough deal from Salman. Since then you changed the camp and moved to paglapur camp aka lungiwaale !!!!!!!!!!

  • @srk : Even Srk had danced on Dabangg tune !!!!! Where were you at that time ??? Why cant srk fans learn something from srk whom they worship or folllow him so much?? Some facts :

    * Salman was the only person who told Srk that DDLJ will be bigger than MPK after watching premier. Srk including Yash ji was not confident of DDLJ huge success.. This was confessed by Srk himself !!!!!!!

    * Salman n his family supported Srk when he was trying to established himself during his initial days.

    * Salman worked in KKHH and a cameo in OSO without charging anything for sake of Srk.

    Now some misconception:

    * Obama read a DDLJ line : All hail srk, dialogue writer, director, maker and most importantly intent behind the line gone for toss and all credit goes only for srk. Why is he not even invited by our PM for nation causes or oath ceremony?

    * Srk most popular indian : He may be a popular actor but definitely not most popular indian. Azim Premji, Mukesh Ambani, Sachin Tendulkar, Ratan Tata, AR Rahman, Big B are more popular personalities than srk across the globe.

    * Srk has been ruling even after 2010 : He has not given a single highest grosser of the year since 2007. Only a string of hits and a single Blockbuster that too thanks to Eid n Salman’s absence.

    * Twitter makes Srk brand : Shame to Salman and Aamir. What have they done deserve this shame?? just not doing same commercial or endorsing same brand as srk ?? If they are not associated with such media n glitz hungry tools that doesn’t mean they are less popular. The real verdict is out when a movie releases and how many people actually watch your movies in theatres by buying tickets not by buying pirated cds or watching it on YouTube !!!!!!!!

    The intention is not to degrade Srk but to let you know that there is a world exist beyond n above him !!!!!!!! I posted a decent comment above still got 2 dislikes for what ?? n look at the comment from @pathan which forced me to post this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @hrithik

    Bravo- comment of the day…..
    Wow loved it…

    In a day full of nonsense by some buddha mukherjee and myself too if Im being honest you have stood out like the Statue of Liberty…!

    May your message enlighten the paglapurian lungi wearing agricultural farmers…!

  • @Hrithik all the misconceptions which you have mentioned are facts to some extent.
    -The epic in Ddlj wouldn’t have enjoyed the cult status it enjoys today had it been part of any other movie or had it been said by any other actor.
    -Yes,he may not be the most popular Indian in foreign countries but he’s by far the most popular Indian actor of this generation.You can’t compare his popularity with people of different professions.
    -He may not be the ruling the BO since 2010 but still he’s on par with other khans like Salman and Aamir and his movies CE,Ra1,Hny have broken the weekend records which proves that his stardom is still intact.He has always experimented with his movies which Salman hasn’t done and both his masala movies have crossed 200 crores and had he concentrated in doing only masala movies he would be having many Atbb’s in his credit
    -I don’t think the number of followers in Social media have to do anything with stardom but Bhai fans have always claimed Salman to be the biggest star just because he has the maximum number of followers in India.What about that??

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