Welcome Back Trailer

The trailer of Anees Bazmee’s ‘Welcome Back’ has been released on the Eros Now website, but the makers of the film are yet to release the trailer on Youtube.

The ‘Welcome Back’ trailer begins with Anil Kapoor and Nana Patekar, who are in search of a eligible bachelor for their sister (character played by Shruti Haasan), who is in love with Ajju bhai (played by John Abraham).

Unlike the first ‘Welcome’ film, the sequel has a lot more action, grandeur and some incredible stunts. However, the audience will miss the presence of Akshay Kumar, who was terrific with his comic timing in the first film. There is plenty of acting talent though – Paresh Rawal, Nana, Anil, Naseeruddin Shah and Dimple Kapadia.

John’s character goes well with his personality. Shruthi Haasan and the other girls in the film look beautiful.

Rating: ★★★☆☆



  • Maast hai boss?
    Yeah this is more adventurous and tentacles spreads to advance stunts good visual effects and must say beautiful locations and sceneries!
    4 once never doubted John’s versatility and with paresh Anil nana bunch of national awards holders surrounding him d movie has a good chance of being a success!! I know paresh who has a hit combo chemistry with akshay will miss him. Nevertheless I can’t say blockbuster like d previous sequel even though I havnt watched it if all things goes right with Wom strong than yeah a good HIT movie. All d best WB!!

  • Still can’t believe Welcome was a blockbuster despite facing competition from a classic like “Like stars on earth”
    That shows the star power of Akshay Kumar at that time

  • Shruti kamal hassan
    Perfect replacement 4 Katrina!
    Less dialogue n screen space VS more physical appeal..in other words moving statue!!

  • 1Expect to see many 1 particular actor fans here
    2. Expect to see many dislikes once the movie is being praised
    3. Expect to see clauses like :without our khiladi this movie can’t move: only khiladi can do justice to this movie: John is no where near khiladi in comic roles and even fan followers and as handsome: without khiladi this movie can’t dream of 100 crores run:
    I request fans to just speak their mind and forget about any side talks!!
    Verdict is 60-70. Crores from my side even if akshay was in the movie.

  • @Hitler. Can’t believe ouatimd was a blockbuster even with a clash with Chennai express. Can’t believe action replay was a blockbuster even with a clash with golmaal3????

  • Thank You INDICINE For Such Nyc Words For Akshay ..!
    W.B trailer Iz Decent ßt Still It Won’t Collect more I guess Cos everßody Demanding For Akki on every big facebook pages of Bollywood ..!

  • Multicasts movies bekhar bina humari apne desi boy joker kumar. I will still watch it because of John. More like a Hollywood movie unlike 2007

  • The trailer isn’t upto the expectations and hugely disappointing.Yes it is more grander than the prequel and certain scenes are eye-catching but apart from the ending scene none of the scenes were hilarious.John is probably the last person I would expect to replace Akki in a comedy flick.And don’t know why it seems more of a remake than a proper sequel or the 2nd installment
    And for those who are crediting Welcome’s success to Nana and Anil let me remind you the movie took an amazing initial(the 2nd highest 1st week at that time) only due to Akshay.He was on a roll in 2007 and that was the reason why Welcome emerged a blockbuster despite clashing with TZP

  • @sunny chechi there is no doubt that you are a idiot and certainly not kind of idiot of 3 idiots kind.
    No offence to Akshay and his achievement but because you are taking dig on Akshay, let’s see Akki vs Ajay fight.
    1.Both Akki & Ajay debut in 1991, Phool Aur kaante became second biggest hit of that year while I & many don’t even knows Akki first film. Ajay got best debutant Award.
    2. A movie named Suhaag, Akki played a supporting actor role whily Ajay was the lead actor
    3. Ajay devgn has 2 national award which is highest by any actor among his generation, on other hand Akki also have big honour Padam Shri which ajay haven’t.
    4. There was a film named Khaaki starring Big B, Akki & Ajay, we all know who got maximum accolades none other than Ajay devgn even more than Big B.
    5. Blue vs All the best, blue was much awaited film as akki was on high after Singh is king but All the best become winner in that clash.
    6. Golmal 3 vs Action replay, start hi nahi le payi Action replay against Ajay’s own franchise Golmaal.
    7. Ajay devgn joined 100 cr club after Aamir & Salman way before than akki,srk & hrithik had.
    8. Ajay devgn career highest grosser Singham returns >>> akki RR in all markets.
    9. Akki has 3 100 cr grosser, ajay has also 3 as per trade figure while 5 as official.
    10. Last but not least and certainly biggest, my most Favourite character of Ajay which is Sultan Mirza, akki did the sequal of that film & he couldn’t able to match Emraan hashmi perfotmance let alone Ajay’s Sultan Mirza which is iconoi. Ouatimd not only was a epic failure but akki performance wasn’t up to the mark too.
    11. Singham performance of Ajay devgn us more popular than Akshay’s Rowdy rathore.

    I think that’s enough for us to know why you jealous too much from Ajay Devgn.

  • I love akshay kumar but I will still enjoy wb bcoz of manju bhai and uday shety.ilike john as an actor in intense films but honestly he doesn’t have good comic timing.
    some of his scenes in houseful 2 were very immature but every actor improves with each film.

  • OK Just want to say something ..

    I used the word Black For ajay so everßody was upset nd attacking me bt u know wht From a long time many Ppl here hve used the Word KOYLA For ajay Devgan nd it was a big insult nd it should hve been Called racism bt nobody complains about tht …Y ?? or only today u Focused on the word BLACK For AJAY .. nd I used the word Blacky because of Many Ppl here hve used the word KOYLA For ajay nd KOYLA means black , they were Also taunting ajay for his skin color bt nobody complained …! THINK ABOUT THAT ..!
    I think U oll hve targeted me bcos I supports Akshay Kumar ..
    bt still I m sorry for tht word ..!

  • i found it lil confusing .story doesn’t seems to be connecting throughout.will wait for reviews dn decision!

  • yes trailer is good deserve 3 star but if we see its all about nana anil and paresh that making the movie worth watching for not jhon

  • Again shooting in Dubai and Abu dhabi..Truly UAE has been a great country to live in. I have been working here for the past 7 years.

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