What if Salman – SRK clash?

Part 2 of ‘Ask Joginder’. 5 more questions from Indicine readers answered!

The buzz around each Shahrukh and Salman starrers is higher than any other superstar. What would be the most precise expectations shall they release their films on the same date? – Hamza Khan

  • The way things stand today, neither of the two superstars nor those who would invest in their films would even dream of such a clash. Still, if their films actually decide to release on the same day, history would be created at the box office, fans would be out on the streets (practically so), there won’t be any space in media to write/talk about any other film for at least a fortnight leading to the release and the biggest beneficiaries would be ‘aam junta’ who would be guaranteed ton loads of entertainment from all quarters, even if not the film itself.

Don’t you think there is so much negativity surrounding the release of any Shahrukh Khan starrer, especially after Ra.One? – Tinku Jain

  • Others have seen a worst fate! Salman Khan has faced it, Akshay Kumar too was troubled and even Amitabh Bachchan wasn’t spared! On the contrary, Shahrukh Khan has still delivered three back to back 100 crore successes and doesn’t have a flop to his name for the longest time. One solid film (just like Salman enjoyed with ‘Dabangg’, Akshay with ‘Housefull 2’ and Big B with KBC) and fortunes would reverse in a big way for Shahrukh as well. All he needs is the kind of content to back his superstardom. ‘Chennai Express’ followed by ‘Happy New Year’ should be two such films.

What is the difference in word of mouth/audience feedback between Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Veer Zaara in India? – Rick

  • Big. ‘Veer Zaara’, even though not as appreciated as ‘Dil Toh Paagal Hai’, had still seen better word of mouth for a Yash Chopra-Shahrukh Khan combo when compared to ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’.

What is the expectation from Krrish 3? Is it possible for the film to beat the record First Day of Ek Tha Tiger? – Sayed Abid Shah

  • Very huge. It would beat the record First Day of ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ by a very huge margin. Releasing one year down the line from now. ‘Krrish 3′ has enough potential for Roshans to be actually strategising the film’s release to enter the record ’50 crore First Day’ club. Yes, you read it here first!

‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ was expected to crush ‘Son Of Sardaar’. But do you think latter has emerged as a bigger success? As the days have passed, the difference in collections is reducing? – Priya Thakur

  • For starters, ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ was never expected to crush ‘Son Of Sardaar’; it was only the wishful thinking of certain fanatics within trade and industry. ‘Son of Sardaar’ was always hot. Though none of the two films are extraordinary, ‘Son of Sardaar’ has seen lesser brickbats coming it’s way than ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’. However from collections perspective, the Shahrukh Khan starrer is still leading Ajay Devgn’s film. The films have 17 open days for them till the release of ‘Talaash’ and there is still some time to announce one of the two being a bigger success, both on absolute scale as well as on a comparative note.

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  • @hrithik hater:dnt insult my fav. Hrithik…i respect all the 3 khans.no doubt ,they are fab….but you knw that hrithik came 2 industry after 10-12 years of the khans…listen haters..u r jealous upon her because he has become a suprstar even in a few years…but u should appreciate his acting talent and varsatility….just give me one example of a actor of recent time who is alrounder who is gud in everything like acting,dancing,varsatility,gud looking and also fan following,…..as a allround,amir,srk n ranbir cn be cnsidred………but hrithik has some extra quality which makes him different…he is popular in hollywood.he is the sexiest asian man..he doesnt need any kind of south remake,doesnt need 2 put comment upon other 2 get popularity……he has his own unique styl,so dnt critisize him…….just appreciate all stars becoz all r unique in their own way

  • I dnt knw why ppl jealous on hrithik…dnt gv d xmpl of guzarish…that was a flop,but a nic movie..hav u seen his unforgattabl prfrmnce in that film..that movie was a flop becoz it was a diff. Movie…it had non-qualitative songs except udi….in this era,all r enjying actn….thats why that movie was flop..

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