Drishyam Dialogue promos

3 new dialogue promos from Ajay Devgn’s Drishyam has been released. The first one features Tabu (Meera Deshmukh) who says “Woh sab jhooth bol rahe hain”.

The second dialogue is about Vijay Salgoankar and the love he has for his family. The third is Meera vs Vijay.

Watch the dialogue promos. The film releases in theatres on July 31.



  • They’re good actors but a lot of the dialogues are said in a very monotonous or cold manner and were lacking in conviction. They’re underplaying it too much.

  • Drishyam will be bigger hit than Akkis recent flops. Akki should retire or beg. Baby and Gobar is back couldnt cross 100 cr.

  • Nice Dialogue..
    Waiting For The Movie.
    Ajay Is One Of The Best Actor Of Bollywood.
    Ajay Is Best Actor
    Koyla Khan Is Worst Actor.

  • 3 khan srif eid aur diwali movie release kar sakth hai, bas ek ajay devgan hai holiday aur non holiday hai movie release kar sakth hai, bus is me hai dum fakt bajirao singma

  • nice dialogue. hopefully will b a hit.btw @sunny chechis disgusting comments yesterday made me remember about ajays best phase in his career

    it was 2009diwali to 2012 diwali period where ajay gave
    all the best -hit
    singham-epic blockbuster
    ouatim-cult acclaimed hit
    golmaal3-epic blockbuster
    bol bachchan-100cr biggie
    sos-100cr biggie despite of epic clash with jthj

    so as u can see ajay gave 7succesful films in a period of just 3years that included 3 blockbusters,1 cult hit and a total of 4 100cr grossers

    on the other hand akki was horribly out of form at that time struggling for a hit.ajay brilliantly made up for akkis poor run at that time

  • Kamlaash@ —
    Salman Khan Non-holiday Jai Ho => 116 Cr.
    Ajay Devgan Non-holiday Action Jacson => 58 Cr.
    Himmatwala => 48 Cr.

    Jai Ho > Action Jacson + Himmatwala
    MNIK > Action Jacson
    Talaash > Action Jacson

  • Drishyam will be treat to watch, but they are not marketing the movie at all, hardly any one knows that Ajay film is going to release on 31st July, nevertheless I will definitely watch this movie.

  • @ youngistan its time of akki sir
    Baby : SemiHit 95
    Gabbar: Hit 87
    Brothers : SuperHit 15o crore
    Singh Is Being : Superhit 140 Crore

  • No matter what people say
    ajay is a good actor but he will neva surpass akshay in stardom. nor i consider him a superstar(ajay).
    In india Shahrukh salman and hrithik have the biggest following not in any order as i havnt personally interviewed each n every indian. Then i guess its Akshay kumar. Regarding Aamir khan i believe people have faith in him. he has following because of his work not because of himself(personality charisma style). No offense to aamir khan fans..its entirely ma opinion

  • Superb dialogues. Can’t wait for this to come out. Anything with Ajay Devgn, count me in.

    @Nipun, Drishyam is not the kind of movie which needs an extensive and over the tope exaggerated promotions.
    Drishyam will definitely has a strong content so WOM would help it grow over the weekends and the weekdays n that will lead the film to be a big successful at box office.

  • @Damnnn what are you actually trying to say? How can you judge srk, Salman, aamir or hrithik’s fan following without knowing the whole country and whole world? BO collections are proving each and every time who is biggest in popularity.
    In fan following
    1. Aamir khan
    2. Salman khan
    3. Hrithik roshan
    4. Srk
    5. Akshay
    6. Ajay
    7. Ran it.

    In popularity (world wide)
    1. Aamir
    2. Srk
    3. Hrithik
    4. Salman
    5. Akshay
    6. Ran it
    7. Akshay/ajay

  • @dammmnn
    In my opinion Shahrukhs movies work becos he promotes them too much and honestly I dont like his style at all, during award functions and reality shows he overacts too much and behaves insecure. He has zero charisma.
    At least Aamir is very calm and behaves naturally and confidently.
    3 people in my opinion have immense charisma of their own:-
    Salman, Hrithik and Akshay

  • @Damnn
    In fan following
    1. Aamir khan
    2. Salman khan
    3. Hrithik roshan
    4. Srk
    5. Ajay devgn
    7. Akshay kumar
    8. Ranbir

    In popularity (worldwide)
    1. Aamir khan
    2. Srk
    3. Hrithik
    4. Salman
    5. Ranbir
    6. Ajay/akshay.

  • @Mt Yeah no doubt he is popular but his following is nowhere near the other two.its his work because which people prefer him.. and that is the reason foh high bo numbers.
    if box office number matters then sam worthington is the biggest star on the planet(Avatat fame)
    @vijay p its not overacting..this is just a propganda by anti srk groups to create negativity towards him
    talking about charm see 25years of aap ki adaalat.shahrukh easily outscored aamir.thats what make him better than mr perfectionist anyday

  • A simple technical and mystical thriller movie.
    Dosent need hype d word of mouth will b strong Ajays acting will surely be appreciated. Suspense just gets more n more exciting..cnt wait!!

  • @Damnn Sam wardington has only avatar while aamir has 5 all time blockbusters. Raja Hindustani, ghajini, 3 idiots, dhoom 3, pk. Now what will u say? Also aamir has 6 highest grossers of the year while srk has 5. And yeah I can also give excuse many excuses if I want, but I want. And you are saying its anti srk’s propaganda to say all that but what about these propaganda by srk fans to make any rubbish theory on aamir’s popularity? Kindly explain it to me. When qsqt released then it was superhit. So dont give any baseless excuses.

  • @ARJUN Idiot pAthetic guy ..
    do u know alone in 2012 akshays movies earned 430 cr plus ??
    nd rajneeti ? no it was ranbirs film ..

    @DAMM Hmm bt nope hrithik iz not in top 3 fan following vise
    Akshay / SRK / Salman..Fact..these 3 r toppers in fan following nd popularity ..
    even many akki nd SRKs fans 2nd favrt is hrithik nd I think If salman Akshay SRK fans Will Stop watching Then ajays movie will not do even 50 cr like Himmtwala nd hrithiks movie 75 cr just like kites 42 …!

    FIRST U SAID AKSHAY ON 5 ND THEN ON 7 Hahhahahha …! akki hater spotted ..!
    Akki was always in top 3 in popularity nd stardom .. even ur aunty farah khan said the same .. Akki iz in top 3 superstars of India ..!

  • @Arjun youngistaan fan as you said that during diwali 2009 to diwali 2012 when akshay was in bad phase and ajay who enjoy his best phase made up for akki, so please check the facts
    Ajay devgn ( during diwali 2009 to diwali 2012) –
    1. All the best – 42 crs. – avg.
    2. London dreams- 26 crs. – Flop
    3. Atithi tum kab jaoge – 29 crs. – avg.
    4. Rajneeti – 93 crs. – bb
    5. OUATIM – 59 crs. – hit
    6. Aakrosh – 13 crs. – Disaster
    7. Golmal 3 – 108 crs. – bb
    8. Tunpur ka superhero- 3.7 crs. – disaster
    9. Dil to bachha hai ji – 32 crs. – Flop
    10. Singham – 101 crs. – super hit
    11. Rascals – 35 crs. – flop
    12. Mr. Fraud – 5.5 crs. – disaster
    13. Tezz – 16 crs. – disaster
    14. Bol bachchan – 101 crs. – hit
    15. SOS – 103 crs. – hit

    Akahay kumar ( during diwali 2009 to diwali 2012) –
    1. Blue – 38.6 crs. – flop
    2. De dana dan – 49.5 crs. – Above avg.
    3. Housefull – 76 crs. – hit
    4. Khatta meetha – 40 crs. – Avg.
    5. Action replay – 29 crs. – Flop
    6. TMK – 61 crs. – semi- hit
    7. Patiyala house – 35.3 crs. – flop
    8. Thank you – 46 crs. – flop
    9. Desi boys – 47.6 crs – Below avg
    10. Housefull 2 – 116crs. – super hit
    11. RR – 134 crs. – bb
    12. Joker – 21.3 crs. – flop
    13. OMG – 83 crs. – super hit

    Ajay devgn
    Total films – 15
    Disaster – 4
    Flop – 3
    Below avg. – 0
    Average – 2
    Above avg. – 0
    Semi hit – 0
    Hit – 3
    Super hit – 1
    Blockbuster – 2
    Total collection – 767.2 crs. from 15 films
    Avg./ film – 51.146 crs.

    Akshay kumar –

    Total films – 13
    Disaster – 0
    Flop – 5
    Below avg. – 1
    Average – 1
    Above avg. – 1
    Semi hit – 1
    Hit – 1
    Super hit – 2
    Blockbuster – 1
    Total collection – 777.3crs. from 13 films
    Avg./ film – 59.79 crs.

    Some important facts
    * hit or above
    Ajay – 6
    Akahay – 4
    *Total success ( abv. avg. or more)
    Ajay – 6
    Akshay – 6
    * Flops or below
    Ajay – 7
    Akshay- 5
    * Disasters
    Ajay – 4
    Akshay – 0
    * Total collection
    Ajay -767.2 crs. from 15 films
    Akshay- 777.3 crs. from 13 films
    * Avg. / film
    Ajay – 51.141 crs.
    Akshay – 59.79 crs.
    So during his best phase ajay deliver disasters while during his low phase there is no disaster for akshay, ajay deliver more flops than akshay in these period and his total collection is also less than akshay despite more releases, I have nothing against ajay as he is one of my fav. and a superb actor but @ arjun youngistaan fan please tell me how ajay made up for akahay.

  • @sunny leone ha ha ha ja. Loser Tu. Akki is nowhere close to aamir in popularity. Aamir is most popular and biggest in fan following.

  • BREAKING NEWS. after expressionless john, now Vijay Raj is rumored to replace gobar kumar in sequel to BABY. producers thought that debacle of baby has made them bankrupt so why not to cast an actor who look better and act better than gobar kumar. so that’s why vijay raj is reprising akshay’s role. vijay raj has way more fan following than floppy kumar.

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