Kick Update: Salman wraps action-packed Poland schedule

Salman Khan has wrapped up the action-packed shooting schedule of KICK in Poland. The 16-day schedule, which began on April 12, included a scene that has Salman jumping from the 42nd floor of Poland’s tallest building.

A helicopter and bus crash scene have also been shot. Meanwhile, Jacqueline shot a couple of romantic scenes with Salman.

Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez at Kick press meet in Poland

Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez at Kick press meet in Poland

“It has been a great experience to come to Warsaw. Our Polish partners, Film Polska, entertained our requirements sincerely. During the outdoor shooting, the Polish crowd behaved very well. They never gave us any chance to complain. It seems the charm for Bollywood is growing very fast in the country,” said debutant director Sajid Nadiadwala.

Salman, Jacqueline and the rest of the KICK team is expected to return to India on Wednesday.



  • Wow that means ‘kick’ will be a action packed movie with nailbiting stunts.Hope it stunts and box office collection matches with ‘Dhoom 3’.

  • KICK- Another All Time Blockbuster on EID for Blockbuster Khan! Brace yourselves, Salmania will be at its peak on this EID! oh & haters are gonna KICKED hard ;)

  • All ‘kick’ updates r building excitement which was missing at the time of ‘Jai ho’ and on location pictures r also looking great.’kick’ is looking like a sureshot blockbuster.

  • Now Salman go to USA, UK, and other countries and see the incredible craze. He will then be the undisputed Global megastar.

  • If Salman jumped from 42nd floor of Poland tallest building then our king was also shooting for happy new year in Dubai so we are expecting that our king will jump from 163rd floor of Dubai tallest building burg khalifa

  • This helicopter and bus crash scene in kick is nothing and we are expecting that there will be a UFO crash scene in our kings movie happy new year

  • all south movies are the same crap. they only have a new attire for the hero and a new hypothetical way of getting a girl. heroes are perfect they never even spit on roads and the villains are worst available creatures in the world they cannot do a thing right. not to forget the so called fight scenes. oHHh GOD.

  • Kick is sureshot disaster…
    Navin and sachin11 can’t make it a blockbuster.
    They can just laugh themselves on their lame comments.
    Rather download telugu kick and watch it!

  • @sach-out11
    Forget Dhoom 3,lets hope Kick collects somewhat close to Ta-laash!!!
    And these stunts are nothing but they will developed and processed by computer graphics and special effects.
    Nowadays,Salman’s six pack abs are also created using VFX,lol..

  • Kick can be highest grosser of the year if its word of mouth publicity can be anywhere close to Dabangg.

    Kick prediction:160-180crs

  • Released on a working day,enjoyed no single holiday advantage except Sunday’s on its entire run,no festivals,screens count was all time 3rd highest after Dhoom:3 & krrish3,film leaked on YouTube on its 4th day of its release,no extra ticket hikes,film was boycotted at few areas,no huge promotions,average music,no entertainment still JAIHO HAS DONE 107.37crs( DESPITE ALL THOSE HURDLES.NOW I WANT TO KNOW WHICH BAKRA OF BAKRAPUR IN THE FIRST COMMENT HAS PREDICTED 115-120crs FOR A FILM WHICH HAS GOT ALL THE INGREDIENTS TO BECOME A BLOCKBUSTER IN A WORST SCENARIO.MY STRICT CHALLENGE TO ALL THE BAKRAPURI’S IS THAT EVEN WITH MIXED WOM #KICK WILL ATLEAST DO ABOVE 220crs IN INDIA ITSELF THAT TOO ACCORDING TO THE FIGS OF BOI.

  • @sachin11
    Did’nt you eat anything before going to the theatre to watch dhoom 3,that you were eating ur nails on nonsensical stunts,like bike turning into boat,bike riding on rope,auto driving over slums…lol

  • Omg what a look man, usually Salman not changing his looks in his recent films except Veer and Dabangg, but this french beard look suit him too much, Kick Euphoria starting to built among audience and hope Kick will Thrash each and every record. Waiting for this. Missing @sakhi comments who usually is the first one to comment on Salman’s related post most of the time.

  • @Dynamic : What a dynamic prediction you have given. Now predict about Yeh Hai Bakrapur & Crappy New Year also. You seems to be living in Paglapur where such predictions are made!!!!!!!

  • ha ha,a 3rd class south remake and lallu publicizing it as the shooting of avatar of bollywood,lol.I know it will also get kicked out of theatre but hope it’ll beat talash/jai ho’s collection because couldn’t surpass 150cr with out YRF till today and tingu couldn’t surpass 100cr with out multiactors and YRF’s dhoom,lol,even ranveer’s stardom is higher than these 2 bhojpuri actors,lol.

  • No doubt about that , kick is sureshot ATBB movie. The fact is about that will kick break the record of dhoom 3 or not and by my opinion chances of record breaking collection of kick is high . No competition with ‘Goat King’ becaus his express gets allready derailed . Blockbuster Superstar salman Will return with bang.

  • Hope it will break D3 record !!!
    my prediction 200cr atleast if wom like dabangg2, which is very poor review from critics as well audiences.
    lov u SaLmaN #WaitingForKickPoster.

  • chetan bhagat n sajid nadiadwala have turned the south film into a high stylised action film with huge production grandeur.. they have taken the script n entertainment value from the film n have completely improvised the screenplay.. the film promises to be total entertainer with romance( salman jack beautiful pairing), lots n lots of comedy, high stylised action, chartbuster music (himesh), production grandeur n salman khan returning on eid.. what more do u need! the perfect eid entertainer..

  • @Babaji ka thullu In ‘Dhoom 3’ nonliving thing like bike turning boat is nonsensical for u but in ‘Ra1’ Arjun rampal turning Kareena kappor is very

  • @nipun yes ‘Dhoom 3’ was the worst movie as it has beaten record of Bournvita god which he had made after

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