Vote: How did you like Agent Vinod?

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How did you like Agent Vinod?

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  • @Rohit But every1 tells me that Don 2 is better than Don. So how bad is Don then? I don’t think its better than Don or Don 2.

  • nothing wrong with #agentvinod. highly misunderstood.If the hero would shahrukh khan than u would praise what a movie.

  • Kisne kaha yeh meri don 2 se badiya hai.
    Don aur don 2 dono isse badiya hai because Iam Srk nd Iam The best.

  • Having watched great spy thrillers from hollywood, Agent Vinod is a big disappointment. The problem lies with the most fundamental aspect… Story. This theme of nuclear bomb about to go off hs been done umpteent number of times in both bolly/hollywood. Post interval the movie became difficult to endure through. And the climax was preposterous. How do you justify a girl who’s been shot dragging on (in typical 80s masala flick style) to tell the password. Spy thrillers are supposed to be slick and cool… Greatly disappointed by someone who made brilliant Johny Gaddar. I get hooked everytime I watch JG. Sadly AV was pain to go thru even on first watch.

  • Good movies are often flops in India.Much better than don2 and crappy flicks like bodyguard.It is as good as don(srk).And it is not a carbon copy of james bond either.

  • I adore saif Ali khan in my opinion he is the best actor of Bollywood like srk and hiritik roshan and he is better than salman khan but really agent Vinod is not a good movie like race,kurbaan,love aaj kal, humtum,omakara,ta ra rum pum and all his amazing movie so I hope his next movie be better… Love youu saiifoooooo

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