2 States conquers the box office, unstoppable in Week 2!

2 States has conquered both the domestic and overseas box office, as the film is proving to be unstoppable all over. The word-of-mouth for the film is so good, that business seems to be picking up with each passing day.

On Tuesday, the film managed to put up better numbers as compared to Monday. Today (Wednesday), being a holiday in parts of the country like Gujarat, West Bengal, parts of UP and Bihar, the film is expected to put up as good or better numbers than Tuesday.

While business in cities will be affected by the release of ‘The Amazing Spiderman 2’, 2 States will continue to be the first choice for family audience and the section of the audience who watch only Hindi films.

2 States, now the 2nd highest groser of the year ahead of Gunday, is now almost certain to cross the 100 crore mark. The Arjun Kapoor – Alia Bhatt film also has a realistic (although small) chance of beating Salman Khan’s Jai Ho to be the highest grosser of 2014.

In the overseas markets, 2 States has performed phenomenally well in US, UK and UAE. It has beaten the lifetime overseas total of Gunday (21.4 cr) and has collected approx 23 crore in 12 days.

2 States First Week Box Office Collections

  • Friday 12.28 cr
  • Saturday 11.89 cr
  • Sunday 13.45 cr
  • Monday 6.12 cr
  • Tuesday 5.58 cr
  • Wednesday 5.31 cr
  • Thursday 5.49 cr
  • Total 60.12 cr

2 States Second Week Box Office Collections

  • 2nd Friday 3.54 cr
  • 2nd Saturday 5.38 cr
  • 2nd Sunday 6.5 cr
  • 2nd Monday – 2.28 cr
  • 2nd Tuesday – 2.55 cr
  • Total in 12 days – 80.37 cr


  • @nipun I think you are talking about Hrithik and Bang Bang. But I dont think it will get 4000 screens as Hrithik is not as big as the Khans. And he should learn to stand on his own without his papa

  • 2 states ticket price is double the price of Jai ho, therefore, Jai ho is Atbb and 2 states is just super hit if it crosses Jai ho business.

  • increase in collections is the result of smart marketing….
    they increased d promotion after film’s succes in 1st week….

  • Go Arjun Go to break a record of jai ho
    agar jai ho ki record tut gaya toh srk nd overrated ranveer se aage hoge aap !!!
    lov eU #SaLmaNFaN (y)

  • Seems like film has caught up with the audience, and has remained their first choice since its release. Its biggest roadblock between it and 100 crore club will be TASM-2, it will affect 2 States from tomorrow onward.

  • 2 states ruling all over the India, considering star cast and critics rating movie is Collecting brilliantly. I wish it will cross 100cr and Jai ho collection. After than Kick will come which will collect more than double of Jai ho.

  • @ajay, lol on you, burning with frustration ??? Hrithik got 245 cr from 3700 screens, salman struggled to go past 100 cr even with 4000 screens lol. if you insult hrithik, i will insult your untalented salman like hell. don’t talk about khans, khans are bunch of overrated actors except aamir to some extent.

  • there is no star power existed behind the success of this film.because peoples are interested about chetan bhagat’s story also alia rather to watch this expressionless 80’s ugly old looking actor,lol.he is very limited.couldn’t even compete with big successful actors like Ranbir/ranveer.after that he’ll only get flops like his previous film aurangjeb.no doubt this movie directed in very good way and 1st good movie of this year,so it deserves 100cr.please it’s a kind request don’t degrade it by comparing with 3rd class flop valueless movies like jai ho and it’s actors.

  • Abusing actors has become a habit of Hrithik fans afters epic failures like Krrish 3 and Guzaarish. Also shivering. K3 failed to beat even YJHD inspite of Xmen copypaste.
    How will such small actor get 4000 screens? For such huge screens you have to be a megastar, not papa boy.

  • @ajay superb reply to ‘nipin senior’..,!

    @punk You better stop believing your own self created hype big boy bcoz I can take make your life as miserable as that fly which got stuck inside Hritics massive nostrils during the shoot of Guzaarish…!
    “Ajay” is right- you kiddie halloween mask wearing fans of the non flying super wannabe hero ROHIT are all of a sudden talking BIG but when KITES didnt fly HIGH at the boxoffice you all put away your kites under the bed and went inside your duvets weeping away uncontrollably for years until Rohit 3 came out. Bhai will be back with a double ‘bang bang’ (pun intended) with KICK this Eid and Hritc will return to 2010 mode by giving us all KITES part 2 titled ‘Bong Bong’…!

  • 2 States is a tight slap to the face of our resident drunk sorry critic Mr ‘nipin senior’ bcoz it is a film loved both by the small number of self obsessed critics and the large significant number of audience unlike his ‘Lootera’ crap which only he and afew dozen other idiots loved…!

    Go Arjun Go- you rock buddy

  • @Navin uncle You are really a moron that’s why called a bhojpuri by every srk fan. U cheap lallu fans don’t know how to respect a actor like hrithik

  • rofl when i see jealous people on Hrithik i feel very gr8 :D haters can not borrow that Hrithik beats Srk’s cheap express :D jo jal raha wo kbhi Hrithik ki success hajam nahi kar payega :)
    i find today morons like ajay and sss etc :p

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