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The biggest stars in Bollywood are aging and aging quick! All Khan’s are soon to touch 45 and Akshay Kumar turned 42 exactly a month ago. Soon they may not be as big a stars as they are today. What then? Who is gonna pull audience in hordes to theaters?

Bollywood is desperately in need of younger ‘superstars’, a star who can shatter box-office records during the first weekend purely by his popularity and star power like the Khan’s, Kumar’s and Roshan’s have done for years!

Although Hrithik has a long way to go.. he has just about a release every year. So who else? List of 13 actors for you to choose from. 

Abhishek Bachchan – Seems to have missed the boat unfortunately. He could go on to be known as a “good actor” in intense roles, but after about 10 years in the industry, he still needs a multi starrer under a good director for a decent box office initial. Not good enough.

Ranbir Kapoor – Immensely talented, has made some decent choices in the recent past and should make it to the Top 3 soon! But what’s worrying is the fact that although his last 2 films have been good, the box-office collections just doesn’t reflect the same. Bachna Ae Haseeno had popular songs, good star-cast.. yet was an average grosser. Ditto for Wake Up Sid – Great music, huge banner, critically acclaimed – above average at the box office.

Shahid Kapoor – Same age as Ranbir, but has been in the industry for much longer. And much like Ranbir, Shahid needs that ‘big opener’ to make it to the big league. Kaminey opened well, but not well enough. Also, the combined nett gross (40 crores) of Shahid’s most critically acclaimed and biggest hit Kaminey is less than the opening of Singh Is King, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi or Ghajini!

Imran Khan – Well, he had a dream debut, but his last couple of releases have been box office disasters. He isn’t blessed with talent like Ranbir or Shahid but Imraan is still young and has a long way to go. He is sure to improve as an actor. You think Imran is the future superstar? Vote below, remember you have 3 choices.

Neil Nitin Mukesh – Very talented, was fantastic in Johnny Gaddar and New York but ‘superstar’ material, we doubt!

Harman Baweja – Written off as a Hrithik clone, Harman has worked hard and has undoubtedly grown as an actor. Yet he has a long long way to go.

Farhan Akhtar – Does off-beat roles and someone whose popularity is restricted to the metro’s. Unlikely to be mass accepted.

and quickly the rest..

Vivek Oberoi  – not after the press conference

Adhyayan Suman – lacks screen presence we think

John Abraham – Too little, too late. Yet to deliver a solo-hit.

Saif Ali Khan – Doing well currently, but again too late to make it into the Top 3.

Emraan Hashmi  – very successful career, but Top 3? next to impossible

Rajeev Khandelwal – extremely talented actor, opportunities from the bigger banners could push him to the big league.

Did we miss any? Himesh Reshammiya? What do you think? Comments and votes below

Since this topic is all about the future superstar and Hrithik is already one, we haven’t included him in the voting.


Future 'superstar' of Bollywood

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  • The 1st 2 actors which u mentioned for sure are the super stars of tomorrow, Shahid, Ranbir as well as Neil Mukesh.. Neil got all the qualifications to be a star and working hard.. he’s very good, handsome but he’ll be excellent in future.. so he’ll be a superstar in 5 years at maximum.

    Saif: we can’t say Saif a super star of tomorrow.. this title should be called for the young actors.. Saif is around 40 but he deserves to be considered now as one of the top 5 best actors.

    Abhishek/John: good actors.. John lacks “luck” he needs a strong script with a big movie with a great great acting to be in the top 5 ( he deserves an award for his role in New York.. was his best performance)

    Abhishek: he too.. needs the same as John

    Imran Khan: as u said.. he needs time to be a good actor
    Harman: Poor this Harman.. he’s no luck at all.. and I still don’t like his acting.

    Emran Hashimi: a very good actor.. he deserves a big production movie with a great script with some big heroine as costars.

    Rajiv Kandelwal: a decent actor.. he could be only in some decent roles e.g. his role in Aamir, playing as a doctor, a lawyer.. he fits in some serious roles but I don’t think that he fits in super hero roles.. maybe.. we don’t know yet.. depends on the script, his look and his performance.

    Farhan Akhtar: talented, decent, a director who did a movie like Dil Chata Hai.. a brilliant director and a good actor too.. but he lacks a hero look.. he’s good for serious roles too.

    Vivek Oberoi: he just lost it.. no future for him if he couldn’t get good roles in good movies.

    Adhyayan: I don’t know who’s this actor.. can anyone tell me which movie he did!

    Indicine Team: I think u missed out one actor.. Abhey Deol: he needs a hit movie too

  • well ….this is seems to be very nice that shahid is ahead for now…………well your this votig is not so scientific that til yet i didnt get the chance to vote….

  • indicine team :why arenot you accepting my comment..the last one also rejected……r u selecting yours liking only huh?

  • Neil Nitin Mukesh is a really good actor really I think he can complete with the like of srk o=in the future wait for jail and you will know what I mean. shahid kapoor is already a superstar so I don’t know what the hell u people are on about. Amran khan is cute but am still waitinf for him to prove his self. saif Ali khan is already a superstar. Abhishek Bachchan is on his own he can be good at times but now days he’s just flopping .John Abraham will difentely be a superstar in the future and he is the hottest bollywood actor so bollywood need him he is also very sweet very hard to see a hot guy who is sweet like him. so I take my hat off to him. Farhan Akhtar is a great actor, but me do not think he’s ready to make acting a career. Emraan Hashmi is not bad just a little bit of hard work will get him there. I do not find him very hot, but there is something about him that make me stop and go weak in the knees. Vivek Oberoi oh poor thing Vivek could have already been a superstar but fate u know am still praying for him one day he will make it.Ranbir Kapoor is a sweetheart he is very talented and I have no doubt in my mind that he will be a superstar. Harman Baweja if only he will stop acting like hrithik and make his own indentity then he may as well get there.

  • Sazzuta, please read the note below the Posting rules, clearly mentioned “Do not worry if the comment you just submitted, isn’t visible anymore. Some comments need manual approval by us. If it doesn’t break any of the ‘posting rules’ above, it should be published shortly.”

  • Fathiya – Masa, for someone to reach superstar status he has to be mass-accepted in a solo-starrer. For example Aamir Khan – Fanaa, Lagaan, Ghajini. Hrithik – Krrish, Jodha Akbar, Koi Mil Gaya. Shahrukh Khan – Om Shanti Om, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Chak De India.

    Saif Ali Khan just has Hum Tum and Love Aaj Kal in more than 40 films. Kurbaan will be a test, but its unlikely he will ever make it to the Top 5, forget Top 3.

    John an actor, has way too much to prove and age (37) is not on his side. He was never accepted as the only male lead and will probably never be.

    Yes missed out on Abhay Deol, but then again, the films that he takes up are for a certain section of the audience. A Socha Na Tha now would have done wonders to his career. Wonder if Imtiaz Ali (who is now a big director) would offer him something.

  • i really think…….. ranbir is much much better than da other actors mentioned……he is cute,slim,tall,acts superb…….u can c dat in wake up sid…….

  • Dear Indicine team,

    Mark my words here, Abhay Deol will be in top 3 in future. He Is such a fantastic actor just need 1 big hit. His last two films were hit. I don’t know how you missed him and put actors like adhyan in your list. Please try to do complete homework before putting an article.
    My top 3 for future are

    1. Abhay Deol
    2. Imran Khan
    3. Shahid kapoor

  • What do you mean by Kaminey not opening well enough? 33 crores WITHOUT Maharashtra is a fantastic opening by any standards. 90% + occupancy all over the country. What more do you want? That too after it was severly affected by swineflu breakout.

  • Halakoo.. Abhay is indeed very talented and a natural. His script sense is brilliant too. But what remains to be seen is if he can succeed in what we call “typical masala films” He needs one or two such movies, to increase his fan following and popularity. If he manages this, he could go the Aamir Khan way.

    Imran Khan? He was poor in his last two flicks.

  • Mandi, Kaminey opening week nett was about 25 crores, which is good without Mumbai. But the movie dropped drastically in the following weeks. 40 crores for a critically acclaimed commercial movie isn’t too great.

  • shahid kapoor …shahid kapoor ..after kaminey and jab we met ..he is da superstar ..the next king after SRK …and omg even the swine flu ..Kaminey was a super duper Hit !!!! he is the ture super star .wowoooooooooooh ^_^

    Ranbir Kapoor ..he will be good in da future but not now

    Imran Khan ..can’t attract audience for his movies ..and he had 2 flops ..not good though!

    Neil Nitin Mukesh ..good actor as well in near future he will be a super star but after 5 or 6 years

    John Abraham …he pick bad scripts for his films am not expecting from him much

    Saif Ali Khan ..too old he is 40 now ..can’t called him as super star ..i think he should join khans 0.o

    Abhishek Bachchan …like john he need good scripts and good films to join …though!

  • I forgot to say my opinion about Himesh Reshamiya.. is he that poor actor in a way that I forgot him in my above mentioned list!! yeah.. that’s what he is!

    Poor Himesh.. now who’s going to watch his movie Radio?!

  • I am confused. Are we talking about opening or total collection of Kaminey? I was merely addressing your claim that Kaminey didn’t open very well. Kaminey’s opening gross was 33 crores (25 crores nett as you said). That is excellent without Mumbai and Pune circuits because they usually make up a big chunk of a films collections. It dropped subsequently, but the film was successful ultimately, which is great considering the genre of the film. Who says critical acclaim leads to great commercial success anyway? Swades wasn’t successful inspite of SRK and critical acclaim.

  • I agree with Mandi. It’s the opening business which depends on the star value of the actors, subsequent collections are always governed by the quality of the movie, it’s genre and audience acceptance. Bad movies as well as good but offbeat movies of all the top superstars frequently fail at the box office. And Shahid has had at least four clean hits which were solo starrers – Ishq Vishk, Vivaah, Jab We Met and Kaminey.

  • i think shahid deserves to be the superstar and Kaminey was a hit. Kaminey, Jab we met and vivah shows that he can do a lot of different roles and he is the superstar of this generation. And we saw him changing as an actor in Kaminey. So, i definitely think he is the next Superstar.

  • If we are talking about future superstars, Shahid and Ranbhir will be competing for the top spots as they become more popular working with the best banners. Shahid has more experience and tasted commercial and critical sucess with solo-hits and proved to be popular amongst the young crowd. Ranbhir has good projects in the pipeline and as long as he doesnt get typecasted as the dopey and kid like loser in all his movies, he should be fine. My fear, him playing like his grandpa Raj Kapoor doing Charlie Chaplin while Dilip Kumar was more versatile and accomplished actor. Raj Kapoor was great director but got typecast.
    I can see Shahid playing both action and romantic roles with ease and may become the next Aamir Khan if he becomes choosey and fussy about his roles. Age is on his side and he has a large fan base. He also has the charismatic personality of the superstar.

    My vote goes to Shahid (for succeeduing after some many initial bad films) and second to Ranbir for getting good roles so early without any struggle.

  • Actually, Indicine, all Khan’s are going to be 44, not 45. They were born in 1965, and it is 2009, thus making them 44.

  • Wow, Ranbir is almost as close as Shahid! Shahid has achieved so much more than Ranbir without having any industry connections but i guess Ranbir inherits the Kapoor fans hence the number of votes.
    Shahid had a very good opening for Kismat Konnection as well, it is unfair to compare these young guys with srk, aamir who have been in the industry for almost 20 years, they are bound to have a larger fan base and hence stupendous openings.

  • Shahid is already a superstar… No doubt about it…
    Ranbir is extremly good n talented…
    Next i will go for Neil.

  • I think shahid deserves the spot all the more. He is comfortable doing both action and romantic movies and other types of movies. SHAHID IS THE SUPERSTAR.

  • when a young actor got a hero look, a talent, a potential, a hard working so he reaches the top easily and in a short period of time and gets good films and good prodcuers/directors to work with.. and the examples are: Ranbir & Neil as new actors and both got a bright future as well as Shahrukh in the past..when he was a newcomer.. he had all this in him so, in few years, he became the king of bollywood.


  • I think Bollywood badly needs a good young actor who can make it big in a short period of time like what Hrithik did?? Still They have got some good young talent in their hands who have the potential to become superstars of tomorrow Like Ranbir, Shahid and Neil Nitin Mukesh….

    1. Shahid is getting better day by day but in between I don’t know he just sems to lose his way doing movies like Kismat Konnection and Dil Bole Hadippa. I didn’t like his acting in these 2 movies where as he was very good in Jab We Met and Kaminey.. He needs to be a little more consistent with his acting and from now he will have to be very careful choosing a movie as people have started to expect too much from him so average movies and average acting are definitely going to affect his image…

    2. Ranbir on the other hand looks to be a complete entertainment package. Gr8 Dancer, Good Actor, good Screen Presence but still needs to work on his body a lot… He will have to lose his childish look… He badly needs a blockbuster to his name and things will definitely turn his way after getting one….

    3. Saif is already a superstar with the movies like Race, LAK, HumTum getting block buster status at the box office….. These days, his movies are doing what others are unable to do…… Kurbaan is definitely going to rock the boxoffice for sure and he will definitely get into top 3 after Kurbaan.

    4. Neil Nitin Mukesh, I think Jail will be a great test of his acting skills……..Still a long way to go…..

    5. John: He has some gr8 female fan following…. I think He is getting better with his acting but still needs to work on his dancing skills……..He has got Gr8 looks that’s for sure, Good Screen Presence, Nice Attitude on Screen, Getting better in acting and if he does work hard on his dancing, he can become a real threat with the banners he is currently working with like YashRaj & Dharma Productions….

    Others in the list:- Impossible to make it to top 3……

  • Fahad: I read yr comments and would like to comment on what u hv mentioned:

    1) what was bad in Shahid’s acting in DBH?!! I found him very good, sps in the last serious scenes.. at least his acting is better and much better than Salman Khan!

    2) I just don’t uderstand why all the actors in bollywood (must) dance?!! Why? ( and this question is not for you Fahad but I wish if Indicine team would reply) all the roles don’t require that actors must dance!! now let’s talk about hollywood.. some superstars of hollywood.. R they dancing? Unfortunately in bollywood everything is just different! a superstar in bollywood (must) be a perfect package.. he must look good, must be talented, must be in every type of movies, must do comedy, must dance, must sing, must know how to weep, must.. must.. must!! and noone could reach the top if he lacks any of those talents!

    Is it very important for the indian audience something called dancing?! If someone could never dance so he’s considered a poor actor!! now see Ajay Devgan.. a serious actor, used to do serious roles and he really fits in sad roles because he got a “sad” face and I really liked him in the past, liked his personality.. but now.. he’s trying to satisfy the audience by being funny in order to make money!! I found him like a joker when he tried to dance or tried to be funny in his latest movies! if someone don’t fit in dancing or in comedy scenes then directors must not force them to be!!! it’s just like someone is wearing a wrong pair of shoes!

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