Welcome to Version 3 of Indicine.com

Hi everyone

We are finally on the latest and greatest version of Indicine.com

Like always, we wont make this too long. Some quick points.

  • Henceforth, there will be no waiting for comments to be moderated and you do not need to enter your Name and E-mail address everytime. Just click here and register as a user, after which, you will receive a mail for activation. Once you click the link in your email, you can login to the site and post your comments. No name, no email – just your comment. Submitting your reviews to any movie too is very simple. More on this later.
  • You may ask, why address and phone number. Its because, there will be a lot of contests on the site, all gifts and prizes will be sent to the registered email address.
  • If you find any issues with the site, please do tell us. Either by emailing or like always, just post in your comment below. You can use Facebook too.

Hope you enjoy all the new features.

Last but not the least, whichever religion you belong do, a small prayer for our success would be appreciated. We have worked hard on this.

Thanks and Regards

Indicine Team




  • Congratulations Indicine..on successfully launching the new version. We are with you and can wait patiently for you to get it all running smoothly :)

  • Hey Akhlaq. Glad to see you here. First to post a comment after the launch :)

    Almost all issues have been successfully fixed. Looking forward to the site getting back to normal once again. There is one small issue with the User login system, we think. Getting it fixed.

    Feedback on the new features would be great.

  • :) glad to be the first to comment.
    The look is wonderful. Its decent and attractive. Though it will take a bit time for me nd the others to get used to the new look as we were so in sync with the old one. Yet I love the new look. Its far better than most of the bollywood sites.
    Love your logo :)

  • gud one..bt just sumtym fyl…Lost in Wonderland….bt i think it will be less interesting for nw users who may loose interest bcoz of d reg. hurdle

  • congrats indicine for not that u have made a new version of indicine congrats for that i have register to ur site………ha ha ha ha…………

  • indicine team lot,s r getting problem in registration and this too long process, why u have done this all register process and all, by this u will loose many of ur site user……….

    frankly indicine i liked ur old version then this, hope we get use to this version, best of luck………………….when u r starting all contest and all………..

  • Suvajit,

    Hello indicine team, Are you using any twitter blog? if yes then please mail us. And another thing, even after repetitive trying we failed to open your ‘Advertise page’. Please fix it as we can’t see your advertising propaganda.

  • hey indicine i thnk ur older version was good this new version quiet tough. i m facing problum i dnt knw hw cn i go on sallu bhai fans page, nw these days u wil see only salman no_ 1 hard core fans so all srk fans beaware*****smk_no_1

  • Wish The Best ………….. To All Member & Moderator & Admin …………….. at first.

    I love Indian Song, Singer, Movie, and specially love INDICINE to much………

    I think it will be best to change some on this …. And it give us different test to use it.

    TNX to MOD & ADMIN a looooooooooooooooooot

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