‘Watch FAN for novelty, Dilwale is not about reinventing cinema’ SRK

At the receiving end of quite a bit of criticism for acting in two back-to-back ‘mindless entertainers’ in the form of Happy New Year and Dilwale, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has said Dilwale is not about reinventing cinema.

The film, he said, was meant to entertain the audience and it was never pretended to be something else. 

“Dilwale is an unabashedly popular commercial film. It’s not pretending to be something else. It’s meant to be watched by everyone; it has romance, comedy, drama. I don’t even think that having Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan is a novelty factor as it’s just that we are doing a film together after a long time”

“Within that scape, if you’re looking for something, then Rohit Shetty has not had much of a love based storyline or relationship aspect in his films as he is more known for action and comedy. That will be novelty for Rohit. But if you ask me generically, no Dilwale is not reinventing cinema. It’s a fun commercial movie”

Khan was quick to point out to his upcoming movies, one of which is ‘FAN’ (a concept film, which is also a tribute to his fans) and Raees (based on a Gujarati don). Shah Rukh also noted that FAN is not meant to be a big holiday release, because it’s a niche film.

“If you’re looking for novelty, then you should watch out for ‘Fan’. It’s a different kind of film, supposed to be a niche.. It’s not meant to be a blockbuster releasing ahead of Christmas” he said.




  • SRK fans you need to pick one:

    Highest grossing movies:

    Producer figure

    1: PK
    2: Bajrangi Bhaijaan
    3: Dhoom 3
    4: Krish 3
    5: Kick

    BOI Figure

    1: PK
    2: Bajrangi Bhaijaan
    3: Dhoom 3
    4: Kick
    5: Chennai express

    Highest Opener:

    Producer figure

    1: Happy new year
    2: Prem rattan dhan payo
    3: Dhoom 3
    4: Chennai Express
    5: Ek tha tiger

    BOI figure

    1: Prem ratan dhan payo
    2: happy new year
    3: Dhoom 3
    4: Ek tha tiger
    5: Chennai Express

    If you pick producer figure than SRK movies is not even on top 5 of highest grossing movie, but if you pick BOI figure than Chennai express joins the list of highest grossing movies. Producer figure will give you biggest opening but it will also kick you out of highest grossing movies list. So which one is it?

  • Angoor Khatte hai :D :D ..
    U only Bloated about Urself and Kajol and Promoting it on the Name of Overrated DDLJ..

  • Do you know the reason why Dilwale flopped? Simple- It was not directed by Aditya chopra or Karan Johar. Ten much fun.

  • 2016 sounds a very promising year. Hope films like Fan, Raees & Dangal live upto the expectations and get a good release without any boycotts & bans.


    Bajirao is less than masterpieces like MUGHAL-E-AZAM and JODHAA AKBAR

    BUT masterpiece among RECENT TIME FILMS at least among this Year

    Awards winning performances specially Ranveer Singh and also in other fields too

    Outstanding ?????

  • Finally Sarook indirectly accepted that Ranveer beat him in the battle and he also accepted Dilwale is crap movie. Rofl

    Listen King,no need to waste your time , just move on and start promoting Fan.

  • what Billuwale??
    Highest collections doesnt mean u r the biggest.consistency matters! SRK tops that since 1995 he has been more consistent…LOL highest grossing means biggest actor???For ex: Sehwag has scored two 300’s seven 200’s nd his highest score is 319 doesnt make him the greatest!!! Sachin the best bcoz consistency..no matter what SRK is the biggest of this generation , Dilp Kumar,Amitabh bachchan,SRK nd probably ranbir next i guess

  • The only man who is targeting on the intolerence issue…sad but fun and cause of happiness for haters & bollywood…part of the game of life…a man with brave heart mind & soul…

  • Now after dilwale failure in the hands of Bajirao, Shahrukh was shown his place. Bahut jyaada udd raha tha ye shahrukh.

  • True dat…
    dilwale was meant entertainment..u dnt expect RohitS to gv smthng like MNIK n ChakDe…dats so stupid..its upto u whether u like dislike his films..FAN vl be special…no matter hw d film is it’ll still be special coz SRK has made it for his millions of fans like me…dats all i know.
    Love SRK!

  • Fan is too a mindless film because it is a combination of many superstars based films simply remake

    Entertainment word is last word come out when films are good or word use when need for some money to recover from bo

    Just an another kind of promotions

  • SRKTard1 – In Fan SRK is doing something new.
    SRKTard2- please tell what he is doing?
    SRKTard1 – Doing a movie with Maneesh Sharma.
    SRKTard3 Enters: But he is not doing one thing in this movie too..
    SRKTard1 and 2: What?
    SRKTard3: ACTING!!! ???

  • SRK makes 80% of his earning by dancing in marriages(charges 5X for nude dance) Dilwale k losses shadiyo me thumke lag laga ke cover krlega

  • 1 of my friends informed me tht SRK fans r aliens.Like Jadoo needed “Dhoop” in KMG, SRK fans need Beizzati to survve

  • Meanwhile, Lal Mirchi has given wednesday collection as 9.42 cr. So what should BM’s collection be, 11 cr? as it certainly did a lot more than Dilwale yesterday. MANIPULATION BEGINS.

  • @Billuwale, no one cares about BOI, thats aamirs site which decreases figures for everyone including BM and PRDP. BOI hates SRK, HR and Akki. F that site.

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