Video: Koochie Koochie Hota Hai Trailer – Looks good

The theatrical trailer of Dharma Productions Koochie Koochie Hota Hai directed by Tarun Manshukhani of Dostana fame is out.

The trailer of the animated film looks nice and leaves a smile on your face. The story seems to have been modified to appeal to both the kids and adults. Check it out and tell us what you think 




  • Abe Dharma production and Karan Johar!! Ek movie ka aur kitna advantage lega be? Ek kam kar.. Kuchh kuchh hota hai movie ki prints jab bekar hojaye toh uska rakh bana k Daant manjan banana aur World ka best tooth power bata k marketing b karna yar !!

  • Oops!! Tooth power name would be ” kuch kuch hota hai tooth powder.” subtitle would be “daant me kuch kuch ni bohut kuch hota hai..”

  • i love Bollywood, but dey really cant make animation films. i really dont see dis film doin well. Plus deve got Sanju (who i love) instead of Salman. am not really happy bout dat.

  • Karan is made. What a boleshit name koochie koochie hota hai. And thank god as movie mai SALMAN KHAN nahi hai.
    SRK k pass or kohi kam nahi hai kya.

  • am a very honest fan of kajol and SRK, but i can’t be biased with this trailer .. it looks kinda fake! still .. let’s wait n watch

  • that’s a funny one! haha.. Koochie Koochie Hota Hai.. good for kids to watch.. but what would attract the adults and make them watch is SRK/Kajol’s voice dubbed. I never watch annimation movies.. the only hollywood annimation which I saw in full was Happy Feet and in bollywood was Road Side Romeo

  • to all lolls PUNDITS i want to tell u that MY NAME IS KHAN has earned 90 crores in its first three days is official amount declared by CEO of FOX STAR VIJAY it is clear that it has beaten 3 IDIOTS.u fooooolllls.SRK ROCKS.a perfect movie.and it deserve such a humungous business.

  • its not their cup of tea of making animation movie, seems like old graphics animated picture, got to improve fast bollywood

  • unknown,
    what is ur source for 5.25 monday ???
    abt kochi kochi….
    tarun is good director he did Good job in Dostana , so lets see.
    but kochi kochi wohi dekhe ga kuch ke damagh main kochi kochi hai.
    dubbing loooks artificial they cant beat holly wood animated movies.
    movies to door ki baat they cant beat their 20,25 years old Cartoon programs like Tom n Jerry , Pink Panther ……..

  • Boxofficeindia :

    My Name Is Khan held steady on Monday with around 5.25 crore nett collections. The first day collections were around 8 crore nett but that was without most of Maharashtra. The film is being helped by very steady collections at higher end multiplexes in the metroes.

    The collections in Delhi/UP have dropped in the 40-45% region while South and Bengal is around 50% as compared to Friday. Single screens in Muslim centres are also faring well. Mumbai/Thane and Pune also saw good collections on Monday but Gujarat had a noticeable drop. Circuits like CP Berar, CI and Rajasthan have seen 60-65% falls as compared to Friday.

    My Name Is Khan stands at nearly 35 crore nett after four days and it should finish the week at around 46-47 crore nett which would be the third highest first week ever after Three Idiots and Ghajini.

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