What if Salman – SRK clash?

Part 2 of ‘Ask Joginder’. 5 more questions from Indicine readers answered!

The buzz around each Shahrukh and Salman starrers is higher than any other superstar. What would be the most precise expectations shall they release their films on the same date? – Hamza Khan

  • The way things stand today, neither of the two superstars nor those who would invest in their films would even dream of such a clash. Still, if their films actually decide to release on the same day, history would be created at the box office, fans would be out on the streets (practically so), there won’t be any space in media to write/talk about any other film for at least a fortnight leading to the release and the biggest beneficiaries would be ‘aam junta’ who would be guaranteed ton loads of entertainment from all quarters, even if not the film itself.

Don’t you think there is so much negativity surrounding the release of any Shahrukh Khan starrer, especially after Ra.One? – Tinku Jain

  • Others have seen a worst fate! Salman Khan has faced it, Akshay Kumar too was troubled and even Amitabh Bachchan wasn’t spared! On the contrary, Shahrukh Khan has still delivered three back to back 100 crore successes and doesn’t have a flop to his name for the longest time. One solid film (just like Salman enjoyed with ‘Dabangg’, Akshay with ‘Housefull 2’ and Big B with KBC) and fortunes would reverse in a big way for Shahrukh as well. All he needs is the kind of content to back his superstardom. ‘Chennai Express’ followed by ‘Happy New Year’ should be two such films.

What is the difference in word of mouth/audience feedback between Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Veer Zaara in India? – Rick

  • Big. ‘Veer Zaara’, even though not as appreciated as ‘Dil Toh Paagal Hai’, had still seen better word of mouth for a Yash Chopra-Shahrukh Khan combo when compared to ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’.

What is the expectation from Krrish 3? Is it possible for the film to beat the record First Day of Ek Tha Tiger? – Sayed Abid Shah

  • Very huge. It would beat the record First Day of ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ by a very huge margin. Releasing one year down the line from now. ‘Krrish 3′ has enough potential for Roshans to be actually strategising the film’s release to enter the record ’50 crore First Day’ club. Yes, you read it here first!

‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ was expected to crush ‘Son Of Sardaar’. But do you think latter has emerged as a bigger success? As the days have passed, the difference in collections is reducing? – Priya Thakur

  • For starters, ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ was never expected to crush ‘Son Of Sardaar’; it was only the wishful thinking of certain fanatics within trade and industry. ‘Son of Sardaar’ was always hot. Though none of the two films are extraordinary, ‘Son of Sardaar’ has seen lesser brickbats coming it’s way than ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’. However from collections perspective, the Shahrukh Khan starrer is still leading Ajay Devgn’s film. The films have 17 open days for them till the release of ‘Talaash’ and there is still some time to announce one of the two being a bigger success, both on absolute scale as well as on a comparative note.

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  • I think SRK has much more potential than Salman..
    its just the matter of selecting the right script..
    if SRK gets it..all records will be shattered..
    just a matter of time…

  • @vivek… hahaha shame on u.. srk’s movie JTHJ is struggling to sustain at the box office… beating ETT’s record is beyond his imagination coz he has not even beaten Ready… get life dude…and give logical comment from next time.. if jaaneman and don would clash today, the result would be totally different..

  • @bachan… plz.. this is not a right place to show ur non sense comment.. srk has got bigger potential??????? dont forget that bodyguard was even worse than JTHJ but still collected approx 145 cr.. its all because of the stardom of salman.. and choosing right script?? dont forget that ETT and don 2 belong to same genre.. and u know the difference in the collection

  • Very huge. It would beat the record First Day of ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ by a very huge margin. Releasing one year down the line from now. ‘Krrish 3? has enough potential for Roshans to be actually strategising the film’s release to enter the record ’50 crore First Day’ club. Yes, you read it here first!

    Not agree with this comment Mr. Joginder It wont happen I bet you, Amir, Salman & Srk are huge fan following Hirthik can’t be on that list remind you.

  • 50 crore wait did he just say 50 crore on first day for krrish 3. i think tuteja is not taking his vitamin lately. last time he said the total collection for both JTHJ and SOS all total will be 10 crores more than ek tha tiger first day which 32plus crores. the total for both movies was 25 crores all total first day. no dout hritik is good actor but, but who started humongeous opening trend, yes its salman khan who started with dabangg than bodyguard and now ek tha tiger. hrithik is good but he is not salman khan. agneepath broke record because it was hritik and sanju starer and lets be honest it was sanju baba’s look who created all hype for the movie, but agneepath was good movie too. krrish is releasig on diwali and lot people do diwali pooja which will effect its collections. 50 crore for first day is a barrier that only salman can achieve. but there is another thing i am also waiting for krissh 3 too.

  • @aki, dnt u evr dare to underestimate hrithik !! u sallu fans did dat mistek b4 agneepath , bt we all witnessed hw agneepath broke bodyguard’s record ! d sem way record vl b broken nxt diwali wid KRRISH 3 !! hrithik has been breakin openin day records frm his 1st film itself , dnt speak illogical things.

  • @ahmed, hrithik is gud bt he is nt salman khan ?? wat do u mean by dat ?? hrithik’s body is bttr dan salman’s . he luks mch more dashing dan him, salman doesn’t knw hw to act bt hrithik is a classy actor , salman knws only towel dance n pelvic thrust bt hrithik is d bst dancer in d scene , so hw com salman is bttr dan hrithik ?? c , its only d masses who luv brainless action movies , dats y salman’s movies r wrkin nw n dats y he is so big nw. dat doesn’t mean he is bttr !

  • wat cn i say if u lyk a man who doesn’t knw d abcd of actin, does unreal action, towel dance, pelvic thrusts , shouts on screen , n u all fans luv it , i dnt get wat meks u luv dose stuff , hrithik is 1000 tyms more talented dan salman , n yeah KRRISH 3 wud b too huge , jst wait fr it !! u vry well knw dat hrithik was rulin d box office in 2000,2003,2006 n all ur khans,kumars were far away frm him wen hrithik is in masala form !! salman cam in2 scene only aftr dabangg , u knw dat vry well bt remember , he has been doin d sem stuff again n again , vry soon ppl r gonna fed up, coz no one cn resist d sem masala evrytym, it gets repitive n borin !

  • b4 dabangg , wat was ur salman ?? he was no where near to d top position , vl u call him gangu teli at dat tym ?? jst one bull’s eye hit , one cult film , n evrythin changes in moment, it cn b any actor , aamir,hrithik,shahrukh,akshay,salman,ajay,emraan,ranbir any1 !! it jst teks dat ONE bull’s eye HIT !!

  • @velocity: Salman is doing since 20-25 years audience love him more day by day, you are a kid maan doesn’t even know anything I think you birth after KNPH?

  • Moral of the Story:

    salman is’ iphone’ model of the mobile world……….

    ns srk is ‘china mobile’….big screen for show off…nd loud sound ….

  • @velocity first be brave enough to write your original name first. second this is no beauty or dancing contest. third, hrithik is 38 now go back and look salman when he was 38, he was much more fit and handsome than hrithik could ever be. infact hritik choose salman his guru for body building. fourth hrithik will never have a stardom like salman khan.fifth, salman performance in hum dil de chuke sanam, khamoshi, tere naam, kyon ki, dabangg, maine pyar kia speaks for his acting skills. sixth, salman has five all time block busters and hrithik has zero. seven, salman has five consecutive blockbuster in row which no other actor had. eight, if you think that ek tha tiger lifetime of 199 crores is by single screen and you must be the biggest Idi0t. ninth currently salman is no.1. Ten, velocity or acceleration what ever you are wasting you time because salman is ruling and will keep on ruling

  • @ahmed: rightly said yaar If I am starting to write about Salman It will take 6-months and It will not less then a Novel book so many things since he start his carrier.

  • @black people still call Kabhi Hann Kabhi Naa a Classic movie. Why u people forget Dewali clash Don vs Janemann. Its all about good time. Sallu is enjoying good time which will come to an end soon. People will soon fedup bu same typical masala crap till then enjoy.

  • @sahir

    bro den why did u froget tht diwali crash …hum apke hai koun vs kabhi haa kabhi naa….

    HUM AAPKE HAI KOUN thrash kabhi haa kabhi naa..remember…..nd HUM APKE HAI KOUN still EVERGREEN

  • @sahir

    bro den why did u forget tht diwali clash …hum apke hai koun vs kabhi haa kabhi naa….

    HUM AAPKE HAI KOUN thrash kabhi haa kabhi naa..remember…..nd HUM APKE HAI KOUN still EVERGREEN

  • 10 days back we were the first to report that Chetan Bhagat has already completed first draft of writing Salman Khan’s KICK. While he has moved on to the next stage now and is further refining the screenplay before the film goes on floors, he is also happy about the fact that he is getting a complete creative freedom to work on the film and his producer Sajid Nadiadwala is turning out to be much more than just an arm chair producer and a Mr. Money Bags.

    ”I would say he is far away from it,” says Chetan, ”In fact I remember asking him that since he had the rights of the Telugu KICK and had a ready DVD with me, why did he actually want someone to adapt it for the Hindi version. However he is so passionate and enthusiastic about the film that he wants the concept of KICK to be taken to the next level altogether. When someone shows such interest level in telling a new story, as a writer even you want to cover the maximum distance and do the best for him.”

    This very process of going the whole hog and bringing himself out of his comfort zone is giving Chetan a KICK like never before.

    ”Well, you can say that”, smiles Chetan, ”There are things that you do in life for the kick of it. It is not about money, it is about something else. Salman is at that stage of his career where it is not about money and fame; it is about getting a KICK. Same thing is for Sajid as well; he has been around for so long and now he is turning a director for a KICK. Ditto for me; it is a kick of a different kind to write a film after working on so many novels. KICK is what we stand for. Pun intended!’

  • @ Black what happend after HAKHK????????????????????????????????
    Salman waited for Blockbuster for 16 years. Lolz
    in Between the only Blockbuster was KKHH which was purely SRK’s Saga

  • ha ha ha
    Still struggling to cross 100-crores.
    Jab Tak Hai Jaan grossed 9.50 crore nett over its second weekend. Due to the extended first week the film did not show the second weekend Saturday and Sunday growth like some of the other big films of the year. The film has held up better in the bigger cities and the total for the film after its second weekend is 92 crore nett approx.
    The film has turned the tables on Son Of Sardaar in East Punjab as it had lower collections in the first ten days but managed better collections in the next three days although by just a couple of lakhs.
    The collections have come off heavily in places like West Bengal, Nizam and Mysore where it opened to very strong collections.

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