Watch Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar in Fugly Title Song

Watch the title song of FUGLY featuring two superstars Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan. The song was exclusively released at 12AM on 30th April 2014.

The song is a part of Kabir Sadanand’s Fugly which is scheduled to release in theatres on June 13th 2014, a week after Akshay’s Holiday. The film stars Jimmy Shergill, Mohit Marwah, Boxer Vijender Singh and Kiara Advani.

Fuly is social thriller with a message, produced from the makers of OMG! Oh My God.

Watch the song and tell us what you think.




  • Now indicine has termed Akki as a superstar,so haters like floppy disk,flopshay kumar,etc… should’nt whine over this.

  • @babaji has made a mistake today by giving importance to those guys

    I normally feel actors are not athletes who run a race for one to be first and the other to be last.They are there to entertain.
    And Akshay’s last 2 films didn’t do well,so someone can change his id many times and spend his time on indicine waiting for Akshay sir’s arcticles so that he can troll.They think Akshay sir hears them or Akkians will respond.Do they remember Akki had a year 2000 and 2011,where similar things happened?
    The best way to answer them is ignoring them

  • it’s nice but they should have picturised the whole song on Akki & Salman! wanted to see more of them. catchy track nonetheless, video could have been better!

  • Top 3 popular actors in India
    Akshay sir

    Box office changes with each film but popularity is built and remains constant.
    So anyone can put Akshay sir anywhere in terms of box office depending on his last 2films
    And popularity is not proportional to box office

  • Sallu sucks in expression and even in the simple dance moves.
    Akki is average. I didn’t find any thing great in video. Song is catchy. Akki is a very selfless star. Even after knowing dat fugly may affect holiday, he is promoting fugly. But what about khans who are getting all festive releases?

  • @nipin senior Song is much better than any crap from Rohit 3..,!

    Catchy song but picturisation n choreography could have been much better considering 2 icons were sharing screen presence together. Top Choreographer would have done a better job no doubt.

  • @nipun, why are you so fussy about khans getting festival releases?

    no one has stopped other actors not to release their movies.

    if one believes in his movie then he would release it, just like Ajay Devgn released SOS with JTHJ.

    the thing is that the industry doesn’t function according to your whims and fan crazy ideas.

    though i personally want 2-3 films to release during holiday periods, at the end of the day the industry works on profits.

    hence producers don’t want clashes, though the actor would be willing, but the financers won’t risk, as for them returns on investment is more important that ego fights of stars.

    hence just blaming stars is not going to help.

  • @nipun
    Khans get festival release because they are BIG.
    Hrithik wont get it even if he begs as he is not even half as big as Khans.
    Its like Sajid Khan saying Rajkumar Hirani has a bigger brain so he makes great films and complains he didnt get a big brain like Raju.

  • @ajay is a chamcha of khan. Does he know about k3 which got diwali? Also shuddhi would have released in diwali 2014. But hr’s brain surgery ruined it

  • @nipun So if Hrithik can get Diwali release then why are you whining about Khans releasing films on holiday. Their films are big budget and profits are maximized on holidays so they release their big films on holidays.
    If you want your film to make get best profit then release on holiday and clash with the Khans, always welcome.
    But unfortunately noone has the guts to clash with the Khans, mostly Salman and Aamir. Anyone who dares changes the release date to avoid clash.

  • AKSHAY is BAAP of salman. Akshay rocked in this song and totally overshadowed salman, there is no need of salman when you have Akshay in it. Even all three overrated khans are present in the song, akshay would still overshadow all of them.

  • @nipun so if Hr is releasing film on Holiday than why bashing khan, the fact is all the distributer and exhibitors want Khan trio films on major festive season as they commanding large fan following which come to theatre to watch films. We have scene how K3 failed to touch 200cr figure despite being copy of XMAN, krish franchise, Papa-son duo and big festive release Diwali and most important thing is that movie got better wom and critics rating than D3. So Hr will need some more success to rule like Khans whether release on festive or non festive. BTW not interested in Fugly, waiting for holiday.

  • best 2 songs which I heard this year is Dard dilo ka kam hojate for Himesh Rishamiya.. wow! a great song. and Suno na Sang Marmar.. deserve awards.

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